The Alliance Between the USA and the Islamic State

It seems that an Islamic Imam, somewhere in the world (Indonesia?), declared that smoking is ‘slow suicide’ and is therefore forbidden by the Koran. The penalty is whatever it is in the circumstances to be decided. [Is it relevant that Bloomberg  paid the Imam several hundred thousand dollars?]

Perhaps the circumstances might be different, but, essentially, the same process has been a work in the UK. In our case, the ‘Imam’ has been a ‘Group’ of ‘imams’ (small ‘i’) known as ‘Experts’, ‘Doctors’ and ‘Professors’. They have declared ‘fatwa’. In the UK political system, no one has the authority to contest the ‘fatwa’; so much so that only politicians who are a bit ‘unhinged’ can get away with mutterings against ‘the faith’. They are few in number, and therefore tolerated – for the time being.

The UK political system has been sick for a long time. One of the reasons for that sickness has been the emergence in the last century of mass communication, initially, via radio. The propaganda use of radio undermined the idea of individual interactions and the laws which governed those interactions. Such laws were designed to interfere as little as possible with the general rights of citizens of England to go about their business of living with the least possible interference, and were enshrined in Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights.


Despite the apparent silliness of contemplating an alliance between the USA and IS, the facts are clear. US bans on smoking in bars which fine such bars thousands of dollars are not significantly different from fatwas which demand the decapitation of infringers. The point is that the penalty is outrageous in both circumstances, no matter how gross the difference might be. It is possible to contemplate the USA and IS conspiring to bomb smoking enclaves here and there.

The point is that both organisations have conspired together to ‘raise themselves above’ and create a sort of ‘enslavement’ of mankind.

Imagine this situation.

Four individuals decide to open a bar as partners. They all enjoy tobacco. There are no ’employees’ – all are ‘partners’. They take it in turns to do the work. If they need more workers, they take in more partners.

Nice idea but forbidden, not because there actually ARE workers in the bar, but because there MAY BE workers.

The logical consequence, throughout England, the EU and everywhere, is that no ENVIRONMENT can be permitted to exist which is not absolutely safe.


There are huge consequences.

ALL hospitals must be shut down since they cannot help but create an unsafe environment. Nothing can be done about it. It is a simple matter of fact. If a person is transported to a hospital and treated for a broken leg, there is no certainty that that person is not a carrier of ebola. THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL!!

I am 75 and, somehow, acquired a rhino-virus infection (a cold). And I smoke. Therefore, as a carrier of the virus, and a smoker, I am fair game for the US military and IS military.


The above is nonsense of course, apart from the rights of Englishmen. So far, we have seen politicians like Heath, Blair, Brown compromise these rights. Why? Because they thought that they were actually spreading into Europe the ‘rights’ which we Englishmen enjoy. Heath is dead and Blair and Brown are very old. Everything that they did enabled World Zealotry to firmly establish Islamic-type fatwas, and provoked the opposite of English constitutional rights.


And that is why our Parliament is going to pass laws which persecute parents who light a cig in their own car in front of their own children. Tories, Labour and LibDems have decided to declare a ‘fatwa’ which will eventually lead to the elimination of real love between parents and children, in favour of the nazi love, which means NO LOVE AT ALL.

Enough for tonight.


PS. The cold seems to be evaporating quickly. One’s immune system seems to continue to be adequate.






10 Responses to “The Alliance Between the USA and the Islamic State”

  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    I would also suggest the possibility of the UN being behind all that ails us, in any language or form of tyranny, it remains that! Glad you are feeling better naturally.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Happy you are getting better.

  3. cherie79 Says:

    Glad you are recovering, I still have it but improving. Hope that’s it for you I started with a simple cold then I thought it was over and it seemed to mutate into other things.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks all. Progress is being made, although slowly. As cherie says, two steps forward, one step back…..

  4. chris Says:

    Not so silly at all. In the 1980s, the US, under the presidency of Ronald Reagan, began supplying money, arms and training to Islamic militants in Afghanistan in their fight against the Soviet-backed government in Kabul. It was another bit of Cold War enemy-of-my-enemy crawling into bed with a loathsome ally, but it was the beginning of a resurgence of radical Islamism.
    Also, Saudi Arabia, the only country besides Israel that does exactly as it pleases with smile and a wink from the US government, funds many of these groups.
    In UN votes on things like policies on women’s reproductive freedom, the US often votes with the Muslim world, especially under Republican administrations, and US policies on things like alcohol and the criminalization and imprisonment of minors often come closer to those of Muslim countries than other western societies.

    • junican Says:

      I suppose that it is the short term nature of politics that only the immediate present is important most of the time. Eg, your example of Afghanistan. The US wanted Russia out and so armed the insurgents. And when the Russians left? Left behind was a well-armed, well-organised Islamic Army with nothing to do.
      the UN is just corrupt. Has been for decades.

  5. richard john Says:

    Exelilent blog

  6. richard john Says:

    excellent posting

  7. Smoking Lamp Says:

    Agree, excellent blog. And, it’s not so farfetched. Every state in crisis needs a good enemy to inspire and/or calm the masses.

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