Putting Things in Perspective

The nasty cold is still hanging on. Some symptoms have eased – not so achy and tired in the body – but the ‘head’ symptoms are persisting – Achy eyes, sore throat, sleepiness. So, for the third day in succession, I have shelved all plans and just relaxed comfortably on the couch as much as possible.

I took the opportunity to research ‘the common cold’. I know, I know – no need to go into it – it is all well-known stuff. But if you do, avoid NHS type sites like the plague. They major on self-protection and carefully phrased pap as advice. Wikipedia has a good write-up.

I haven’t suffered from a full-blown infection for years and years. It is odd how your memory can deceive you. My vague recollections are of shaking off the infection in a day or two. That can be the case, but if it takes a proper hold, then large numbers of cases can take as much as 15 days to clear, and even then, not necessarily completely.

But things are looking up. It is the sore throat which is worst.


The semi-enforced abstinence from the internet has a made me realise that I was becoming addicted. Not in any serious sense, of course, but in the sense of automatically reaching for the laptop when I had the time. The consequence was that I was being exposed to more and more bullshit brainwashing pap from tobacco Control from all over the damned world. Same speeches by Zealots in similar council meetings, with the same unanimous result again and again and again. Since the slogans are always the same and the results always unanimously the same, I am beginning to think that I should spare myself knowledge of them for most of the day. For example, what is the point of me knowing at, say, midday, that Bristol Health Zealots have put up notices on lampposts which have some words written on them? I see lots and lots of notices all over the place and I hardly ever read them. They are not for me – they are for people to whom they are addressed or to people who are interested in reading other people’s notices.

No….. I can wait till after dinner (say, about 9pm) before reading about such silliness. That doesn’t mean that I shall not read a few of my favourite blogs while lunching and with my post-lunch fag and cuppa. It means that I shall refuse to get involved before 9pm at the earliest.

I think that many of us are allowing ourselves to be pressured and stressed, which is just what tobacco control want us to feel. TC wants us distracted from what is important and to follow their chosen path. They want us to argue about their chosen studies and talk about them. The more we talk about them, the more they become received wisdom, even if we argue that they are junk science. They are ‘doctors’ and ‘professors’, you see.


So can we have an attitude which makes sense and with which we can amuse ourselves and by which we exclude stress from our lives, while continuing to be a thorn in the side of Zealots?

I think that we can. For example, whenever Arnott or whoever spouts off about protecting ‘our’ children, a good response would be, “Would you leave YOUR child in the care of that person, Arnott,  for a moment?” Would any of us leave OUR children in the care of the House of Commons? What would happen to them? A nice residential home in the basement? How convenient!

What do I care about smoking in cars with kids bla, bla? I care not one jot. So I can amuse myself by demanding its extension to the home. Shout it out in a huge cacophony!! Make it sound reasonable. Refer to non-existent studies. Make the quack doctors and professors denounce your studies for a change. [How about “Higgs and Boson/elementary principles/edu 1983”] Demand an end to drinking alcohol in pubs with children present on account of the fumes [“Bourbon, Bell and Tetley et al/common misunderstandings of specific gravity/edu 1899”]

No need to bother with the BMJ or The Lancet. Hit the social media.

And PP? Demand even more horrific pics. Not sufficiently gruesome. No brand name at all – only the words ‘cancer sticks’.


Working on the principle that ‘it must get worse before it gets better’, bang away at making it worse. But always be polite and reasonable!


So do not expect to see ‘Junican’ defending smokers or vapers any more (other than here). On the contrary, expect smokers and vapers to be condemned to hell-fire and damnation on the most ludicrous of grounds, fully supported by ‘studies’ [“Cranmer, Cromwell, Jeffreys CJ/legal implications of dissent/edu 1855”]

It isn’t difficult to make stupid demands. For example, it would be easy to demand that all householders within a quarter of a mile of a school MUST be thoroughly checked against the ‘sex offenders register’, and against the ‘register of former MPs and Disc Jockeys’. Also, all parent with kids in a school must sign an affidavit that they agree that, for two hours each day, teaching of facts must be suspended for the purpose of ‘lifestyle good citizenship’ courses, to be conducted by Public Health England, ASH and Kray Twins Legacy Group Inc (acting as agents of the Home Office). A spokesperson for the Home Office, Ms Abdul Contsoker, said: “Our plans will ensure that all your children will become OUR children, which is what the House of Commons agreed to when it passed the ‘OUR Children Act 2017’.”

When pressed to reveal how the Act created the requirement for ownership of children by the State, Ms Contsoker pointed out Section 10, ss 9, sss 3(b)(1) which stated that ‘The Secretary of State may vary these provisions in accordance with the provisions of the ‘Tobacco Products (Definitions) Regulations 2003’, which specifically states that ‘a tobacco product which does not contain tobacco is a tobacco product if it conforms to the description in ss 2(c) above’ (enclosed in a paper bag and burnt). Thus, it is quite in order for tampons to be taxed for tobacco duty if the Sec of State so decides. It is perfectly, and correctly, obvious that, by the same definition, any child which is YOUR child may become OUR child because we say so, if it is made of flesh and wrapped in skin, moves about and talks. That is the definition of a STATE OWNED child. But a special provision allows (and requires) that the original parents continue to feed, house, clothe, look after, see to doctors’ inspections, comply with local authority non-smoking, non-drinking, non-fat regs, etc while their offspring are ‘children (as defined – up to the age of 25)’. These matters were fully explained in the UN “Framework Convention on Education” to which the UK is a prime signatory and ratifier. Further, a YouGov poll has indicated that 99% of those surveyed agree”


All very comical, I agree, but it is a ‘light’ version of the above that TC has used to inflict enormous  damage on Society, both social and economic. The comical compliance of Politicians all over the World shows, without doubt, that they are not open to rational argument. Thus, there is little point in being rational.



Vapers need to short-circuit the blather about Section 20 of the TPD. A PERSON, full supported by the Industry, and by all the other industries which are gradually being tormented (booze and food), needs to bring an action against the Commission. Unless the Commission can definitely prove otherwise, the restriction of juice nicotine strength is nothing other than a persecution of that individual since it denies him free choice.

That seems to me the only realistic way to contest the directive. All of Clive Bates’s protests will fail because he is out of the loop. Only direct legal challenge has any chance. The challenge by Totally Wicked is to be applauded, but it should be accompanied by a challenge by an individual, and both challenges should be supported by a REALLY BIG amalgamation of ALL the industries which are being decimated piece by piece by the Public Health Industry Monopoly.





9 Responses to “Putting Things in Perspective”

  1. Lysistrata Eleftheria Says:

    You know, you have a good point there. Less stress, and huge fun making up exaggerated comments. I shall think on’t.

    In the meantime, hope your cold gets better soon.

    • junican Says:

      Exactly – based upon the idea that it is better to ‘bring it on’ ASAP. And have fun rather than be stressed by trying to do a Canute.

  2. cherie79 Says:

    This cold that is going around is strange, I have had it for three weeks and every time I think it is getting better it seems to mutate into something else. I had a terrible painful cough and sore throat and that funny thing is not one of the usual things that make you feel more comfortable work. Not Day Nurse capsules that usually work for me or any cough mixture so finally forced to go to the GP and put on antibiotics for my throat hopefully they will work as I am utterly fed up with feeling ill for so long.

    • junican Says:

      The sore throat and pain when one coughs is exactly my problem. I suppose that the WHO will eventually discover that it is strain XYZ1395 and produce a vaccine in May in vast quantities, paid for by the NHS, as directed by PH England.
      Antibiotics do not work on viruses such as the common cold. Perhaps your doctor thought that some sort of bacterium was the root cause.

  3. Rose Says:

    So do not expect to see ‘Junican’ defending smokers or vapers any more (other than here). On the contrary, expect smokers and vapers to be condemned to hell-fire and damnation on the most ludicrous of grounds, fully supported by ‘studies’

    You know, I have been fighting my better nature for years, part of me so badly wants to call for bans in restaurants and punitive taxation on vegetables that contain nicotine using anti-tobacco science.

    After all, we passed “no safe level” ages ago.

    “Many plants of the Solanaceae family, which includes the genus Nicotiana, of which the tobacco plant is a member, contain solanesol; particularly those that contain trace amounts of nicotine.
    These include the tomato, eggplant, potato, and pepper.

    The potential interference due to these sources is negligible, cooking being the only likely potential source of interference. An interference of this type would bias results high, overestimating the contribution of ETS to RSP.”


    Subject the rest of the public to this nonsense, that would wake them up a bit.

    No nightshade vegetables allowed in enclosed public places to protect the chefs.
    Even the denizens of the Palace of Westminster would have had their chips – and their tomato ketchup too.

    This is the very reason that I thought we would never have a smoking ban.I’ve known that nicotine is not unique to tobacco since I was a little girl.

    • junican Says:

      In the current absence of ‘truth-sayers’ in Public Health, and taking into account the deliberate distortion of truth, then it is perfectly reasonable to exaggerate and lie in order to contend the exaggerations and lies of your opponents. They have the money. We have no money. So, be ‘creative’. Create works of art!

  4. cherie79 Says:

    I know antibiotics dont work on a virus but once I was had an inflamed throat and my chest was a bit noisy she prescribed them. About the only good thing with having had lung Cancer they don’t take any chances! Must say after two days I do feel better, the cough has subsided and I am starting to feel more human.

    • junican Says:

      I suppose that bacteria can invade at the same time as virii. As you say, why take risks? Just be sure to finish the course! I should imagine that we are all aware of that need by now!

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