Falling Dominoes

Here is an interesting video from utube:

I’m sure that, as children, we all played with sets of dominoes by standing them on end until we had a long chain and then knocking over the first one and watching the ripple effect as the motion passed along the whole chain of dominoes.

The point of the video is that the domino effect works even if the dominoes are not the same size:

The speaker reckons that each domino can knock over another one which is half as big as itself (or possibly more? – that depends upon the thickness of the domino). The important thing is that, over a number of 13 dominoes falling and knocking each other over, the size went from tiny (5mm x 1mm) to one metre tall and weighing 100 lb.


Is that how the anti-smoker persecution progressed? It is tempting to agree, but I do not think so.

In the domino effect, the effect requires, a) an initial push, and, b) a constant external force (being gravity). In tobacco control, there is no constant external force. All forces have to be manufactured. Thus, first TC have to push over the small domino and then  push over the next one. Each one gets harder to push over, and achieves less. So, what we could liken the efforts of TC to is organising events in such a way as to acquire the force to push over the biggest domino, and then expecting the smaller dominoes to be flattened very rapidly.

But it is not working very well at all. Linda Bauld, one of the leading psychopathic sociopaths, is upset that things are not progressing rapidly enough. The smallest of the little dominoes are not falling over, and they are getting bigger and bigger. Those small dominoes are the people who are determined to be as self-sufficient as best they can, and just hang on in there. Sure, the juggernaut of TC is still massive and heavily armed, but it has only smaller and smaller targets to aim at. Rather than bombarding pubs and throwing smokers out into the street, it is now bombarding cardboard packets.

The real biggy is yet to come, of course, which is when they try to manufacture a hatred of parents in their own homes. The Juggernaut will try, but it will only take a minor rebellion of the MSM and a few politicians, and the invocation of human family and property rights, as already enshrined, and a couple of court judgements to see the TC juggernaut holed below the water-line and sunk.


So my argument is that, over the last several years, we have learnt that all our trust in politicians, which we placed in them, has ALWAYS been misplaced. It isn’t just that politicians are untrustworthy. It is more that, the longer the time-lapse between revolutions, the greater the ‘entropy’ which appears in the political class.

[‘Entropy’ means ‘spreading out evenly’. In physics, it is a one way system. EG. Spread a knob of butter on a warm plate and the butter will melt and spread out. The original knob of butter cannot be rebuilt]

Clearly, when this level of ‘entropy’ among the political class reaches a certain critical level, then the decisions of  that class will become more and more aligned with their interests as a ‘class’. That is, there is now no ‘upper class’ meaning ‘landed aristocrats’. The new ‘upper class’ is the ‘political class’. They are the new ‘Patricians’, but there is a huge BUT!! That ‘but’ relies upon the three major parties being re-elected in turn. The last GE resulted in the perfect scenario from this point of view. So-called Tories could ally with so-called Libdems and create the perfect confidence trick. It could easily have been so-called Labour and LibDems, and it would have made no difference whatsoever. Funnily enough, the LibDems are much closer to Labour than to the Tories in their policies. Thus, the alliance was always, ostensibly, about doing nothing very much about anything important.


So we can see how the dominance of the Medical Profession has come about. There is no political will to ‘rock the boat’ by even hinting that anything which comes from the WHO etc is the result of corruption and incompetence. Even if it is blatantly obvious, as is the case with Ebola, not one ‘leader’ will ‘lead’. Nor is there any political advantage to be gained by actually trying to cut the costs of the NHS. Better to blame smokers, drinkers and fatties and tax them.


But it cannot continue for ever. Do not think, for example, that Cameron is secure as leader of the Tories. He is not. He is very much not. Nor is Miliband, and nor is the boy Clegg. But what needs to be broken is the ‘entropy’, and only a determined push by ‘proper Conservatives’ allied with UKIP’ will bring about a situation where the medical profession is put back in its place.

And so to bed.


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