This Damned Cold!===Fascism

I should have know better. What seemed like a bit of inconvenience yesterday has been no fun at all today. So I have spent almost all day folded up on the couch, vaguely snoozing and vaguely watching TV. No experiments today. I haven’t yet finished reading my favourite blogs.

Even so, I have interrupted my reading to bring you Rehead’s contribution of today:

Her article concerns a new Oz anti-smoker advert. You can watch the advert there.

There is no doubt that the advert gives the lie in a big, big way to ASH ET AL’s claims that they are not anti-smokER – that they are anti-smokING. Well, Debbie, the advert deliberately intends to shame smokers in the eyes of their friends and families and actively encourages those friends and families to sneer at smokERs, and revile them. Ostensibly, it is aimed at smokERs to shame them into stopping smoking, but it is clearly aimed as much at OUR CHILDREN, in an attempt to cause OUR children to turn against us. We are only an inch away from a ‘quitline’ for children to report their parents in order to ‘help’ them to stop smoking.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Tobacco Control Industry is a fascist organisation. I doubt that it always has been, but I certainly think that it has become so. When an organisation blatantly uses scurrilous, underhand methods to control social behaviour, you can be sure that the fascist element has gained full control. Don’t forget what fascism means – the ‘leaders’ are in total control and everyone must conform or else…… There are no elections, or, if there are, then they are fixed (witness Saddam Hussain). Persons who rebel are ‘airbrushed’ out (witness, Siegel, Phillips. Bates, etc).

Certain parts of the UN, WHO, World Bank, EU, are under the control of fascists. I wish someone would tell me how these fascists have gained control over the Prime Minister, the Health Sec and a certain Junior health sec, to say nothing of the whole Labour Party and LibDem Party.

As the Redhead points out, this TV advert in OZ cannot but create anger among smokers and hatred among their friends and families. It has always been so with fascism (Jews? Homosexuals? Gypsies?).


There must already be a way to stop these fascists. If politicians had any sense they would be backing this opposition up 100%.

The UN and the EU already have definite rules protecting the right to own property. I don’t know, but I suspect that that provision has to do with wholesale Nazi and Communist confiscations without reasonable need, and based upon sexual, racist and religious persecution. You can understand how ‘Public Health’ could be seen to override private property if  you were talking about infectious diseases. How did the fascists manage to take that provision and apply it to NON-INFECTIOUS diseases? For that reason alone, the ‘human rights’ law could, one day, overturn smoking bans.

In fact, there is no point in being half-hearted about this. It could be considered, legally, that the FCTC treaty breached the fundamental rule of private property without legitimate cause.


The other right which is involved is that of ‘family life’. Again, I am not sure how this provision came about, but, in effect, it protects families from disruption by external forces. Again, one cannot help but think that Nazi and Communist practices played a part. Propaganda, Hitler Youth, school segregation, etc.

Are we seeing a slow infiltration of fascist practices into families and schools? What is the name of the guy who has received permission to contest smoking bans on the grounds that his social life has been damaged? I contributed £50 pounds to his campaign.

We need another type of  McTear Case, this time in the European Court. What must be established is that non-communicable diseases are not diseases to which exceptions to property rights and family life apply. That is essential, and it is factually based. The Zealots have tried to claim that fatties ‘communicate’ fattiness by being visible, and thus giving the impression that fattiness is normal. Fattiness needs to be ‘denormalised’, and fatties need to be seen as ‘abnormal’.

Note, not ‘denormalised’ but ‘ABNORMAL’, in much the same way that lepers were required to shout, “Unclean, unclean” as they progressed through the streets. Smokers are not being ‘denormalised’ (a fascist term) but are being rendered ABNORMAL.


These practices are absolutely contrary to ‘human rights principles’. Even the most ‘challenged’ of human beings must be given the ‘dignity’ of being human.

The Oz advert displays everything that is wrong with TC, and the inhuman traits obviously indicates the corruption of everyone involved, not only in the production, airing, developing the advert, but also much, much further up the organisation.


Weird, is it not, that we have always been presented with a picture of Australians as brave and ‘free’. It is becoming very obvious that that is not, and probably never has been, the case. It originated as a colony for prisoners to be extradited to as workers (aka slaves). In 1911 it passed a law (the only place that I am aware of) to ban the private growing of tobacco plants – probably to protect the aristocratic plantation owners. But there has been a huge influx of immigrants into Australia, initially from the UK, but latterly from China etc. Multicultural  effects I should imagine, and much to be praised. Well, these people bring their own culture, which means ‘help yourself’.

So, the ‘official’ percentage of smokers is said to be 18%. Ha! Ha! Tell me another one. Suppose that you were involved in importing chop-chop and making cigs called ‘Manchester’, in any way whatsoever, would you broadcast it? Of course not! No smuggler would even admit that he smokes!

Further, the more that smokers are considered to be ABNORMAL, the more that they retreat into anger, and the more that non-smokers are provoked into hostility. That is a recipe for division and hatred.


There comes a point where you have to ‘lay the blame’. I do not like to do that, but, as regards PP and the car smoking ban, there is only one person to blame. He cannot escape the blame. It is David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

There might well still be a way back, but I doubt it. The way back would be if INDUSTRY of every sort, told Cameron about the consequences of PP. No, it is not true that tobacco is ‘a special case’. It is just like any other product which is produced and sold to willing buyers.


In conclusion, it is inevitable that the FCTC will be contested. It was sneaked through with hardly anyone realising how much it infringed human rights, property rights or family rights. The reason for the infringement is fascism.

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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    You are right smoking bans and related restrictions on tobacco are fascist and actually have little to do with health. The data used is largely fabricated or manipulated. The problem is it is widely believed by the masses and that belief is supported by the media.

    The tobacco control cult has succeeded in nurturing a complicit public that attacks and vilifies smokers (much like the capos in the Third Reich). The FCTC is a major vehicle in sustaining this global curtailment of liberty. It will ultimately fall, but the cost between now and then is great.

    • junican Says:

      Well, we are seeing objections arising, although the link to the FCTC is indirect. There are the objections to PP in Australia by some nations in the Free Trade Org, and objections from 11 EU countries to Cameron’s PP plan. The small shopkeeper objections and rising support for UKIP and the general feeling of unease among the electorate. That is a lot of suppressed anger.

  2. Smoking Scot Says:

    Lots getting in on the action with this:

    Just face punch a smoker if (s)he lights up in the “voluntary” no smoking areas of Bristol:

    (presumably after assuring yourself you’re not being video’d and the smoker is unable to respond in kind).

    Or just cough up almost £4 (plus p&p) to get yourself a neat bumper sticker proclaiming Monday’s a “Slap a smoker day”!

    (designed and produced in CA, USA). Stick it on your car in Leith and they’ll have your bumper, then brick through each window!!

    • junican Says:

      I love the angry look on the girl’s face as she punches and kicks. But should not the whole scene be performed outside in the full blaze of publicity and shown on the BBC? That is what we need! Lots of publicity of precisely that scenario.

  3. artbylisabelle Says:

    Reblogged this on artbylisabelle and commented:
    Yes and it must be fought!

  4. Vinny Gracchus Says:

    Now the tobacco control cult is advocating violence. Punching a smoker would be battery–a crime. Government employees (NHS) and grant recipients advocating violence is reprehensible and could constitute conspiracy (another crime), it certainly constitutes a breech of the sovereign rights of the people. This is no more than fascist tyranny and it must be stopped.

    • junican Says:

      But how can it be stopped, Vinny? That is the point. Report these people to the police? Well, yes, but the law will laugh at you. No one has actually been bashed.
      Give it time.

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