The Baccy/Alcohol Experiment

The home-grown stuff was ‘infused’ with whiskey. The method was illustrated in the last post. The infusion worked very well. The tobacco absorbed the whiskey perfectly.

Tonight, after about 24 hours of absorption, I allowed the tobacco to dry out naturally, without artificial heat. I then made four cigs from it.

As I see it, the infusion of alcohol (in the form of whiskey) has had no effect.


Having said that, the taste was not seriously awful. It seems to me that one of the secrets which the Tobacco Industry has been able (allowed) to retain is the methods used to make make tobacco smoking enjoyable.


Would it not be very easy for The Zealots to demand that tobacco products should be rendered horrible to taste? Why have they not done so? It makes no sense that they have not done so.

The FCTC Treaty was and is inhuman. It is inhuman because it demands obedience.

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  1. garyk30 Says:

    “Would it not be very easy for The Zealots to demand that tobacco products should be rendered horrible to taste?”

    They believe that it is on it’s own.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Taste is of course subjective but Junican you’re old enough to recall how cigarettes *used* to taste-back in the days when cigarettes used actual real tobacco and not chemically enchanced volumised sweepings. No different than with a lot of other products, I’m reliably informed that there was a time when bread contained actual real wheat and was baked and sausages contained meat from a named animal and by ‘named’ I don’t mean “Red Rum”.
    I’m a lot younger than you but even I recall that cigarettes tasted different in the 80s than they do now. Not only are modern cigarettes a lot weaker but their taste has been ‘improved’ as well. I recently tried some rolling tobacco I had smoked in my youth, something called “Schwarzer Krause” Which used to be one of the strongest black tobacco smokes legally available in Europe. Now the taste has totally changed, I assume due to their swapping from European Black tobacco (Gauloises type) to Dark Kentucky inorder to bring down the strength to guideline amounts. Now it’s sooo crippled that Teenagers barely old enough to shave do pouncy Youtube reviews about it !

    “A definite Mahogany taste and not a very big nicotine hit on the palate..”

    I wonder what chemical gives a ‘mahogany taste’?
    FFS! An 80s Schwarzer Krause rollup would have melted his socks and there was nothing ‘subtle’ about the taste.

    • junican Says:


      My Dad was a miner. He smoked ‘Woodbines’. Everyone smoked woodbines except ‘posh’ people.
      But posh people died.

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