A Little Experiment with Baccy and Alcohol===The Totally Wicked Fight for Ecigs

I’ve been thinking about this little experiment for some time.

I have some home-grown stuff which is now several months aged (that is, picked and ‘cured’ around the beginning of September 2014). It really is weird that, after several months, whenever I open the plastic box in which the stuff is stored very dry, it still emits a strong, sweet smell. I don’t know what LegIron would say, but that suggests to me that there are still ‘volatile chemical reactions’ happening within the stuff. I don’t know what the smell might be. It could be ammonia, I suppose, but it does not quite smell like ammonia (the smell emitted by urine).

Anyway, I have decided upon a little experiment. I have taken a small sample of my home-grown stuff and treated it to a tot of whiskey. Here is a pic:

2015-02-05 22.46.55

(The fag packet is there to indicate the scale)

The blue container holds shredded and chopped stuff. I dribbled whiskey onto the foam pad and then laid the pad on top of the stuff. Then I put the lid on the container. I know that the stuff will absorb the whiskey, but I am wondering if the alcohol will, somehow, counter the rather intense (‘harsh’ is not quite the right word) taste of the stuff when smoked.

I don’t know quite how to describe the unpleasantness of the taste of the home-grown which was over-fermented by wadding. JB in Ireland says that her friend who smokes a pipe likes the stuff which has been produced by wadding. But, as a cigarette, it is, shall we say, acidic in taste and leaves an unpleasant after-taste. Having said that, last year, after allowing several months of ageing, I found my stuff to be a nice addition to a blend.

But I digress. What I am interested to know is whether the alcohol and the taste of whiskey will change the properties of my home-grown.

I have a plan. In the first place, I’ll try a couple of home-made cigs with the alcohol-induced infusion on its own. Then I’ll try it as a 50/50 blend with Virginia. Then I’ ll try it with a 50/50 blend with ‘Coronas’ stuff (the cigs in the packet shown above).

But what is likely to be most informative is the first experiment – will the alcohol in the whiskey have any effect upon the chemical reactions going on in the stuff? And will the whiskey taste translate to the stuff?

These are most interesting questions.



Dick Puddlecote has highlighted the brave and heroic attempt of “Totally Wicked”, ecig liquid manufacturer and ecig machine supplier based in Blackburn, to take the Tobacco Directive to the European Court of Justice. You can read Dick’s take on the subject here:


Very briefly, “Totally Wicked” is asking the Court to strike out those parts of the Tobacco Directive which concern ecigs. Primarily, of course, the reason is that vaping is not smoking, in the sense that the burning of tobacco as such is not involved. Only nicotine is involved, even though it might be derived from tobacco.

A critical argument that TW employs is that the EU artificially created an ‘either or’ scenario. Either ecigs are medicines or they are tobacco products. Well, that artificial idea is lovely for the EU autocrats, but it is simply not true. Ecigs are neither medicines nor tobacco products. Thus, they are not much different from bacon butties. They satisfy a certain feeling of hunger.


We smokers MUST do our best to support vapers in every way that we can, regardless of the ‘born-again’ occasional attacks on smokers by vapers. There is a simple reason. The reason is that it may well come to pass that the ONLY alternative that smokers have is to use ecigs. Do you see, therefore, why it is that the Zealots are trying their very best to rubbish ecigs? It is because ecigs provide an escape from the barbed wire. At worst, smokers could convert to ecigs. That is the very worst scenario.

Tobacco Control do not want that scenario AT ALL! Why? Because they do not control it.


Thus, we can put PP and any ban on smoking in cars in perspective. The sooner that the vast majority of smokers move over to ecigs, the sooner that those of us who wish to enjoy combusted, flavoured, satisfying clouds of tobacco smoke can expect the anti-tobacco laws to be chucked into the bin of history.


But what is sad is that the likes of Chapman, Glantz, etc, will just get away with their lies and propaganda. They will retire on their state pensions and bask in glory. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of poor people in Africa will perish from malaria and ebola.

That is the scandal of all scandals, and it must, eventually, be written into history. While the WHO (and the UN in general) was persecuting smokers in the healthy, wealthy West, it was ignoring the decimation via REAL diseases in Africa.


This site is only a tiny blog, but it is noticeable how DARK Africa is. This tiny blog gets hits from all over the world, despite the fact that it is written in English. But Africa is absolutely blank. One cannot help but think that decades of resources, provided to the WHO, have been wasted upon devising a way to persecute smokers in the healthy, wealthy West.

But there is a further consideration which defies any sort of intellectual thought. How did the WHO gain control over ‘The World Bank’? In fact, it might reasonably be asked what this entity called ‘The World Bank’ actually is. What is it and what is it for? Who created it, and why? What does it do? If one asked Cameron (or Miliband or Clegg) what the World Bank is and what it does, do you think that they could answer the question? I doubt it.


Since our ‘Representatives’ (MPs) allowed themselves to be corrupted by childishness at the bottom and  ‘The World Bank’ at the top, then they cannot expect my support.

Sod them all.


I used to quite like like the EU idea – until the aristocrats were reborn. You would think that the French Revolution never happened, and that it must be repeated in the not too distant future.

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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The World Bank, formerly known as the IMF-International Monetary Fund is part of the UN World Bank Group, is a UN institution established at the Bretton Woods Conference. It has a larger health portfolio than WHO or UNICEF and actually appears to be setting the agenda for WHO rather than the other way around. A stated goal of the World bank is implementing the FCTC. So the leverage for smoking bans is financial and tied to aid and support go the monetary supply. Again, the question remains why?

    • junican Says:

      Again, the question remains why?

      I would say that there is no such thing, in reality, as ‘The World Bank’. It is an artificial construct. REAL banks have depositors – that is, real people or businesses or organisations. The World Bank is a construct of the UN, with no existence other than ‘political’. I doubt that it has any ‘accounts’.
      I wonder if UKIP could put into its manifesto a determination to examine the operation of that ephemeral entity?

  2. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Strong sweet smell? That’s one i haven’t run into before so if you do find out the cause please do write it up. Ammonia, ketchup, hay, grass, chalk, bovril are all smells I have encountered. I found adding alcohol to the shredded tobacco didn’t do much beyond make it smell tempting…very tempting. Glycerol added certainly helped sweeten and un-harsh things but its difficult to dose right. Normally blending seems to work the best -as you know. Worst case is, as you say, mix with commercial tobacco.

    A thought occurs whilst typing this; once or twice I have opened a bag of leaves and had a ‘honey cornflakes’ smell and I have also had leaves that were very sticky so I assume somehow they have excreted-probably through compression- whatever natural sugars they have. Wadding is akin to ‘pressing’ and if there are natural sugars then they may well have leeched out I guess? Maybe? *ceases stabbing in the darkness*

    • junican Says:

      Off the top of my head, ammonia is formed by the degradation of sugars by oxidisation. The result of oxidization of the sugars is ammonia plus water.
      That seems to be correct.
      But the question is, “What makes tobacco nice to smoke?”
      You see, I wonder if just letting my produce age will allow a balance to be achieved, between the nicotine and the sugars. Essentially, what I want is a sort of ‘neutral’ tobacco, which I can flavour as I wish.

      • legiron Says:

        Ah, no – there’s no nitrogen in sugar. Ammonia comes from the breakdown of proteins. If it smells sweet, it’s not ammonia because that would just sting your eyes and nose!

        Sweet smell… could be hydrocarbons, if I can remember that organic chemistry (decades ago!) I might come up with a few names.

      • junican Says:

        I bow to your superior knowledge. I need to look the source up again. Could it be the degradation of the nicotine which turns into water and ammonia in certain conditions?

  3. artbylisabelle Says:

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  4. artbylisabelle Says:

    Storm the Bastille!

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