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I’ve been fiddling about with the new site. I think that it is pretty good. You can see it here:

I changed the theme to one that looks more like ‘Kubrick’ (which is the theme for this site). Also, it has a right-hand sidebar. I have entered a few blogs that I read there, just for practice.

I have found out something interesting.

I have wondered for a long time why it is that so few people who access the “Growing” essay do not click on the videos and documents which I link too. I may have found the answer. Of the total number of people who accessed the “Growing” page, where the link to the new essay is, only about 20% went on to click that link. So how did they come to wish to access the “Growing” essay in the first place? The answer may lie in the ‘search terms’ used by people.

It appears that Google have been encrypting lots of search terms for privacy reasons. Those that I can see, however, might ask, “Quick cure tobacco”, which is enough to bring up the link to the “Growing Essay” (since my essay is the second link when the words ‘curing tobacco’ are used in a search). Another search term was, “using fibre pots to grow flowers”. Such people might just want a quick take of the subject of curing tobacco and not an essay about growing the plants.

Ah well…….


I see that the anti-ecig blitz is in full swing in the USA. Michael Siegel has been reporting quack professor after quack professor getting in on the act. The charlatans have moved on from: “We do not know what is in them” (which is unsustainable) to “Ecigs are bloody dangerous”. Siegel linked to this article (ignore the anti-smoker stuff and think only of the ecig stuff):

A little voice keeps telling me that there is some dirty work going on here. It seems to there are far too many people in the FDA (Food and drugs administration) with links to both Big Pharma and the people who are talking up ecig danger. The people who are producing the statements and reports saying that ecigs are as dangerous as tobacco cigs (if there is any danger) could very easily be supplying what the FDA are asking them to supply, so that the FDA has ‘evidence’ to control ecigs. The way that these people see it is that telling lies about the danger of ecigs is OK, since the only objective is to get regulatory control. It is not to stop people from using them. That is how these people see the matter. After control has been achieved, then ecigs will suddenly become safe again.

Siegel was worried about how many ‘health advocates’ seemed to be doing everything that they can to keep people smoking by demonising ecigs. In a comment, I wrote this:

You should have known that corruption of your ‘movement’ would happen when the master settlement was agreed. In return for protection against State lawsuits on health grounds, the Tobacco Industry had no option but adopt a position of neither agreeing nor disagreeing with health claims. It became not in their interests to contest those claims. They retreated into a position where they became merely suppliers to a demand. Heavens! They didn’t even have to pay any of the costs themselves, since the whole plan was funded directly by smokers. Thus, there was no one to contest even the most fraudulent of studies and propaganda. You guys created a monopoly. One could even say that you created a dictatorship. Why are you surprised that charlatans and fraudsters moved in and gradually took over the top positions in the WHO and in Government, expelling ‘moderates’ like yourself and Carl Phillips? Why are you surprised that politicians are seeking to score political points without evidence?

Could anything have been done at that time to stop the take-over? Possibly, had ‘moderates’ closed ranks. It may now be too late. I suspect that change will only happen when The People finally realise that they have been suckered big time.

There lies the problem. When the charlatans took over, ‘moderates’ were frozen out – bad for business. (I describe Siegel as ‘a moderate’ in comparison with the Zealots!)


I was in the shop today. Someone in front of me bought a packet of ten cigs. I am always a little surprised when I see someone buy cigs there. Years and years ago, I calculated that a weekend trip to Belgium on the ferry, which is quite cheap, would more than pay for itself. I fact, I do so on one occasion with the N2D crowd. It was fun and I got a day in Bruge, which city I have not visited since 1957. I drove to Hull (£20 petrol?), £60-ish for the return ferry trip, a few quid for meals, a few quid for drinks, and bought 20 sleeves of 200 cigs half price. 20 sleeves equals about £1400 at UK prices. Half price equals £700. So I saved about £600. And that was just one trip. When I went to Prague, the price there was around £2.50 for 20. The cost of cigs in Spain is  €41 for a sleeve which is about £37, which is OK, considering the ambiance.

But the critical thing is that you need the capital to lash out several hundred pound, but I have always said that the savings on cost is worth borrowing the money if you do not have the capital. Credit card anyone?

I really believe that it is those people who smoke only a little who are paying all the tobacco duty. I read somewhere that the average per smoker is 14 cigs per day. It is reasonable to believe that the heaviest smokers (in which group I count myself and herself) are buying their supplies abroad. Surveys would still count them as smokers, but would not know that they are not paying UK duty.

Spain has a lot to thank me for.


I was thinking about the FCTC. It really is an odd situation, don’t you think? There are countries which are constantly at each other’s throats (think North and South Korea), but they have entered into a treaty with each other to persecute a good portion of their own people. Has any such malevolent act ever, in the history of civilisation, been attempted before?


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    When they say smoking incidence is reducing I wonder! How many like us have just stopped buying in the UK? Most likely little reduction but huge loss of tax revenue.

  2. junican Says:

    Hello. cherie79.
    Gov stats show that duty income from tobacco has not changed much. Despite big increases in duty in the past few years, the total is much the same. That is my point. It ought to have gone up if the total number of smokers has peaked at a static level. What I think has been happening is that those who smoke only a little are still buying in this country. The heavy smokers have got wise.
    Here is the odd thing. A quite light smoker (say, 5 cigs per day (= a little less than 2000 per an)) could make one trip to Prague, costing, say, £400, and buy 10 sleeves for £250. The cost in the UK for ten sleeves is £700. Thus, he save £50. Not worth bothering, apart from the ‘free’ holiday.. BUT, a weekend trip on the ferry to Belgium, costing £100 to buy 2000 cigs at a price of £400 (total cost, £500, plus an enjoyable weekend) saves £200. That is getting better. But it is even better if you buy rolling tobacco and make your own.
    I hope you see my argument, which is that it is those people who smoke little, who cannot justify the outlay of hundreds of pounds to buy abroad, who sustain tobacco duties. But I see also another point. It is probable that these people DO go abroad for a week’s holiday, but in never occurs to them to pack 20 sleeves into their bags when coming home.

  3. raven921 Says:

    On the e cigs topic,I think you’ll enjoy this piece.What it gets wrong is trivial in comparison to what it gets right. Everyone is infested with this type of person. Doesn’t matter which portion of the world you live in. They know what’s best.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link.
      The contradictions were always inherent in the propaganda. “No safe level of SHS”, but perfectly acceptable to smoke cannabis.

  4. brian Says:

    Its ok going to belgium but you are subjected to pressure from customs to only bring a small amount back or you may be subject to interogation.

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