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Sometimes, the terminology of the internet is incomprehensible. What is a blog? What is a site? What is a domain? What is a page? What is a post? If you find a definition, it will almost certainly be couched in terms which are equally introverted within a language that is as foreign to us as is Chinese. For example, what is the difference between ‘blog name’ and ‘blog title’, and does it matter?

When you want to reorganise your site/blog/domain/whatever, there are complex rules, depending upon whether you are talking about a site or a blog or a domain or whatever. Bugger.

A few months ago, I separate the ‘page’ about the McTear Case from the BSC while retaining it within the BSC as well. Thus, I created this site:

“An Introduction to The McTear Versus Imperial Tobacco Case (2005)”

My idea was to remove the association with a ‘Smokers Club’, and thus remove the sneers of ‘Big Tobacco’ and shit like that (which had already occurred).

But what you should notice most especially is that the URL is NOT ‘boltonsmokersclub’. In my ignorance, when I created the specific site/blog/domain/whatever for the McTear Case, I used the word ‘junican’ to identify the site/blog/ bla bla. But I was ignorant and confused by the jargon. I can (I think) go back and change that URL. (No reason that not since the clicks on that site are minuscule – change it now to something like “No proof that smoking causes LC”)

I have created a site called “Growing and curing tobacco for cigarettes”. My intention, over the next few days/weeks is to detach the “Growing, Curing, Flavouring and Finishing tobacco for cigarettes” essay from the Bolton Smokers Club. For, I have every reason to believe that the Charlatans, Sociopaths and Psychopaths, who have take over our Government, are hell-bent upon declaring that anyone who so much as praises tobacco in any way is guilty of the crime of ‘promoting tobacco use’. Remember that the advertising ban on tobacco products enabled persecution, in due course, of anyone who might just say, “Erm… I quite like smoking when I am writing. It seems to help me to find the words”. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT!!! Such a statement promotes smoking, which is forbidden. Get ye to jail for ten years without possibility of parole.

The Tory cave-in over ‘smoking in cars with kids present’, and ‘PP’, has determined that smokers must go underground.  We can SAY what we want, but what we say will have no effect. But if we DO things which upset Tobacco Control, then people like Hunt MP and Lansley MP will have us thrown into jail.


Those extreme possibilities are no more that a year or two away. It is for that reason that I have decided to separate the sites. The ‘Bolton Smokers Club’ will continue as a site which defends smokERS, but not necessarily smokING. The defence of smokING is scientific, and could defy the law ‘forbidding the promotion of tobacco smoking’.

That is the general theory. It makes sense, for the ‘Bolton Smokers Club’ is UK specific, whereas the ‘GROWING, CURING, etc’ essay is world-wide.

The separation makes even more sense when you consider that the ‘GROWING, CURING. etc’ essay needs desperately to be updated and reconstructed. For example, if you grow, say, five plants, you can get by with scissors alone to chop up the cured leaves. Fifty plants are a different matter. Further, when you grow 50 plants, or more, you want a reward for your efforts. Hit and miss will not do. The essay, as it stands at present, tells the tale of masses of experiments, which might be interesting, but arrive at no really helpful conclusion.

The seed germination and care of seedlings is good; the plot preparation can be improved (fertilizers); the care of the plants (especially avoiding snail and slug predation), is good; ‘curing’ needs to be ‘tailored’ to the amount of produce expected. For example, it would not make sense to create a big curing chamber to cope with the produce of three plants. More than one system is required.

It is right to distinguish between practical matters (growing plants) and political matters (smoking bans), even though political matters are ephemeral. Perhaps it is hard to understand that PP and ‘not smoking in cars with kids present’ are ephemeral.


Damn! I have drifted. Time for bed.





8 Responses to “Re-organising this Blog”

  1. raven921 Says:

    Times seem quite bleak and scary. When speech and by extension words become weaponized we have the beginning of a state where no one would wish to live.

    • junican Says:

      Such a time seems to be on the cards. It used to be nice being English when “Made in England” was a sign of quality, and that went for the people as well.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    You can’t change a URL….at least not easily or cheaply. If want a URL that reads, for example, “” then you have to register it -which for all intents and purposes = buying it! Think of it like buying a vanity number plate. The physical plate itself costs next to nothing but the right to have it registered to you can cost thousands.

    Decide on what you want your URL to be “” then go over to a domain name ‘seller’ like Godaddy or or Search and see if your chosen name is available and ‘buy’ it. DON’T tick any of the add on boxes except the PRIVACY one (so your name and address aren’t easily searchable). Those sites are like Ryanair and make their money by flogging you all sorts of extras that you don’t need.

    • junican Says:

      I got that eventually. The main thing is that I want to keep the “GROWING etc” essay in its present position on Google – it comes up second if you google “Growing, curing tobacco”. If I moved that essay to a new blog (which would be easy), then it would lose its google position, since its position depends upon its URL (which is the BSC) and, indirectly, ‘hits’ upon that URL (rather than the content of the essay).
      I’ve had another idea how to do it. I have already created a new site of which the URL is not the BSC. I now have three sites under the name of my wordpress account. Since the present essay is way out of date, I have in mind to ‘archive’ it and direct visitors to the new up-to-date site.
      As regards the BSC, until anything new comes up, I think that freedom of speech covers my pro-tobacco stance.

  3. psok Says:

    keep on. ace

  4. Mike Smith Says:

    Why not try GoDaddy for ‘growingcuringtobacco’

    That way your keywords are in the site title..Search engines love that..

    Just had a look for you..

    You can have “Growingcuringtobacco” .Org, .Info, .Co, .Uk,

    Other permutations are available..



    • junican Says:

      Thanks Mike. I’ve actually managed to do that on the new site. The URL incorporates the words “curing” and “growing” and “tobacco”. Hopefully, as people visit the old page and are redirected to the new site, that site will catch up with the old page.

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