Kicking YouGov into touch and Kicking Government into touch

Readers might be aware that I have three YouGov ‘personae’. That, in itself, shows how easily it would be for a person who knows in advance what surveys contain smoking questions, and has dozens of ‘personae’, to affect the results of a survey, which would be even more true if there were dozens of people doing the same thing. I did the maths a year or so ago using the figures for the number of people on its panel (about 600,000), and the maths did not even need the dozens of people doing what I have said above. All you need is a reasonably big group of people who answer every YouGov survey, regardless of how silly it might seem. For example, I came across a survey which asked questions about what people thought was a BIG herd of cows, along with other silly questions. At the end of that survey, appeared a couple of questions about smoking. Do you see the trick? YG send out questionnaires. They send out as many as they need to send, to get the magical 2000 or so responses. Now, how many busy people will turn off when they are asked questions about herds of cows? So, as panellists drop out, so much greater do the responses of Zealots become as a proportion of total responses to the smoking questions, as more and more questionnaires are sent out. Thus, a 50% figure can quite easily be turned into a 70% figure.  And there is no special time limit over which questionnaires can be sent out.

One of the things that struck me about smoking questions on YouGov surveys is that they ALWAYS were preceded by other questions of all sorts. They NEVER appeared first or alone (at least, in my experience).


I have withdrawn from YouGov. My three personae are deceased, dead, done-away with. It is part of my decision to withdraw any sort of cooperation with the State, as far as I possibly can. I shall give as little as I can and take as much as I can. I refuse to engage in those affairs in which I make myself miserable. Sod Off!

In view of the cowardice of the Tories in the face of their enemy, THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT, there is no option but to withdraw from engagement. To make matters worse, Dick Puddlecote observed a twitter exchange between Burnham MP (Labour shadow health minister) and Hunt MP (Tory health minister) in which Burnham congratulated Hunt on PP, and in which Hunt thanked Burnham. These people are rats masquerading as bunny rabbits. They may scratch each other from time to time, but their main interest is in ripping pieces out of the public body in packs. I shall vote UKIP at the next election if there is a candidate; otherwise, I shall not vote at all. That is all that I personally can do. There is a reasonable case for not voting at all since there is a possibility that the vote could become almost zero, in which case no Government, regardless of its number of MPs, would be other than a tyranny.

Vapers should do likewise. They should make it their business to ensure their sources of supplies underground and learn how to make themselves self-sufficient. They are under MASSIVE attack. The latest ‘scientific’ junk seems, because it concerns itself with the emission of formaldehyde, to be about cancer-producing chemicals. But it is not. It is bent upon trying to demonise the ecig machine itself. It suggests that the machine can very easily malfunction and ‘burn’ the liquid. But, as one commenter said, if one poured gasoline all over a gas cooker and then lit the cooker, it would hardly be surprising if the house burnt down. No, the ecig machine was not at fault in itself; it was the way in which the ‘researchers’ used it which was at fault. Imagine putting an egg in a microwave and leaving it on full power for the maximum possible length of time. Would it be surprising if egg yoke was found spattered all over the interior of the microwave?


I think that the time has come where smokers have to disappear and go underground. We may continue to comment and disobey, but, essentially, our activities need to disappear from view. We must accept that we are being gradually treated as though we are heroin addicts. Forest has become part of ‘the establishment’, just as whatever political party that is ‘in opposition’ is part of the establishment. It would be better if there was no ‘surface’ opposition – no ‘voice of smokers’ for newspapers to quote. Do not engage with any sort of authority. Engaging is surrender.

On the other hand, when commenting upon newspaper articles for example, it would be quite in order to state that one has cancelled one’s donation to CRUK (even if one did not donate). That may be a factual lie, but politics these days is not about facts; it is about ‘perceptions‘.


It may well be true that inhaling tobacco smoke is riskier than not doing so. I can accept that, although I would dispute the time-scales involved and the direct causal effects, which difficulties are amply illustrated in the McTear versus Imperial Tobacco Case. There is most certainly a ‘scientific disconnect’ involved in the time-scales involved in the possible damage created by SHS. For example, I am 75 and have smoked since I was about 17. My wife also smokes, but only from about 25. She is 73 and suffers from MS, the chief problem being that she cannot use her legs at all. Both of us have been inflicting SHS on each other, as well as smoking ourselves. We are both old, and near to our demise.

But we are not yet dead, nor is there any immediate sign that we are about to become deceased. Neither of us have ‘smoking related’ diseases. In fact, neither of us suffer from any ‘diseases’ at all.


I think that our so-called Government has given to the EU power over the MAJOR matters which affect our Nation. Thus, it has nothing to do other than mess about with minor matters. Thus, we find hysteria about sugar, salt, sausages, etc.

The revolution will declare that epidemiology is not SCIENCE, but is maths. That is obvious when you think about it. It may be that ‘the counting’ could indicate a problem, but it is SCIENCE which might confirm or deny the problem. Where things go wrong is when ‘the counting’ takes the place of the SCIENCE, and becomes “THE SCIENCE”. Thus we see the fatuousness of Burnham congratulating Hunt. B and H inhabit a sort of Lilliputian world where they can tie down THE PEOPLE with threads. Is it any wonder that the Islamic fanatics can drive a cart and horses through the Lilliputian threads?

Our best plan is to revolt from the bottom. Smugglers are to be applauded and sanctified. They take on the devils in Tobacco Control. Disregard the rubbish about smugglers importing inferior goods. The probability is that the tobacco which is used is far less ‘interfered with’ than that which tobacco companies use. It is absolutely not possible for a smuggler to say, “We only smuggle the best possible stuff”, since they must be silent, but why should they not smuggle only the best possible stuff, if the best possible stuff is easier to produce than the ‘lesser sort’? Where has the assumption come from that only stuff produced by tobacco companies is ‘pure’?


But, in all honesty, one must admit that there are many, many more fatties that there used to be. Generally speaking, smokers are not fatties. How many smoking, alcoholic fatties are there in the UK? How many non-smoking, non-drinking, non-fatties are there in the UK? Those ‘countings’ are just as important as the opposite ‘countings’.


I draw no specific conclusions. I have no right to do so. But nor has Tobacco Control. The mixture of desired outcomes for every person do not equate to the outcomes envisaged by Health Zealots, and they never will do.




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