Readying the Plots for Planting

For a change, I thought that I would just introduce a light note (in any case, I need to get up earlier tomorrow than usual, so I cannot blather on for too long).

I said a couple of weeks ago that I had a lot of useless shrubbery around my baccy plant plots which needed to come out because the shrubbery potentially harboured a lot of nasty little flying insects which were gobbling up my leaves and stunting the growth of the plants. Rose would probably know what the shrubs are called. They flower around August with small pink flowers and the ‘twigs’ are long, fairly straight and whippy. You could probably use them to weave baskets.

Anyway, I set to three days ago (taking advantage of the dry weather) and have dug them out as best I can and to the extent necessary. The job involved, firstly, using loping sheers and a saw to remove the branches, followed by digging around the roots and cutting and digging the roots out. The area involved covers about 5 meters by 1 metre. That sounds very little, but, believe me, the resistance of the shrubs to attack is very strong. The good news is that I now have an extra line of land in which to plant another 8 or so plants and the insects have nowhere to hide. Yippee!

That was plot 1. Plot 2 should be far easier.

I have bought a quantity of bonemeal (after careful consideration of the chemical contents thereof). It is said that bonemeal is particularly good for tomatoes and peppers. As we know, tobacco plants are closely related to tomatoes and peppers and should therefore benefit from bonemeal as a fertiliser. Bonemeal provides some nitrogen but is especially good in phosphorus, which is said to help produce good foliage and fruit. But it contains no potassium. Baccy plants need potassium, although not a lot.

Regular readers might be aware that I save baccy ash. What is baccy ash? It is the product of burnt leaves. I googled ‘wood-ash-fertiliser’ and got some information. Wood ash contains potassium, therefore cig ash contains potassium. In fact, I remember reading on the Coffinails blog that it is a good idea to add a little cig ash to the compost in your pots when transplanting seedlings.

Another thing is that I really ought to determine is the acidity/alkalinity of my soil. I could buy a meter and they are cheap, but there are easy ways. The simplest is to use vinegar and baking soda. The advice is:

“Step 1. Put a small quantity of soil in a baking tray (or similar). Add vinegar. If the mixture fizzes, it means that the soil is alkaline. There is then no need to do any more. If not, then go to Step 2.

Step 2. Put a similar quantity into another tray and add distilled water to it to make wet and muddy. Pour baking soda onto the surface. If it fizzes, then your soil is acidic.

Step 3. If neither of the experiments fiz, then your soil is neutral, which is good.

Step 4. Repeat with samples from various parts of your plots.


Nothing is going to be planted out before mid-May, so it might appear that there is no rush, and that is true – within reason. But it is also true that it would be very beneficial if the soil in the plots was turned over to expose the lower levels to frost (if we have any).


One might reasonably ask why I bother. Apart from the fact that growing the plants has become my hobby, I suppose that it is a matter of a sort of ‘science’, pride, accomplishment, physical exercise, curiosity, etc.

Certainly, if the work involved was costed and the value of the product was costed, there would be no question that the product would be enormously expensive. But, if you have the time and are prepared to do the work without payment, as a hobby, then the costs analysis is irrelevant.

There are devils in the Government (unelected people) who want to criminalise people like me. That is the nature of tyranny.



3 Responses to “Readying the Plots for Planting”

  1. Smoking Hot Says:

    Actually, the Devils in Government demand you register as a Tobacco Factory. To the uniformed, they’d think l was joking. 🙂

    • Smoking Hot Says:

      or even uninformed 🙂

      • junican Says:

        Right. A pair of scissors constitutes machinery and one’s fingers,when rolling a fag, are also machinery. Thus one’s fingers are a factory.

        No, there is no requirement to register at all. Only if you want to be accepted as a legitimate ‘tobacco product manufacturer’ do you need to register. That is the main point. People who are not ‘tobacco product manufacturers’ do not need to register.
        But there are all sorts of contradictions already in the ‘law’.
        We shall see.

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