The Cruelty of the Zealots, and Their Use of Government

There are a few people in this country who like to buy dried tobacco leaf, and who enjoy messing about with blends of different tobaccos. They mean no harm and, in general, any loss of revenue to the State via duty is minuscule. In any case, turning dried tobacco leaf into a ‘tobacco product’ (a cig) is not a simple process. If the leaf is too dry, it needs to be moistened; if it is too moist, it needs to be dried. It isn’t particularly difficult, but it requires experience from trial and error. Further, shredding and chopping is not a simple matter. If you rip a cigarette apart, you will find that the tobacco is in tiny shreds, much more so than roll-up tobacco.

And then there is the matter of blending. Smokers have different tastes. My own preference is for a rather weak tobacco, while others prefer a stronger ‘throat hit’. I can create my preference by blending my home-grown with various other varieties in varying proportions.

But the only way that I can get my preferred tobacco varieties is by buying the leaf.


The Zealots have come up with a new twist in their quest to criminalise ordinary citizens who just wish to be self-sufficient and want to amuse themselves by spending time and effort to create blends of tobacco which they enjoy. It is a nice hobby. The Zealots have somehow taken over the army of Customs Officers to further their quasi-religious war on people who enjoy tobacco. The Zealots will never be satisfied until every last ‘apostate’ has been killed off.


The latest affront to civilised conduct is the artificial construction of ‘criminals’ who just want to buy a few kilos of dried tobacco leaf, for their own use, per an. Not tons and tons, but, say, 8 kilos per an, if that.

The persecution has taken the form of an artificial trick which is intended to force anyone who wants to import a bit of dried tobacco leaf to ‘register’. Erm…. Register for what? Dried tobacco leaf is an ‘agricultural product’ in the EU. In fact, the EU still subsidises such production of tobacco plants. How can the EU subsidise the production of the plants, but demonise the product?

We really are entering into a weird la-la land. In this land, exercise is encouraged, but accidents which result from exercise are the fault of the exerciser, and the treatments of such accidents are costed and charged to the exerciser. But exercise is encouraged. Crazy, crazy, crazy.


An example of the craziness is nicely shown by Priti Patel MP, who is:

Ministerial role Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury.
Organisations: HM Treasury. Current role holder: Priti Patel MP

She supports small shopkeepers (mostly of Asian origin, but, needless to say, that is not a factor), and therefore opposes plain packaging on the grounds that it will harm small shopkeepers. As such, she is OPPOSED to The Tobacco Control Industry.

However, she supports persecution of people who just want to experiment with dried tobacco leaves. Therefore, in that respect, she is SUPPORTIVE of The Tobacco Control Industry.


There is a consultation going on which 99.9999% of the population know nothing about. The Zealots have somehow gained control of the whole of the (former) Border Force. Persons who want to import a bit of dried tobacco leaf will be expected to ‘register’. Does that remind people of pre-war Germany? Was it not the case that Jews were obliged to ‘register’?

The consultation is here:


I honestly do not know how to respond. The consultation is typical in that it does not ask whether or not you support the proposals. The proposals have already been decided. Your opinion is consulted as to how hot the branding iron should be. Anyone who wishes to buy dried tobacco plant leaf must acquiesce to be being branded. The difference, which the consultation asks your opinion of, is whether you think that people who want to buy dried tobacco plant leaf should be branded on the forehead or on the arse.

The consultation document takes as its procedural, perfect example, that of Ireland.  The procedure adopted in Ireland should become law in the UK. However, that ‘law’ in Ireland is the same law which was enacted in Australia in 1911 to defend aristocratic rights over the growing of tobacco in Australia.

Ireland is a basket case. It has passed a law forbidding smoking in cars, but the law will not exist (come into effect) until the police have worked out how to shoot transgressors with impunity.

ISIS (or IS if you prefer), the Islamic State, has also banned tobacco in any form.

The Tobacco Control Industry is equivalent to ISIS. It demands total control over us.


I’m not sure that it is possible to take part in the consultation. It seems to ask which way you would prefer to commit suicide – cut your throat or your wrists. Not wanting to commit suicide is not an option.


A couple of years ago, I ordered and received a sample of no-nicotine ‘tobacco’ from Israel. I believe that the stuff was made from lettuce. Funnily enough, the stuff tasted quite nice. But what is important is that the stuff was labelled ‘herbs’ on the parcel.

What the Zealots seem to have forgotten, in their consultation, is that dried tobacco leaf is a herb, which has healing properties. Thus, I have every right to buy dried tobacco leaf, without hindrance, as a herbal remedy to clean wounds. Of course, the important words are ‘without hindrance’.

But I want to buy the stuff from a shop for cash. The shop may be an on-line shop, but it is still a shop. That is critically important. I buy the stuff for cash, using my debit card. The only purpose of providing name and address is so that the stuff can be sent to me. After it is put in the post, there is no need for the seller to retain name and address. In fact, I have a right to privacy in that respect. The State has no right to persecute me.


If I privately use dried tobacco leaf to make cigs, I am not making ‘tobacco products’. The legislation is clear. Such products are products which are offered for sale. That is made clear in the legislation which demands that ‘tobacco product producers’ must not give away samples without paying duty on those samples. That is also the case as regards allowances for staff.


These proposed regulations are trying to get around EU free trade regulations. It is amusing to see the conflict in action. What ought to happen is that dried tobacco leaf producing States in the EU (such as Poland) should demand that the UK complies with EU agreements about the free movement of goods. In the end, it is for States like Poland to complain to the EU commissariat that their exports are being blocked artificially.


I can’t help but think that we are entering into a  ‘post-enlightenment’ era. The ‘lights’ of science are going out all over Europe and the World. For example, the benefits of atomic energy, which are inexhaustible, have been relegated while the power of windmills have been promoted. Uglification surrounds us.


Individuals cannot make a difference politically, but we can REFUSE TO BELIEVE. That idea is absolutely paramount. We do not have to accept the beliefs of Tobacco Control.

Nor do we have to accept the beliefs of Global Warmists.


What needs to change is our political system. It is not ‘Health’ which is the most important thing. It is ‘Happiness’. That idea is simplistic, but it is more accurate than any other idea.



Enough for tonight.







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  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Of all the arguments you have made against this latest ‘wheeze’ by the HMRC, the one that ‘moved’ me the most was your point that we have a right to be as self-sufficient as we choose. I doubt that carries any ‘legal’ weight but morally it ‘spoke’ to me.

  2. junican Says:

    I’ve dealt with your query by email.

    I like to be as self-sufficient as possible. If equipment goes wrong, I fix it myself if I possibly can. I suppose that I have always been that way.
    The leaf business is not about money. I am retired and amuse myself as I wish.

  3. psok Says:

    thanks for your daily reality check.

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