The General Election

We are almost half way through January and the GE is due in May.

I have been wondering what there is to vote about. I read somewhere that Labour will concentrate its attention on the NHS, while the Tories will concentrate on the economy. I suppose that what that means is that Labour will shout about Tory failings regarding the NHS, and Tories will shout about Labour failings as regards the economy. Simplistic ‘one size fits all’ (totalitarian) plans will be revealed in manifestos. Those plans will be meaningless, of course, since both the economy and the demands upon the NHS are unpredictable. In any case, people like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have neither the nous or the training to actually make decisions. They can only comply with the decisions of others.

But we might also ask, again, “What is there to vote about?” I mean, so many of the decisions which are important the the UK have been transferred to the unelected corrupt officials of the EU. What is there left?

It seems to me that the UK economy is performing slightly better than other EU economies. That does not mean that the UK economy is healthy – it is just ‘better than’. But these highly-paid politicians claim that their actions have created the ‘better than’ situation. But what have they done? I fail to see anything at all that they have done. In fact, what I see is that they have actually made it harder and harder for business to turn a profit.

It is hard to see how the present economic system can continue without risk of serious collapse. Benefits of scale support frivolity. Thus, it is because food, water, shelter and warmth can be produced easily and cheaply that it is possible for opera houses and libraries to exist. But at least opera houses and libraries entertain and instruct. They do nothing to harm the economy.

Contrast that will the constantly increasing high level of regulations. Regulation has itself become an Industry, and its effect is to damage the fundamental ease with which our common, simple needs are satisfied. The costs associated are increased. What seems to be happening, throughout the healthy, wealthy West is that it is being drained by organisations such as the UN, the EU, the WHO, etc, of its wealth by the funding of organisations whose purpose is the destroy the wealth producers. The excuse is to help save African lives, but the reality is to destroy the wealth producers. Why? To ‘save the planet’.


Is that why our ‘leaders’ are permitting the persecution of people who enjoy tobacco? Do the pleasurable activities of some 20% of the adult population not matter, when compared with the funding needs of the Tobacco Control Industry’s Inquisition? What is the Tory led demand for smoking in cars with ‘children’ present to be banned, other than an admission of powerlessness as regards much more important matters? Does that not also apply as regards PP? Why have MPs allowed themselves to be side-tracked into policies which are of no importance whatsoever?

There are lots of other things which Parliament have discussed and passed laws about which are insignificant, such as ‘hate speech’ laws. Even a cursory glance at those laws reveals that laws have been passed without any real definition of the offending activity. Only in Ireland could a law be passed forbidding smoking in cars with children present, and then be postponed until the Police have worked out how it can be enforced.


So what will we be voting for in May? I honestly do not know. Generalised, sentimental waffle about the NHS and the Economy mean nothing. What I would like to hear from the politicians is a recognition that everyone will die, sooner or later, and that it is not the purpose of the NHS to prevent those deaths which are inevitable. It job is to relieve pain and suffering, and not to prolong the agony.

The recent research which has shown that cancers occur most often in those places in the human body where the most cell deaths and replacements of those cells occur, ought not to be a surprise. In the replication of those cells, it is not surprising that rogue cells will mutate. What is important is that the immune system should destroy them. It is mostly in old age that the immune system fails – as one would expect, since that is what ‘getting old’ means.


Our ‘Leaders’ in the past few decades have deliberately weakened the UK by handing over control of the UK’s destiny to apparatchiks in the EU ‘Wastemonster’. We need to quit the EU in certain respects. We do not need to completely divorce. We need to refuse to fund what we do not want to fund. As Maggie T said, “No! No! No!” That is all that is needed. But politicians are terrified of actually deciding. They want others to decide for them via ‘expert’ opinions.

That, dear reader, is the reason that we have the disastrous ‘general smoking ban’ – Terror. And the complete failure of the Government at the time to take advice from proper statisticians as opposed to health epidemiologists.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The ‘Science’ was corrupted decades ago. The ‘Science’ aspect is in the statistics, but only in a limited way, in the sense that it is mathematics, and not physics. Epidemiology uses mathematics, but produces only ‘maybe, possibly’ outcomes. ‘Maybe, possibly’ outcomes are not science.


Is there any hope that politicians will stop, and reverse, the persecution of people who enjoy tobacco? I do not see that possibility unless the waste of resources and the destructive consequences NOW of backing ASH ET AL is recognised by politicians.

Politicians are not THE GOVERNMENT. They pretend to be so and have the verbal skills to seem to be so. But they are not. They used to be when the Civil Service was apolitical, but since the import of people like Andrew Black was accepted, the corruption of the Civil Service was assured.


Our political system stinks. It is not easy to see why. Perhaps we should think about how the political system worked before radio was invented. Before radio, politicians had to convene meetings and shout in in loud voice, possibly using simple megaphones. What is different is not the need to use megaphones, but the nature of the message put out to influence the ignorant masses.

Are the masses as ignorant as the politicians think? I am one of the masses, and I do not conform and I do not comply, and I do not accept.

So, unless the main parties reverse their persecution of smokers, I shall not vote for them. Further, is so far as they promote hatred of smokers, I hate them also.

That is my choice.




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