Fixing Daughter’s Computer and Listening to Joe Cocker – a Pleasant Evening an Night

Daughter A.. uses computers in her quite responsible position as deputy payroll manager in a rather large company. But her willingness to bother working out the simple procedures of connecting to the net, using toolbars and such leave a lot to be desired.

She told me that she could not access the net on her laptop. I have to admit that I have no skills other than an enquiring mind, but I have sorted her laptop out before. So I told her to bring it round.

It’s easy to forget the simple and straightforward systems after a year or two not having to bother about such things because your own set-up is cool. So I spent quite a while trying to get her laptop to connect to my wifi. Struggle, struggle, struggle. What is the problem? Has some program become corrupted? Why does google appear and then claim to be damaged?

I’m sure that readers get the picture. But, following from yesterday’s post, ‘Perseverance’ pays off. Except that the answer was so, so simple. Unbeknown to me (and, I suppose, to her), her laptop has a button to disconnect from the net! Ridiculous, is it not? All this blathering about, and the answer was just to press a button! There was staring at me a red ‘transmitter’ button. I jabbed it, and it turned blue. Contact established!

But her laptop was still in a mess. No menu bar, no favourites bar, no tools bar. Ok. Sorted.


Which brings me to my second subject.

I am typing this on my own laptop while watching and listening on her laptop to a Joe Cocker gig from 1983, performed at the Loreley Ampitheatre. I had no idea where that place was, but signages seemed to be in German. It turns out that that place is indeed in Germany. Actually, I’ve just found another one to watch which is from 1980 and is ‘live’ from Metropol Berlin. It is really weird how Joe C got rid of his longish hair over that three year period. Of course, in his earliest appearances he had a real shock of hair, so I suppose that he gradually lost it.

Anyway, what I have been watching most of this evening, after sorting out her computer has been videos and gigs of Joe C from different period of his life. The two I refer to above were when he was about 37 for the Berlin one and 40 for the Loreley one.


I have a confession to make. Until his death was announced, and the furore over Simple Simon Chapman’s insensitive comment about JC’s smoking blew up I had never heard of Joe Cocker! I do not mean that I had never heard any of his songs; I must have, but the name was not familiar to me. About the time when he was in his prime, my interests were in modern jazz to start with, and then into trad jazz. I suspect that, if I saw him perform, I would have sneeringly concluded that he was a cheap imitation of a combination of Sachmo and Ray Charles.

How wrong I was!!


I’ve been watching performances from is youth, his middle age and his old age. At first, his mannerisms seem to be artificial. I only became reasonably sure that it was not so when I watched a video of him recording a song in a booth in a studio. The mannerisms were somewhat muted, but much the same.

He habitually stuck his chest out and held his shoulder back while waving his arms about and rubbing his finger against each other. Having watched him for several hours now, at all ages, it seems perfectly clear that what he was doing, with his arm and hand movements, was, essentially, beating time, and beating time passionately. His body is rather stiff – all the passion is in his hands and arms.

Perhaps I should be glad that Joe Cocker passed me by. But it is interesting how the times around 1960, 70, 80, were almost all created by impresarios, who dictated what appeared on TV and Radio.

The impresarios of today dictate what appears in the press, radio and on the TV regarding the new pleasures, as compared with the old pleasures of attending JC’s gigs and such. The ‘new pleasures’ are NOT smoking, and NOT drinking and NOT eating. We must get use to this new pleasurable way of  thinking. Pleasures are no longer to be taken from sweet drinks; water alone has sufficient sweetness to the thirsty. Nor are they to be taken from sizzling bacon; unsweetened porridge is sweet enough to the hungry. Smoking tobacco has nothing going for it at all; it can easily be replaced by the pleasure of following the ‘true faith’ of HEALTH and getting nicely addicted to it.

But I have a suspicion. I suspect that those who howl for Government intervention to spread the true faith are themselves poorly-sick.

Amid the glory of JC’s performances (not forgetting the skills of the other musicians),there are very sad things about looking back at these recordings.  1980. 35 years ago. Those pretty backing singers will now be at least 55 years old. The girls and boys in the audience will be in late middle age. Joe Cocker is dead.

But I am watching this video now, and am astonished. The human spirit transcends the moaning of the puritans. How on earth did these puritans get so much power? Where are the songs from ASH, the UN, the WHO, the BMJ, etc. etc. Where are their songs?


Joe Cocker died aged 70, having lived life to the full. He had his disappointments, and sank into the depths of despond from time to time, but HE LIVED! How sad are the likes of Chapman, Glantz, Nathanson, Arnott, etc. They spend their lives stopping people singing.


Because of the influence of these people who stop people singing, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and the Health Sec, Hunt, are about to criminalise parents because they might enjoy a cig in their own car when their 17 year old daughter/son is in the car. It will not matter if the car is speeding along at 70 mph with all the windows wide open, and that the car is open-top. ONE SIZE FITS ALL in the New Britain, and the police state will ensure that EVERYONE COMPLIES.

The first is totalitarianism, and the second is fascist.

Joe Cocker and other artists like him take the fight to the enemy. They sing and have passion.

I wonder what the possibility is that, when the Junior Health Minister, Allison, announces the car smoking ban, MPs will rip her arguments to bits? The possibility is zero. Why? Because MPs do not sing.




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  1. woodsy42 Says:

    If you were listening to who I think you mean you might want to check how to spell his name.

    • junican Says:

      Woopst! Thanks – corrected. I’d like to say that the errors were sliips of the finger, but I repeated the error over and over. Ah well….

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