Chapman on ‘The Conversation’

Chapman wrote an article for ‘The Conversation’. I have come across ‘The Conversation’ before. For some reason or other, I had in mind that ‘The Conversation’ was a broad-based discussion group, picking up items of news and throwing discussion open. Little did I know.

It turns out that ‘The Discussion’ is just another Tobacco CONTROL Industry front.

Chapman’s article concerned his comment that Joe Crocker died at 70, rather than at an older age, because he enjoyed tobacco. It was on Twitter that Chapman said (words to the effect), “Joe crocker heavy smoker dies aged 70”.

You can read Chapman’s article here:

You should note that the article is dated 5th January 2015, which was yesterday. By the end of 5th January, comments on the article were closed. It is noticeable that the earliest comment occurred very shortly after the article was published, and that they worshipped Saint Simon Chapman. Later, when knowledge of the existence of the article was spread, comments became less supportive of Chapman. Indeed, some comments displayed Chapman’s ignorance.

And then what happened? By around midnight on the same day, comments were closed.


We are inevitably led to the idea that Chapman’s article in ‘The Conversation’ was not in any way an apology for his crass, ignorant, uncouth insults of a great musical artist; it was, instead, an opportunity for Chapman to spread his poisonous snake-oil blather about statistical correlations.


People like Chapman (and Grantz – sorry, Glantz – etc) have not and never have had any sort of power. One would think that, because their blatherings and the success of their enterprises (smoking bans), that they have power. They do not have power. None at all. Nor does the WHO or the EU. Only ONE nation needs to say, “Fuck this for a game of soldiers. Let’s give our bar owners the right to decide whether to be smoking or not” for the whole edifice of The Tobacco CONTROL Industry to crumble. The TCI depends upon a mirage. We know what a mirage is, do we not? It takes many forms, but the classic is the appearance of a lake of water in the desert as a result of light waves and the effect of the light waves on the eyes of people who desperately need water. The TCI mirage is similar to the Nazi mirage of a ‘pure’ Arian nation.


I must to bed. But before I go, I must point out that Chapman’s argument, in that article, is seriously flawed. The flaw concerns risk. The Health Zealots’ argument will collapse, but it will only collapse when it becomes understood that all of life on earth is risky.




7 Responses to “Chapman on ‘The Conversation’”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    The Tobacco Control lobby (or should I say Smoking Stasi) are doing their best to censor dissent. They must be afraid their manipulation will be uncovered should there be actual transparency in the press and democratic process.

  2. artbylisabelle Says:

    “Grantz” I JUST about split a “kishkah” LOL!

  3. J Brown Says:

    He’s getting a bit of a bashing on Twitter for his article…..Well done!!

  4. garyk30 Says:

    Funny thing, this at what age we should be dying.
    1. the average of death these days = varies by country; but, for me(an American male) it is about 79

    2.Life expectancy at birth = for me that was about 62 years

    3. Years of life expected at various ages = for me, average age of death would be about 84

    I presume that God knows how long I will live and at what age I will die; but, that info has not been revealed to me.

    Oddly enough, one could die at the age of 101 and still have a ‘pre-mature death’ as the ‘years of live left at various ages’ charts indicate such a person has a 50% chance of living at least one more year.

  5. Other people’s stuff | underdogs bite upwards Says:

    […] So does Junican […]

  6. raymond t. barfoot Says:

    dear junican, good on you , sir. simon crapmiester should just go somewhere quiet and put his nose in the corner and reflect on hi basic lack of humanity.small chance of that as he demonstrably has none that I can discern. once again good show I read your blog often. Raymond barfoot

  7. junican Says:

    We have recently seen a collection of Charlatans venturing onto ‘social media’. As I recall, there was a seminar in London for them to teach them how to use twitter etc. I think that they are getting their fingers seriously burnt. Social Media is nothing like carefully and craftily written press releases.

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