In the comments to last night’s post, Rose highlighted a statement by Churchill which I had never heard before. Here is Rose’s comment:

“We need a Churchill

I was thinking of his words only the other day when I was feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed.”

She linked to this video of Winston Churchill denouncing Appeasement – “Never, never, never give in….. (unless ‘conscience’ and ‘honour’ demand it).”

And that is where we smokers stand.

We KNOW that we have right on our side. That is because we are autonomous beings who can choose for ourselves how we live our lives, how much exercise we take, and what substances we put into our bodies. It makes no sense for there to be no law against killing yourself by overdosing deliberately on aspirin while enacting laws for which the justification is ‘fumar mata’ [Spanish: “To smoke kills”]. I know that, some time ago, the wonderfully intellectual and epitome of male pulchritude, Prescott (now a ‘Lord’) banned paracetamol tablets being in sold by supermarkets and such in quantities greater than two packets of 16 at a time, with the idea of making it a tad more difficult for people who wanted to ‘end it all’ to do so. Well, OK Mr Prescott. But between us, in our house at the moment, we must have in advance of at least 100 tablets immediately to hand.

It is these sort of useless knee-jerk reactions to some sort of perceived dangers which take up the time of politicians which should be spent on more important things. But it isn’t just the politicians, it is the army of civil servants whose time and effort is being wasted on non-productive and restrictive enterprises.


Rose’s phrase “…….feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed.” certainly struck a cord. I think that we all feel the same sort of despond when we hear about the latest obscene misconstruction of the meaning of certain statistics. For example, part of the justification for the latest silly Public Health England advert has been that 5% more smokers get some sort of condition than non-smokers. Thus, if 100 non-smokers suffer that condition, 105 smokers will suffer that condition. Gary K pointed out that 100/105 x 100 =  95.24%. 95.24% of those who suffer that condition do so for reasons other than smoking. What are those reasons, and are they so overwhelmingly predominant as to exclude smoking as anything other than a red herring?

The reasons for ‘Persevering’ do not just concern the propaganda and cherry-picking of data to support PHE TV adverts, but extend far beyond. We think about how the UK became a party to the United Nations unaccountability. The relationship of the UK to the UN is via the Foreign Office. How did the Health Zealots circumvent that direct, linear connection? Who permitted it and when? And how did the EU also circumvent the Foreign Office and deal directly with the Health Dept? Who permitted it? What has William Hague been doing for the last several years?

You see, it is no use Cameron shouting if the structures which describe the UK’s relationships with the EU and the UN are spread all over the place. These structures must pass through the Foreign Office and not pass directly to other departments. It should be noted that it was a minister of the Foreign Office who signed the UK up to the FCTC. There is a MASSIVE lack of transparency. The SECRECY is blatant. (Eh? How can secrecy be blatant?) The SECRECY is blatant because of ‘holes’ in the information available. For example, the WHO receives funding outside of official sources, but that funding is secret.


It is clear to anyone who is interested that the UN especially needs to be investigated thoroughly. ‘Anyone who is interested’ MUST include the UK Government. Is the Foreign Office monitoring the UN? Perhaps it is, but it strikes me that it is doing so as a complicit assistant to the corruption rather than as a protector of the UK’s cash and interests.


Is it not weird that Cameron is going on about reclaiming powers from the EU when his party gave them away? And is it not odd that the powers that he wants to reclaim are not the most important powers? Who ‘owns’ the World Bank? Who controls it? Why is that organisation such a mystery? It seems to be controlled by aliens who are responsible to an alien Entity resident upon the far side of the moon.

Who owns the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? Whoever controls it, owns it.


We must persevere. As Churchill said, “Never, never, never, give in”. There is no doubt, in my opinion, that our ‘Leaders’ have allowed themselves to be lead astray by ‘foreign military interventions’, with all that those interventions entail in logistics etc, while the Global takeover of Government has been proceeding apace.

And yet the termination of the Global takeover is so simple. So simple. Stop funding the UN, the EU, the World bank, etc. Just stop. It is that easy. When people like Cameron/Clegg/Miliband negotiate, they do so for their own benefit. There is no need for negotiation. Just stop the money flow.


As a little extra Christmas present, my daughters bought me a 25g pouch of RYO tobacco which had been produced in the Lake District. It was very pleasant, but a little too mild for my taste. But what interests me is the mode of production.


Finally for tonight.

The Zealots are intent upon wearing us down with their bans everywhere. But they have reached the extremes. Their bans everywhere (hospital grounds, for example) INVITE constructive disobedience.

I like that.



4 Responses to “Perseverence”

  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    “But what interests me is the mode of production.”

    Do you mean the tobacco was grown up there in the barren Northern wastelands?

    • junican Says:

      “I wondered lonely as a cloud…….”
      It isn’t the growing, it is the curing which I wonder about. The growing is the easy bit. I ‘over-fermented’ the first half of this year’s crop by wadding, which my friend, JB from Ireland, says that her friend, who smokes a pipe, finds very pleasant. Have I been unintentionally producing pipe tobacco? It seems likely because the smell is very sweet, but the taste, in a cig, is ‘tarty’ and lingers on the lips in an unpleasant way. Building the curing box has made a big difference in that it is far easier to control the humidity and temperature. Even so, there is something that is still not quite right.

      But we are getting there.

  2. graham Entwistle Says:

    We ask what next? Well between twitter and the news over the last few days, we know what the next revenue generating target is – sugar.

    Soon the vapers and the smokers will be huddled outside with the “sugar addicts” next to us being berated for their inconsiderate third hand sweet tooth attacks (I’m sure glantz mckee chapman et al are already being primed to turn out the “peer reviewed studies”)

    I’m wondering if we can’t just shoot them all and start again tbh.

    Happy new year.

    Graham gords1001

    • junican Says:

      Tut! Tut! Violence? No! No! Kindness is what is required. They need to be ‘helped’, and the best way to ‘help’ them is to cure their addiction to grant funding which produces nothing of value. Indeed, it produces negative value. Grantz (sorry, Glantz), Simple Simon and Murkee could be re-educated by attending lectures about Ebola and serving some time in West Africa tending the sick. After all, they do claim to want to ‘save’ humanity, do they not?

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