Another Potential Ebola Case in Swindon

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The link is more concerned with the deterioration in the condition of Pauline Cafferkey, of course, but a second case would be bad news. But there is little detail about the second case.

Crazy though it might seem, in the same edition, was an article about demands to raise the tax on cigs by 33% in the UK and a recommendation for increasing the price of cigs by 300% in other parts of the world.

“Tripling tax on cigarettes across the world would prevent 200 million premature deaths from lung cancer, experts claim.

The drastic increase in tax would cut the number of smokers by a third as prices double.

The increase would also narrow the price gap between the cheapest and most expensive cigarettes, encouraging people to quit rather than switch to a cheaper brand, a new study has found.”

Needless to say, there is no link to said study; rather, quotes from the leaches are amply provided.


So, in the same edition, we have real death and destruction with not a word to speak of from the Healthists, while the wish-think of the anti-tobacco crowd is given massive exposure.


But should we be surprised about the topsy-turvy state of ‘World Health’? We really ought to be shocked that the WHO, which has existed for decades now, is wasting billions on trying to stop old people from dying while doing very little to stop thousands in West Africa, or even millions world-wide, dying now, this very night, from contagious diseases. Every day, on our TVs, we see adverts begging us to give ‘£2 per month’ to provide clean  water. What in God’s name is the WHO for, if not to undertake such works using the funds provided by generous governments? What is the WHO for if not to protect people from such killer viruses as Ebola?

I think that we can reasonably isolate the period of time when the WHO was taken over. It was roughly during the 1970s when the Chief Medical Officer of GB, the Surgeon General of the USA and people like Richard Doll infiltrated the WHO. Perhaps they were genuinely of the opinion that a few thousand deaths per an from diseases like Ebola and Malaria were as nothing compared with the millions of smokers who were being killed by the evil tobacco companies. Maybe Doll et al simply did not recognise the Charlatans and Gangsters who used the WHO to enrich themselves for what they were.

And so, here we are at the beginning if 2015 with the banshees howling for blood. Poverty and disease in the Africa and Asia are as nothing compared with ‘the cause’ of increasing longevity in the the healthy, wealthy West. Hence, the jaunt to Moscow of the WHO Chief rather than attending a conference about Ebola. But one also wonders about the relationship between the WHO Chief and Big Pharma. To what extent was she committing herself to retaining funding from Big Pharma rather than combating Ebola (and Malaria, and AIDS)?


Everyone knows that increasing taxes enormously hits the poorest people hardest and the most wealthy people least. If the purpose of taxes is simply to raise revenue for the Government to function, then the idea of ‘sin’ taxes ought to be anathema, since the Government cannot assess ‘sin’. For example, it would make more sense to tax fat people per kilogram than to tax sugar. If smoking is so bad, then smokers should be taxed directly. Spot-checks for cotinine should be obligatory. As regards alcohol, all adults should be breathalysed by occasional spot-checks and taxed depending upon their breath test results.

Such ideas are silly, are they not? Yes they are, but they illustrate the silliness of sugar taxes, salt taxes, tobacco taxes, alcohol taxes. Why? Because only a very few people are actually significantly affected by sugar, salt, tobacco, alcohol, etc overload, and it is unfair that those who are not so affected should pay extra.

So what is the answer?

It is simple. Duty must be abolished. If there is to be a form of ‘purchase tax’, then it should be spread over every commodity, including food, children’s clothes, etc. Why should I subsidise other people’s children and other people’s gluttony?


All a bit tongue in cheek, I must admit. But, let’s face it, the taxation system is an utter mess. Would it not be wonderful if academic studies concerned themselves with finding out how much road use is concerned with commerce as compared with personal use? I am retired and hardly use my car. I have no need to, and yet I have to pay huge charges for insurance, breakdown cover and road tax. Am I complaining? Well, Yes, but not as bitterly as I could do. You see, as with a golf club, where members have to pay a rather large subscription annually in order that the course can be maintained so that it is in good condition if and when a member wants to play, so it is that the roads also need to be maintained. So, Yes, it is reasonable that persons who want to use the roads pay, pro rata, for the maintenance of the roads. But is it not true that road tax has been divorced from the upkeep of the roads? It is there that politicians have let their voters down. It is there that politicians have conspired with charlatans. It is there, and in a great number of similar places where politicians have let THE PEOPLE down, again and again.


I have blathered somewhat tonight. But I believe that I have a right to blather, and that at least a little of my blathering is true. In the same way that a Churchill, with some experience of war, was required to concentrate attention in WW2, so is required a great leader NOW, to ACT to save GB from the EU. I read that Cameron has told Merckel that he is prepared to take the UK out of Europe if his demands are not met. Umm… Sounds like a reverse Hitler to me. No, there is a simple answer – stop paying.


Even worse is the UN and the WHO. Why do we pay hundreds of millions of pounds to subsidise these organisations which have been taken over by individuals and foundations whole objectives are to destroy our prosperity? I do not understand. Who or what controls the UN?

The UK Government continues to throw money at the UN without any control of that corrupt organisation’s activities. The same applies to the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, and a multitude of other organisations. What is critical to understand is that almost all of these organisations are economically restrictive. They take our money and use it to restrict our economy.

We need a Churchill, and not a ‘National Coalition’. It has been mooted that, after the GE in May 2015, it may happen that a lot of seats in parliament might be occupied by ‘retards’ such as the SNP, the Greens and UKIP, and that a Tory and Labour ‘National Coalition’ might be necessary to sort the Country’s problems out. AKA, a fascist, totalitarian State. And what will this fascist, totalitarian state do? It will mess about banning smoking in the open air and fiddling. Neither Cameron, Miliband nor Clegg know anything at all about THE PEOPLE. A recent survey has shown that 80% of the people are pissed off with the nanny state. It is no use Cameron blowing smoke rings now – the damage is done. The latest obscenity is the ‘smoking in cars’ obscenity. It solves a non-problem, as is the proposed law in Scotland to ban smoking in hospital grounds. One can certainly predict that such a ban will fail utterly and completely. Why? Because there is no equivalent to publicans who can be fined thousands of pounds for failing to police the ban. Hospitals will have to employ thugs to enforce the ban.

Much the same applies to the Irish smoking in cars ban. The dial (?) has passed the law, but it will not go into effect until the police have worked out how to enforce it. Any dope can see that the police cannot enforce it. But it is quite likely that A SINGLE PERSON will be caught, and that single event will be exaggerated to the point where the child in the car has been actually deaded.


Thus we see a plan which was supposed to bring order out of chaos, but which has brought chaos out of order.

It is a shame that Obama has been misled and sidetracked. I really thought that he might have been a breath of fresh air in the US political sphere. It really is very sad that he has turned out to be just as much a control addict as the worst of the communist regimes.



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  1. Rose Says:

    We need a Churchill

    I was thinking of his words only the other day when I was feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed.

    • junican Says:

      I haven’y heard that quote before, Rose. I think that it sums up our attitude. But what is perhaps the most important thing is your phrase, ‘when I was feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed‘. I don’t know if your ‘issue’ was personal or connected to the ‘Grand Inquisition’. If it is connected to the Grand Persecution, I can understand your frustration, and I share it.
      Oddly enough, I find the haste somewhat reassuring. It’s a little like an army pushing to far forward against little resistance, but thereby exposing its supply lines to guerilla attack. Such an army could, of course, retreat, but that is not the case with Tobacco Control. It cannot and dare not retreat, It has burnt its boats.

      • Rose Says:

        It was indeed the sheer weight of the Grand Inquisition, they just never shut up, even at Christmas. It was the sheer “overwhelming might of the enemy” that got to me a little.

        I don’t know when I first heard that speech but it had clearly stuck in my mind.

        It’s from Churchill’s address to Harrow School in 1941 and goes on to say –

        “We stood all alone a year ago, and to many countries it seemed that our account was closed, we were finished. All this tradition of ours, our songs, our School history, this part of the history of this country, were gone and finished and liquidated.

        Very different is the mood today. Britain, other nations thought, had drawn a sponge across her slate. But instead our country stood in the gap. There was no flinching and no thought of giving in; and by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside these Islands, though we ourselves never doubted it, we now find ourselves in a position where I say that we can be sure that we have only to persevere to conquer.

        The whole thing.

      • junican Says:

        I have read that link, Rose. A different era. But academia is beginning to crack. A little bit of truth is appearing. “Most cancer incidents are just ‘bad luck'”, is one. Nat Stats’ refutation of the ecig ‘gateway to smoking’ (at the present time) theory is another.
        But I absolutely agree that the sheer mountain of excreta wears down one’s resolve. But we must always remember the old adage. ‘If nothing else matters but the production of shit by elephants, the whole world would be covered by a layer of shit six foot deep.’

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