Preparing for Spring

Normally, I would have dug over my tobacco-plant plots by now. I like to do them during December while the ground is still soft, but this year the weather has been jolly wet and the ground jolly saturated.

But I have been investigating fertilisers. What I have been wanting is a fertiliser which can be dug into the ground to revitalise the soil. After a fair amount of searching, bone meal seems to be the best solution. It is recommended for tomatoes and peppers, and the same fertiliser for tomatoes and peppers is recommended for tobacco plants. So I’ve ordered some via the net.

We have had a windy/rainy couple of hours here tonight, but it appears to have blown away. Tomorrow is promised to be reasonably fine, so I shall make a start on clearing up. The festivities are over, the days are starting to lengthen, the time is right.


It is true that the world-wide conspiracy of the New World Order seems to be in total control, even to the extend of mesmerising our elected representatives. I vaguely suspect that there are several layers of Control. For example, it might well be that the Zealot MPs, like Williams MP, think that they are at the top of the pile, and ‘prime movers and shakers’.  Erm… Who supplies them with platforms, funding, information and secretarial assistance? I believe that it is ASH, but what is ASH? It is the voice of the College of Physicians which owns it. Where does ASH get the money to support Williams MP and others? Whoever supplies the money to ASH and the RCP owns them all. The Lotto gave £500,000 to ASH not long ago. Who ‘owns’ the Lotto? Because whoever controls the distribution of the funds raised by the Lotto ‘owns’ the Lotto.

These examples show the corruption which politicians should be prosecuting.


It is those sort of corrupt leaches which need to be eradicated. What happened to the ‘bonfire of the quangos’? Well, I suspect that people like the boy Clegg were told that, if they burn the quangos, then they will have to take the blame when things go wrong. Better to keep the quango and let it take the blame. After all, the costs of the quangos are borne by taxpayers and are not worth cutting since quangos protect the politicians from blame.

One of the reasons that our political system stinks is that some MPs can use their positions to push their own prejudices. There is something wrong with that idea. Did Williams MP, when he stood as a Liberal candidate, reveal that he was not a Liberal at all, but was in fact a Tobacco Prohibitionist Candidate? How many other MPs are masquerading as Tory/Labour/Liberal, when, in fact, they belong to the ‘Prohibitionist Party’?


Growing your own is only a tiny rebellion. But it is legal. Much more ‘ethical’ is smuggling. For smuggling stuff is ‘heroic’. In fact, any activity which denies the Zealots control over us is ‘heroic’. One could even say that these heroic acts are ‘legal’, and defy the Courts insofar as the Courts uphold persecution.

For, if the ‘Courts of Justice’ are unjust, then only Revolution can correct the imbalance.


Finally for tonight, It seems that there are vague thoughts that the Tories want to exit the EU, and there are vague thoughts that Labour and Liberal want to stay in the EU. Neither of those alternatives matter a damn. They may or may not be true, but they do not matter. Why? Because all the leaders in those parties are shit-scared of making any decisions at all about the EU.

We need courageous and knowledgeable politicians who can change the UN. It is from that source that our suffering emanates.


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