New Year Greetings – and Stuff

So I determined that tonight I would simply wish readers the best of luck for the New Year. Clearly, the opportunity for blogging would be limited.

“Best of luck for the New Year!!”


However, it is not so simple.

Last year’s New Year celebrations, in my local pubs, were true to type – busy and jolly, although not a patch on previous years. This year has been a disaster.

It has been my wont, year after year, to amuse myself by adopting what I call ‘mixed dress’. Readers who have served time in the Armed Forces will be aware that ‘mixed dress’ is frowned upon. In the Air Force, for example, ‘mixed dress’ might involve wearing an air force uniform shirt with a pair of flamboyant shorts. My tiny little effort at ‘flamboyance’ has been to wear a dress shirt (with cuff-links) and a shiny, colourful waistcoat, along with a pair of black cord trousers and trainers.

What a waste of effort! Most people were wearing jeans and tee shirts.

It was not an unpleasant evening, apart from the fact that the football on the TV was more exciting and amusing than events in the pub, despite the fact that there was a disco.

While having a cig outside, in conversation, someone opined that the reason for the poor turnout was the mid-week occurrence of the holidays – weekend, Xmas, weekend, New Year. Money spent in the first three. Not impossible to contemplate. But it has happened before many a time, without New Year being affected.

FUN is disappearing.

It is not just the smoking ban (“stinking like an ashtray”). It is not just obesity (“ugly and full of shit”). It is the constant, day after day, week after week, month after month, grinding.

If there is anything that our elected representatives should complain about to THE GOVERNMENT, it is the constant grinding away of our liberties.

What was the absolutely critical thing about the smoking ban which sliced away FREEDOM? It was the invasion of private property by the totally artificial construct of ‘public places’ which are not public places. ‘Public places’ are places where the public have a right to go into, and not places where they are permitted to go into.

Thus, the matter boils down to two simple ideas:

1. Private property, by definition, cannot be ‘a public place’.

2. Persons who own private property cannot be coerced into owning public property.

3. Any laws which pretend otherwise are unconstitutional.




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  1. Rose Says:

    Happy New Year, Junican.

  2. cherie79 Says:

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015.

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