Does Anyone Remember My Attempt to Form a ‘Constituency Group’?

In my naivety, when I first started this blog, I had the idea that it would be good to have a group of people which consisted of at least one person per constituency in the UK. Bearing in mind my naivety, the result of volunteers of about 50 persons was not bad since there are only 650 constituencies.

I am amazed that organisations such as Forest, with its comparatively wide connections, has not already done this simple exercise. In fact, if Forest was anything other than a public relations organisation, it would already have organised such a Group.

I am not criticising Forest. I am just defining it as I see it. It seems to see its main purpose as providing ‘balancing views’ for newspapers to quote. It seems to me that it would be better if it refused to comply, and, instead, condemned the persecution of smokers at every opportunity. ‘Smoking in cars with children present’? “There is no evidence that children suffer in such circumstances at all. This persecution of smokers is intolerable, and it is dangerous, for it converts ‘driving care’ to ‘health care’.” There, is a serious point. The obsession with smoking in cars will never be revealed as the cause of crashes, and thus, such a cause, will never be known to be the case. Any and every other factor will be considered, but the ban on smoking will never be considered as a contributing factor. In the actual events, such a smoking ban might be the major factor.

It ought to be obvious that a driver’s personal ‘comfort and alertness’ overrides any consideration of vague, tiny, health effects on any children in the car, if his ‘comfort and alertness’ requires, for him personally, having a cigarette from time to time.

DOES FOREST HAVE AT LEAST SUFFICIENT ‘MEMBERS’ TO HAVE ONE PERSON IN EACH CONSTITUENCY IN ENGLAND? If so, why not ask them to cooperate in holding their MPs to account? In that way, the likes of ASH et al can be countered. Why? Because ASH is nothing except a wind. It has no substance at all. Any single voter has more power over his/her MP than the whole of ASH, its owner, the RCP, the BMA, the WHO, and the UN.

I, personally, am prepared to pester my MP, both by letter and personally, but my efforts would be useless without multiple other people doing the same thing at about the same time.

But does it have to be Forest? Clearly not. It would be better if Forest organised it, but it does not have to be so. Have Frank Davis, Dick P, Longrider, LegIron, etc, etc, got enough contacts to form such a group? Surely, it must be so.

Essentially, the message to MPs would be, “Why are you supporting the persecution of smokers?” Everything revolves around that. Everything.




2 Responses to “Does Anyone Remember My Attempt to Form a ‘Constituency Group’?”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Good points Junican, and my hat’s off to you if you managed to get supportive statements from people in fifty different constituencies! That’s pretty amazing!


    • junican Says:

      The ‘list’ came from commenters and viewers who responded to the idea when I mooted it. The ‘spread’ was natural, based upon the wide-spread nature of the internet. It was never intended to be a ‘top down’ organisation, although I sort of volunteered to be the conduit for all members of the group.
      The last time it was employed was not directly connected with individual MPs. It was in connection with the Bolton hospital survey in cooperation with the Bolton News asking for votes for or against smoking shelters. I emailed everyone on the list and asked them to vote. I don’t know how many did so, but the vote went in favour. Then the Zealots moved in and squashed the whole thing.

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