What Happened to Plain Packaging?

For months,  The Zealots have been going on and on hysterically about PP. Suddenly, PP is dead (for now) and smoking in cars is the ‘in thing’.

Was ‘the going’ getting to be a bit too hot for PP? Is that the reason for the sudden switch to smoking in cars? A few days ago, there were no signs of the cars thing at all, then, suddenly, PLONK! there it is. Or has that been the plan all along? If it has been, then expect a last minute amendment being proposed, probably by the Health Minister herself, to extend it to a ban on smoking in all cars. For that is what happened to the general smoking ban. The original plan was to allow exemptions for non-food pubs and private clubs. We all know what happened – an amendment was proposed to extend the ban to everyone, and that the Minister at the time actually voted for the amendment to her own Bill.


I am coming around to the conclusion that our elected representatives have become irrelevant, even the prime minister and other ministers. (Note the lack of capital letters) Over the last few decades, due to the short-term nature of politics, Government has become increasingly and incredibly complex. Thus, Government Departments have become bigger and bigger and more and more powerful. But even they have been subjected to the even bigger bureaucracy of the EU.

Not very long ago, I was reading something about the rise of “Managerialism”, or something like that. The theory goes something like this:

A person starts up a company with, say, himself and his wife as directors, and with his wife as company secretary. The company becomes immensely successful and over the years takes on more and more staff and acquires managers of its operations. Eventually, it goes public, but the original proprietors retain 51% of the shares. But the operation has become so big that they are unable to understand or cope with the business. That is the point where “The Managers” take over the company. In theory, the proprietors are still in control, but, in reality, they are not.

That is what seems to have happened to our elected representatives at all levels, from prime minister downwards. None of them, including the opposition, have the foggiest idea what is going on. They are puppets of ‘The Managers’. Cameron and Clegg said that they were going to have a bonfire of the quangos. What happened? Nothing. Why? Because they only had the power to do so in theory. In reality, they did not have the power or the knowledge to do so.

Have many senior ministers said anything at all about the proposed car ban? Has Cameron said anything? Has Hurt said anything? Has Miliband said anything? No. Not a word. Puppets, puppets, puppets, being manipulated by the string attached to them by ‘The Managers’. I think that the control exercised by ‘The Managers’ is clearly evident in this latest obscenity, which has two effects:

1) Like publicans, parents are to become agents of The State as regards their own children.

2) Transgressions of parents, in bringing up The State’s children will be punished.

“L’Etat, c’est moi” has become “The State, it is ‘The Managers'”. But ‘The Managers’ are primarily looking after themselves.

But, eventually, ‘The Managers’ self-destruct because they impose burdens upon the populace which enrich themselves but impoverish The People. That is happening now. Youth unemployment in Spain is at some 50%. It cannot go on. Much of the employment supported by ‘The Managers’ is actually aimed at increasing the costs of industry, such as all the stuff about labelling food as regards calories and stuff. Does anyone actually read all that small print? I doubt it. Because of that, it in not unlikely that, as with PP, a menu in a restaurant will be required to have the calorie content in huge print, much bigger than the name of the dish, complete with fatso images.


But, sooner or later, a revolution MUST occur. I do not mean a bloody and violent revolution. The conservatives had their chance, but chickened out. The fools! Or, should that be, The Cowards! Or, even, should that be The Quislings’. For what we have been seeing over the last couple of decades has been the imposition of fascism and totalitarianism. Put simply, ‘fascism’ means that The State is all powerful; put simply, ‘totalitarianism’ means ‘one size fits all’.

I have a suspicion that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have child-like minds. None of them have ever suffered from deprivation. By that I mean being so poor that they don’t know how they are going to pay the electricity bill, especially if some expensive disaster has occurred. If these people understood what poverty actually means, they would not be spending money on windmills, in accordance with the instructions received from the Nazis in the UN. They would be spending money on cutting the cost of fuel, cutting Government costs and increasing wages. You see, Government Departments which seem to be providing jobs, but which are devoted to make regulations which increase business costs, are leaches. They suck money out of the businesses.


Frankly, I am close to giving up. I am a old man of 75 years. Younger people should be objecting because it is their money which is being stolen from them to pay for academics to pronounce.

UKIP is a breath of fresh air. If it is to make a serious mark, then it must side with those matters which really, really impact upon inequality. Not the inequalities which the Zealots complain about, like health, but the inequalities of earnings.



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  1. kin_free Says:

    This renewed interest in smoking in cars is as a result of the government recently publishing their findings of their ‘public’ consultation.

    I have heard the term ‘post democratic society’ before, but I am only now beginning to realise that this is probably true in relation to our country and probably USA too. These ‘public’ consultations are merely an attempt to foster the PERCEPTION that we still live in a democratic society, that we still have a say on public policy, that they want to know what we desire, that having a vote will make some difference. We already know that it doesn’t matter who we vote for amongst the three main parties because nothing will change. The tail is wagging the dog. It is all a well constructed farce!

    I came to a similar conclusion to you and commented here;

    • junican Says:

      I looked at your comments on that article. I admire the way in which you refused to be disturbed by the ‘ad hom’:

      And the tiny minority of smokers like yourself who bemoan the good old days when you couldn’t get on and off a bus without reeking of cigarette smoke, and when your friendly GP prescribed Woodbines for a sore throat…..

      That is important. Stick with facts and logic.

  2. prog Says:

    UKIP should really focus its attention on this kind of back door governance by tax payer funded fake charities, quangos and the like. Virtually all whom have an agenda to throw more and more shit at us. I don’t think the public have the slightest idea of who’s really pulling the strings.

    • junican Says:

      Agreed. The ‘Big Three’ (correction: the big two and a bit) are battling against each other under the terms as laid out by fake charities etc. UKIP must avoid that situation at all costs.

  3. Frank Davis Says:

    But, eventually, ‘The Managers’ self-destruct because they impose burdens upon the populace which enrich themselves but impoverish The People.

    I entirely agree. The overburden of stifling regulations will inevitably become unbearable. I just wonder what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. But when it breaks, all these managers will suddenly be out of a job, because there will be nothing left to pay them with, as tax receipts from a collapsing economy dry up.

    • junican Says:

      I understand that the collapse of the Roman Empire around 300 AD was brought about by the weight, and negative consequences, of its bloated bureaucracy in Rome.
      Are we seeing the same thing?

  4. Between the shifts. | underdogs bite upwards Says:

    […] Junican suggests the whole plain-packaging thing might have been a bait-and-switch. […]

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