A Guerilla War

There is no doubt that there is a war going on. It is between Humanity and Control. I use the words Humanity and Control deliberately.

Humanity does not only mean human beings. It means also ‘charity’ in the sense of caring. ‘Charity’ is the opposite of hatred in all the forms that hatred takes. The Tobacco Control Industry displays all the qualities of inhumanity. It is cold and calculating; it persecutes everyone but especially the poorest people; it exaggerates and lies to promote its objective.

What is that objective? Their lies say that they want everyone to be healthy, but the reality is that they want CONTROL. For example, ecigs contain only four ingredients (‘chemicals’). Tobacco smoke is said to contain 6,000 ingredients (‘chemicals’), or whatever the escalating number happens to be at this time. How can any sane person say that ecigs could be as dangerous as tobacco smoke (if the smoke is as dangerous as they say)? So why are they lying? It is because ecigs represent a loss of control for themselves. It is as simple as that. They say that there is no ‘evidence’ that ecigs are acting as a successful cessation device. Erm…. There ought not to be such evidence since ecigs are not cessation devices. They are pleasurable devices. “I used to enjoy smoking so much that all the gums and patches in the world were useless. Only when I discovered the pleasure of my ecig was I able to stop smoking”

All the blandishment of TC, and I include the nicer people like Siegel and Bates, want control of ecigs. I don’t mean that the nicer people want physical control, but they want usefulness control. Pleasure does not enter into their equations.

So, even though Siegel and Bates are in contention with the charlatans who took control of TC, they are still part of TC. Neither of them will give you as straight answer to the question, “What is the proof, even if only epidemiological, that second hand tobacco is particularly harmful?”


It is easy to become depressed (another consequence of TC). I have looked at:


tonight, and it is ever so depressing. “Smoking damages the Y chromosome” crap, and “Hooka smoking and snus lead on to tobacco smoking”. The latter study looked at the number of youths who tried hooka and tried ecigs and then started to smoke cigarettes. It proved no causal relationship at all. It merely looked at numbers. The obvious point is that it is probable the youths involved would have started smoking fags in any case, regardless of their previous experiences with hooka and snus.


But there are also many other fake studies of that nature.


What are we to make of it?

My own interpretation is that there is indeed a war going on, but it is only in its first phase, despite the passage of time. The Nazies have invaded The Balkans (being the General Smoking Ban) but, for most people, ‘The Balkans’ is a far away country of no interest to them. But the Nazies have now invaded poor little Belgium, and still politicians hum and ha over statements from the Third Reich that Belgium has only been invaded to provide ‘equality’ between the disparate populations who inhabit Belgium.



But this new war is more similar to Vietnam than WW2.  We smokers are a totally irregular army. All we can do is snipe. We cannot contest the big guns, jets, bombs, etc of the oppressors. I suspect that, in Vietnam, the vast majority of the people just wanted to get on with their lives and did not want mayhem, but that is precisely what CONTROL exploits. And the more that it succeeds in the exploitation, the more that it ratchets up the exploitation. That is what we are seeing regarding TC.

But they can and will be overcome. Sooner or later, their corruption, motives and junk science will be revealed. All we can do is pester and pester and pester. And it will take a long time.

The people to pester are politicians, but they have erected barricades around themselves. But some organisations, like small shopkeepers, are getting through a little at a time. What would be immensely good for them would be the cancellation of the small shops ‘Display Ban’. They should be going out for that with all guns blazing. They may fail, but they should not go down without a fight.


So we are talking about snipeing – gradually eating away at the foundations. There must be an effective way. Time will tell.



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  1. moss Says:

    For what it’s worth, Junican, I see the opposition against tobacco as another McCarthy witch hunt. Someone at length will stand up and ask: ‘have you no shame, or is it brains you’re short of ?’

    Personally, I still believe that all this over-kill is the result of covering up a far greater danger than tobacco could ever produce.
    The other day there was an article in the local paper which stated that, under a certain type of light – when viewed through a microscope, the cells from a smoking lung cancer patient were a different colour than those of a none smoker.

    How should one interpret this ground breaking news? My interpretation is, that they have openly admitted that people who have never smoked are just as much at risk to suffer from lung cancer as a smoker is said to be. In that their is a different colouration between the two specimens, then the none smoker has been subjected to another harmful agent. This cannot possibly be passive smoking, otherwise both specimens would share the same colour value.

    How this government manages to turn its attention away from this absolute rubbish is seriously questionable.

    • junican Says:

      The other day there was an article in the local paper which stated that, under a certain type of light – when viewed through a microscope, the cells from a smoking lung cancer patient were a different colour than those of a none smoker.

      It took me a while to get your drift. I had to add the words ‘….who also had lung cancer’.

      Your observation that, if SHS was the cause of the non-smoker’s LC, then the effect of the smoke should have produced the same colour. Therefore, whatever it was that caused the LC in the non-smoker was not either smoking or SHS.
      Makes sense.

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