Was Marilyn Munroe “Overweight or Obese?” What is the value of 36-24-36?

Here is an image of Marilyn Munroe. It is not the most flattering:

But, there again, it is not painting her as ugly or overweight  or obese.


The reason that I have chosen, at this time, to use MM as my model is because, in her time, she was promoted as the epitome of feminine allure to males. She was portrayed as the perfect example of what a female should look like. Millions of women tried to emulate her shape.

Her measurements were:

Height: 5′ 5″.

Chest: 35″.

Waist: 22″.

Hips: 35″.

Bra size: 36D.

Since she was idolised by males and females alike, it is reasonable to take Marilyn as a model. Thus, her “vital statistics” could reasonably be taken as “the BEST PHYSICAL MODEL” that a female of the species might aspire to.

However, for some reason or other, the measurements ‘Chest 35″, waist 22″, hips 35″  (height: 5′ 5″)’ were somehow reconstructed to 36″, 24″ and 36″.


But let us come more up to date. Let us take Angelina Jolie. Her “vital statistics” are:

Height: 5′ 8″.

36″ – 27″ – 36″.

Bra size: 34C.


What do we notice about these two examples of feminine pulchritude? Well, in the first place, we note that Angelina is somewhat taller than MM, and therefore, to be ‘in scale’, she is a little “broader” relatively. However, her “Bra size” suggests that she is a little wanting in that department. Or it could be that MM is especially endowed?


Whatever. The point is that there is a vagueness about what is the “ideal” shape of “WOMAN”. Even so, claims by Health Zealots that a female (or male) MUST have “an ideal” female/male shape in mind. But the Zealots never say what that ‘ideal shape’ should be. All they say is that IT SHOULD NOT BE ……. “X”. Also, they never say that it should not be “x”. “x” equals ‘underweight  and anorexic’. Never have I seen any recommendation that people who are underweight or anorexic should eat lots of ‘fast food’.


Why not? Why should only fatties be  targeted? Why should not skinnies also be targeted?


Which brings me back to 36-24-36.

There is always a ‘plus’, and there is always a ‘minus’. Any female over the measurements 36-24-36 is ‘overweight or obese’, and any female who is under the measurements is ‘underweight or anorexic’.


The horror of our political system as it stands at this time is that our elected representatives have no idea what to do about anything. They are dummies which blurt out the whatever their briefs tell them to blurt out.

Who is pulling the strings of the politicians? It is crazy. None of them UNDERSTAND. For example. few of them understand that we are sick of paying billions of pounds the useless apparatus of the EU. The EU, in a small way, might have value, but the way in which our politicians have allowed it to become totalitarian and fascist is unforgivable. But, and we must note, that ALL the parties have deliberately permitted the totalitarianism and fascism.

Don’t forget that when I refer to totalitarianism and fascism, I am not referring to the extreme examples, such as Nazi and Communist Regimes. I am referring to the “New Think”.

Fascist: Equals absolute State control.


Totalitarianism: Equals “One size fits all”.

The Tobacco Control Industry is both Fascist and Totalitarian.


For many people, the enjoyment of tobacco trumps longevity (even if it is true that smoking shortens lives). There is no reason that they should be forced to deny themselves that pleasure.

The Tobacco Control Industry is, at heart, a destructive force since it promotes longevity over pleasant life. In a way, the Tobacco Control Industry is the cause of a World War, similar to WW1. It come down to attrition – who can last longest, and who has the most ‘men’ to expend the lives of.


Perhaps we can forgive the politicians who voted for the Smoking Ban. It may well be true that “They do not know what they do”. But I cannot forgive them until they repent. It would not be impossible to trace them and ask them to repent. But an awful lot of money would be required to chase them up. That is where Tobacco Companies could help. But they will not. They are like Germany when WW2 was lost. They gave way a bit at a time until there was nowhere to go.

They never defended smokers, but defended their sales and profits. They should be defending smokers about all else, including their sales. The defence of smokers is far more important (even to them) than short-term profits. Because of the stupidity of the Tobacco Companies (no matter how ‘successful’ they might appear to be), the fact is that TCs have done almost nothing to defend their millions of customers.

The TCI has done its best to enslave and demonise and profit from people who enjoy tobacco. We are not stupid. We shall not pay their iniquitous taxes if we can avoid them. Each individual smoker must resolve to “DENY”,







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