When Will Tobacco Control Collapse?

I suppose that, when the USA ‘Parliament’ decided to ban the production and distribution of alcohol, people who enjoyed a drink thought that that was it, and that nothing would ever change. After all, it was a LAW, wasn’t it?

What ended Prohibition? I suppose it was the fact that Prohibition did not end drinking alcohol, but because the production of alcoholic beverages did not officially exist, it could not be taxed. Nor could the income of those who illicitly produced alcoholic beverages be taxed, or the equivalent of VAT be imposed. But everyone was still drinking, although they would, obviously, not admit it officially. So it came to pass that the politicians who had ‘gone with the flow’ decided that the flow was costing them money. It is quite easy to see why Prohibition was brought to an end – once laws were enacted, the Prohibition Zealots had nowhere to go. They had to shut up, although they would rail against illicit production. What in fact happened was that ordinary, law-abiding citizens did not abide by the spirit of Prohibition – they carried on drinking and buying the supplies provided by criminals.

This time round the approach is different, being ‘health-based’ rather than ‘religion’ based. But it is the same thing essentially. The same sort of ‘swivel-eyed’ Jews argument that the Nazis employed is still being propagandised. Nothing is different at all. The Press support it, even though their motives might be different. Perhaps, in today’s world, SENSATIONALISM is what sells newspapers. Thus, a report of an unpublished finding that one e-cig may have malfunctioned and produced excess formaldehyde gets shouted without any hint as to how that result came about.


But, in due course, those sort of things are what will be the end of tobacco control. The mass of half-truths and exaggerations will build up to a critical point, and then some sort of political event will occur which makes it advantageous for politicians to abolish Health Zealot Control.

What sort of event might that be?

It could be anything. For example, it could be PP. International Treaties have established the value of “Brands”. They are very important in terms of guarantees of quality. It doesn’t matter whether the object is tobacco, washing machines, watches, or whatever. Brands offer guarantees of quality to the consumer. The Zealots argue that, as far as tobacco is concerned, quality does not matter. As far as danger is concerned, all tobacco is the same. That might be true, but there is no proof of it. There is not even proof that smoking is harmful to everyone or any specific person. Until there is proof of it, there is no reason to assume that brands do not guarantee quality to the consumer. I believe that the complaints of quality cigar making countries is that ‘Health’ does not enter into the equation. Consumers who disregard or dispute the claims of the Zealots have every right to be demand that their favourite cigar should be easy to spot. That is what brands and packaging is about.

What else might trigger the collapse of Tobacco Control?

I suppose that there are lots of things, especially the extension of the tentacles. The further that the tentacles extend, the more enemies that they make. Certainly, vapers are very determined, except that they have not marched anywhere yet.


Be that as it may, but a crunch is on the horizon. Osborne, in his Autumn address, said nothing about his plan to raise a levy upon tobacco companies and importers. That plan was buried in the small print of the documents. Note that this plan is no more than a diversion to avoid raising tobacco duties. But it is the same thing. Consumers will, eventually, pay. And who are the consumers on average? They are the poorest of people. Those with few pleasures in which to indulge.


It seems to me that politicians are indulging in PERSECUTION of those who are least able to defend themselves. Because Lib/Lab/Con are all the same, scant consideration is given to those who find that their pleasures are limited. For some people, ‘The Opera’ is way out of sight, but that activity is subsidised. The little pleasures that the poor have – a few beers and a few fags – incur special taxation and derision and gas chamber treatment.


There must come a point.

There must come a point where our equivalent of a Constitutional  Court, being The Supreme Court, will strike the Prohibitions Agenda down. Natural Law is epitomised by The Ten Commandments. Those Commandments have morphed into “The Common Law of England”. Statute Law is whatever is fashionable at the time, but can never override “The Common Law of England”. The “Common Law” does not permit persecution of minorities. “Thou shalt not covet they neighbour’s  goods/wife” means that no one should take advantage of temporary supremacy.


But when the time comes that the Health Zealots are seen to be snakes in the grass, they will somehow slither away to enjoy their pensions, even though they have deliberately called for the persecution of a minority. A minority of any kind is no different from a population of people with black skins of who are homosexuals.

And is this not why so many of us are intending to vote UKIP at the next GE? We are sick of the spin. We are sick of the fiddling of expenses. We are sick of the gesturing. We are sick of the sameness. We are sick of the aimlessness of it all, and the destruction of our civil society for no reason other than to please the WHO, the EU and the Royal College of Physicians.

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are sick, sick, sick. They do not comprehend.


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