The Furore About the Japanese Ecig Experiments

The Guardian:

Japan to investigate e-cigarette safety after formaldehyde findings.
Safety debate re-ignited after one brand was found to contain up to 10 times more formaldehyde than conventional cigarettes.

The published study showed six times less formaldehyde than tobacco cigs. The unpublished study showed that, very improbably, one ecig gave off ten times more formaldehyde than tobacco cigs. It was almost certainly unpublished because the researchers cocked up the experiment.

I read the article in the Guardian and it was almost a carbon copy of the article in the Mail. Thus, the source was almost certainly the same source. But it is not the article itself which amused me. It was the comments.

It is clear beyond doubt that the General Population has been thoroughly brainwashed to believe. No wonder political parties, and political pundits all talk about the same things. They all want everyone to believe that what they talk about is the most important thing. Note the emphasis upon the word believe. Thus, politicians and pundits have put into the public mind that immigration is the most important thing about problems with the EU. I hold that that is not so. the greatest problem with the EU is CONTROL OF EVERYTHING – apart from football and other sports. The sports are the equivalent of ‘bread and circuses’. Thus, little by little, even our own Leaders are being seduced into believing that National Identity only applies to football and such (provided that they themselves are not the seducers).


Going back to the Guardian article and the comments, what is obvious when reading the comments, is that the vast majority of commenters express no doubt at all about ‘smoking danger’. It is almost as if they believe that the mere action of lighting a fag and taking a puff of tobacco smoke will immediately end your life prematurely, some time in the future. Do you see? The belief is not that you will die immediately, but that your life will be shortened immediately, or, even worse, the belief that inhaling a whiff of tobacco smoke will set in train a series of bodily events which will cause a person’s body to rot and deteriorate and die relatively quickly. That fear is what The Tobacco Control Industry has been exploiting for many years.

Somehow, despite the attacks of the charlatans, vapers have been able to hang on to the ‘high, moral ground’. But it has been and is very hard to do so. In the comments on the Guardian article, over and over again, we see a defence of vaping based upon the belief that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. The charlatans in TC have been trying to undermine that belief.

What has been absent, on the whole, in the comments, has been the absence of any comments on the absence of any ‘SHS’ type harm from the vapour of ecigs. For is not the SHS harm to staff in bars etc the base line of The General Smoking Ban?

It Tobacco Cigarettes are not banned, then their is no reason whatsoever for 99% less ‘dangerous’ ecigs to be subjected to bans engineered by words used by professional ‘civil servants’. But those people are not really ‘professional civil servants’ – they have an agenda of their own and conspire to compromise humble politicians. The EU is an extension of Civil Service power.

Would it matter if Clegg replaced Cameron tomorrow? Would it matter if Miliband replaced Clegg the day after tomorrow? I doubt it.


But we smokers must not give up. It is in our interests to support vapers even if they foolishly believe that the SHS is harmful. “C’est la vie” –  “That’s life”. The point is that Tobacco Control Zealots and Charlatans must be stopped. The persecution of smokers must be stopped. Tobacco Duties must be stopped, since those duties persecute people who enjoy tobacco. Those duties militate against “equality”. They should not exist.

“Duties” make no sense at all in the modern world, and I am surprised that anyone could think otherwise. Since I intend to vote UKIP in the next GE, I hope that Prime Minister, Farage, has plans to eliminate ALL duties. They are an anachronism, based upon ancient antagonisms. For example, fuel duties undermine our competitiveness in the world. How stupid can that be?


It is seriously sad that great intellects like Enoch Powell have been replaced by pygmy persons who just happened to have passed a few exams in Universities and have been ‘favoured’ with political advancement.

That is the sort of crap which persecution enables. I am still astonished that the General Smoking Ban was not kicked out by a gathering of Publicans. It would have been so easy.


Thus we must look after ourselves. White Van Man is legitimate. Smugglers are legitimate.

Anti-tobacco laws are illegitimate.


4 Responses to “The Furore About the Japanese Ecig Experiments”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    The unpublished study showed that, very improbably, one ecig gave off ten times more formaldehyde than tobacco cigs.

    UNPUBLISHED is the key word. It equals NONSENSE. Any publisher accepting this paper will have Big Pharma’s questions to answer.
    The thing with formaldehyde is that it is found in great amounts in EVERY vaccine given to people via a needle. Bear that in mind when going for the yearly flu vaccine!!

    • junican Says:

      It’s easy to understand how that ‘finding’ came to be published, despite the fact that it was a rogue. Need I say more?

  2. James P Says:

    I’m a vaper and I think the second hand smoke deception is a scandal. However I do believe long term smoking is bad for the individual, which is why I now vape. I wish it weren’t true, I enjoyed it while it lasted. I still think it’s an individuals right to choose.

    • junican Says:

      Hi James.
      It is entirely your decision whether or not to believe what you have been told about the dangers of smoking, and whether or not to smoke. Your decision to vape is the perfect one for you, because that is what you decided to do.
      The way in which vaping is being demonised casts grave doubts upon the demonisation of smoking. For example, Doll’s Doctors Study showed that heavy smokers were about 20 times more likely to get LC than non-smokers.That’s awful, isn’t it? But the fact is that out of some 29,000 smoking doctors, only around 1,000 actually died from LC. But, in view of the demonisation of vaping, one might ask how truthful Doll’s Doctors Study was. You see, if the definition of ‘a smoker’ is ‘a person who has smoked at least 100 cigs in his lifetime’, then anyone who has ever smoked at all becomes ‘a smoker’. Thus, such a person become a smoker who has stopped smoking, but is still considered to be a smoking casualty if he dies from LC, even if he packed up smoking decades ago.
      The definition of this trickery is ‘statistics’.

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