Tobacco Control Tying Itself in Knots

I’m glad that so many people pick up on MSM articles. If it were not for them, I would miss almost everything that is amusing.

A perfect example is this from The Mail on Line:

E-cigarettes ‘contain 10 TIMES more cancer-causing chemicals than regular cigarettes'”

Note the single inverted comma, which is supposed to indicate that the words which follow are a quote to absolve the Mail from liability for misleading people. You can read the article here:

The fact is that some ‘researchers’ in Japan discovered that, in one specific ecig out of several tested, over-heating the element caused the unutterably minute amount of formaldehyde produced by the ecig to become 10 times less unutterably minute than before. Thus, if the formaldehyde was 0.000 000 001 before, it became 0.000 000 01 after the overheating. That is 10 TIMES less minute.

Elsewhere in the MSM, Arnott and co were asked to comment, and, needless to say, avoided the issue by talking about the evils of Big Tobacco (Yawn).

But the article itself is not what was most important and comical. It was the comments. Needless to say, there were the drones who claimed to be terrified. One in particular amused me no end. She said (in capital letters) that she would not allow her boyfriend to use his cigs or ecig in the house or car for fear of poisoning her or her pets. I left ‘a reply’ asking if he was still with her and, if so, why.

But, on the whole, commenters were dismissive of the article, calling the research ‘bullshit’, and attributing it to ‘Government’ trying to protect tax income from tobacco.

But there were further undertones:

A) The anti-ecig drones revealed themselves to be paranoid for all to see.

B) Ecig users hold the high moral ground and that the Charlatans have failed to dislodge them.


It not easy to see how the ecig development helps us smokers, but it does. The charlatans are very, very clever when it comes to protecting their source of riches. The ecig development is good for smokers for several reasons.

First, it stops the ‘guilt feelings’ which TC has carefully nurtured over the last several decades.

Secondly, ecigs have the potential to expedite cessation of smoking, which is not part of the “Master Plan”. The “Master Plan” (of the Tobacco Control Industry) requires that millions of people should die as a result of smoking in the short term so that taxation income does not decrease too rapidly. As I understand it, TC want a mere 2% per an reduction in smoking prevalence over the existing downward trend. Thus, the well-educated chancers who inhabit the political world will have time to surreptitiously move tobacco taxes onto something else. The worst thing that could happen for the Tobacco Control Industry would be that everyone stopped smoking all at once because the Chancellor of the Exchequer would go mad. And yet, according to them, healthwise,  the most desirable event would be for all smokers to stop smoking immediately. 

Therein lies the internal inherent contradiction of the Tobacco Control Industry. For its survival, it needs millions of smokers to die, and to achieve that aim, it needs to destroy ecigs.


It is especially amusing from a smoker point of view that the Tobacco Control Industry has taken on a group of people, vapers, who, without a doubt, hold the high, moral ground and are organised. Unlike smokers, who are the equivalent of lepers, vapers have saved themselves. They have saved themselves from death and destruction. They hold the high moral ground. WE MUST ALL BECOME VAPERS. Not literally, of course, but for the purposes of YouGov type surveys. For those surveys are ‘the experts’. Not the academics, but the surveys. The academics are useless since they purvey the ideas of ‘miasmas’. I have no doubt that, a century or so ago, learned academics preached that ‘bad air’ from swamps caused malaria.


There is a window of opportunity for smokers and vapers to unite. We do not have to march about with placards. We need only REBEL by using alternative sources. People who produce ecigs liquids must carry on and not be deterred by ‘Big Gov’.

There have been occasions when a publican has been prosecuted/persecuted for permitting smoking in his pub, and, more lately, even after time. Few of the prosecuted/persecuted publicans had a proper, legal defence team. Where was the Tobacco Industry? Defending a ‘lost cause’ is not always a bad move, provided that it illustrates the injustice of the law.


Government, in the sense of permanent Officials, rather than inept and ignorant politicians, has cocked up big time regarding the enjoyment of tobacco. It is a scandal of enormous proportions. All the more reason then to cover up.


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