What Has Happened to WordPress?

WordPress seems to be falling apart. It looks as though they have buggered about so much that they have lost control of what they are doing. What was the point of introducing a new way to write new posts, which had no more than a tiny marginal advantage to a tiny group of people, when the original method was fine? Perhaps the marginal advantage was good for a few people, but why try to push us all in that direction? It makes no sense.

It has become harder and harder merely to connect to my blog. Also, I have noticed that other WordPress blogs are ‘playing up’ (not displaying properly).

This is a pity since I was very happy with WordPress when I started. I am becoming more and more unhappy.

2 Responses to “What Has Happened to WordPress?”

  1. The Last Furlong Says:

    The “new way” to write posts totally dis-empowers the writer – I think it must be for people with no computer skills! There are no editing tools on it. I absolutely hate it. Who could possibly think it was better?

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