The more time that passes, the more one questions the whole ‘raison d’etre’ of the ‘Framework Convention For Tobacco Control’. A couple of years ago, I thoroughly investigated Parliamentary debates about this matter and have various analyses of the discussions in Parliament. The curious thing, as I recollect, was that no discussion took place about the terms of the FCTC Treaty. All the discussion was about the harm of smoking.

It is worth our while to examine the meaning of the words in the title of the Treaty. What do the words “Framework”, “Convention”, “Tobacco” and “Control” mean? It is very easy for us to interpret these words in our own way, and, as we have observed in recent times, it very often turns out that actions resulting from the distortion of the meaning of common words have turned out to be persecution. The word ‘abuse’ is one such. “Child abuse” can mean anything from having sex with a child to telling a child off for misbehaving. “Inequality” can mean ‘less wealthy’ or ‘less healthy’. These terms are inexact and are wonderful terms for propaganda purposes.

Here is an attempt to explain:

“Framework”: A sort of scaffold which forms the skeleton of a construction.

“Convention”: Getting  together as a group to discuss, and, perhaps, decide upon a course of action.

“Tobacco”: The resulting substance of curing and processing green, ‘Nicotiana tobacum’ plant leaves.

“Control”: ??????


I hope, Dear Reader, that you see the problem there. The first three words are fine. It is the word ‘control’ which is the problem. The word ‘control’ does not ‘gell’ with the preceding words. It is like saying, “The Rings of Saturn and the Red Spot of Jupiter Control”.

The only word which would make any sense would require a change in the ethos. The FCTC Treaty should have read: “Framework Convention For Tobacco Abolition”. That makes sense. What that would mean is that the curing of green tobacco plant leaves would be banned, for tobacco is the product of curing tobacco plant leaves. It is nothing else. Thus, all the NGOs attached to the UN FCTC are leaches in that they are not intent upon abolishing tobacco – only in ‘controlling’ it.


When we say that ‘it is not and never has been about health’, we can point to the word ‘control’, for that word indicates a wish to ‘take command of’. Why should a person wish to take command of a substance if not for his own benefit? Even if a person was altruistic, there are always persons who are charlatans and take advantage of that person. In this case, it is Big Pharma which has taken advantage.

The weird thing is that no one, apart from us, seems to have noticed. The National Lottery gave £500,000 to ASH. How on Earth did they justify it, and how did they get away with it? I do not know. It seems to me to be a dereliction of duty by people who who oversee the distribution of Lottery Funds. ASH is nothing more or less than a Political Lobby Group And Advertising Agency. It is ‘wholly owned’ by the Royal College of Physicians.


Packets of cigs have been forced to display abominations of health. What is the most awful thing is that the people whose bodies have been raped in this way, and who may never have allowed a whisp of tobacco smoke to enter their mouths and noses, are exposed to public scrutiny. WHO IS THE PERSON DEPICTED ON THE CIG PACKET?

Further, despite the excuse that such abominable pictures are mere depictions of what might happen, why are such chance events, even if they actually happen as a result of smoking, given such prominence?


I HATE Labour. I HATE Tory. I HATE Liberal. Why? Because they despise me as a Smoker. They have said so in their votes for smoking bans. They hate ME. Why? Because they have demanded that I give them lots of money because I enjoy tobacco. Lots and lots of money?

Fuck off! I say! Not a penny will will you get from me. I shall devise any means that I can to continue enjoying tobacco without giving you a penny. Not a penny.

You see, anyone who smokes a lot, that is the people who are most at risk, have already switched to other sources. Only occasional smokers buy cigs in tens. There can only be two classes of people who buy cigs in the UK at the going price in shops. A) Those who are well-off and do not care, and B) Those who cannot afford either the time or cost of taking a trip to Belgium, Spain or Chech Republic.


But the whole problem of tobacco is not a problem at all. There is no problem unless tea and coffee are a problem. But neither are diesel fumes a problem. Nor is plumpness a problem. What is a serious problem is the gullibility of our MPs. Why on Earth did they vote for the Full Smoking Ban? Were they ill or were they, somehow, slightly deranged?


As far as Government is concerned, the shit is beginning to hit the fan. The IPCC is starting to demand that we freeze a little during the winter to alleviate Global Warming. We, in the Northern Hemisphere, must wear overcoats and switch off our central heating so as to subsidise the UN in New York.


It is tempting to think that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are the problem. They are not. It is their thinking that is the problem. It is their fear of contradicting the “Experts” which is the problem.

Above all, SECRECY is the acid which allows organisations like ASH to prosper.

And our elected representative concur.


That is why we need a new way of politics.



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