The Harvest: UNGRILLING Sausages

Early rising tomorrow. Short post tonight.

It has been an odd year. The start of my crop was much debilitated by the predations of baby slugs. The proliferation of these wee beasties might have been the result of the very mild winter that we had last year. We had no frost at all to speak of. Suffice to say that they caused a lot of damage before I found out what the problems was. Fortunately, I lost only about six plants completely, which I was able to replace. Even so, the other plants were ‘at risk’ and continued to be so throughout the year. 2014 has been a glorious year for slugs and snails – and they particularly like tobacco plants. I suppose that you could compare them with The Tobacco Control Industry. It too is much enamoured of the produce of tobacco plants. Where would they be without without them? The harvest has still been successful, reasonably. But it could have been double what it is. Around my plots, there is far too much useless shrubbery. For example, there is a ‘male’ rhododendron. It is utterly useless since there are no ‘female’ rhododendrons about. It’s value is that it is green, and that is all. OUT WITH IT! All the shit greenery is going to be removed. Instead, once I have removed all the junk, I’ll grow pretty, fragile clematis plants. When we first moved to this home, there were apple trees and pear trees growing in the garden. How lovely!, I thought. It took me more than five years to realise that they were useless. The produce was pathetic and most of it was chewed by insects. And the same produce was cheap at the supermarket. So I dug them out. My big mistake was to replace them with junk shrubs – the sort of shrubs which gardening programmes on the BBC raved about because the have ‘variegated foliage’. What suckers we are! I mean, damn it, “variegated foliage”, for heavens sake! What is wrong with copiously flowering plants?

Removing all that junk is going to be a big job over the winter, but, do you know?, I am actually looking forward to it! I see a transformation! I see a doubling of my baccy plots and, at the same time, a glorification of beauty! Get rid of the shit “variegated foliage” and get some bloody flowers! 


The battle that we smokers are engaged in with The Tobacco CONTROL Industry is something similar to the digging up of junk “variegated foliage” weeds. These weeds have been pushed at us by endless repetition on BBC gardening programmes, especially The Chelsea Flower Show. Often, there will be shown a grotty, green weed with tiny flowers atop (something like tobacco plants). They will be extolled because of the delicacy of the flowers. What rot! The Tobacco CONTROL Industry is similar. It has tiny flowers (benefits) and huge leaves (sucking nutrients out of its surroundings).

And, during the last fifty years, The Tobacco CONTROL Industry has produced of value – nothing at all (no diminution of smoking by its waste of our taxes); has produced of DEvalue – massive social divisions. People who were non-smokers, who enjoyed the slightly tobacco smoky atmosphere of a pub, along with other smells, ……………….. continued to be the same people. Only the Publicans and their staff became hysterical. Who cam blame them? The penalties were potentially enormous for NOT being hysterical.


Thinking practically, and in a Greek sort of way, what should have happened, before the smoking ban, is that thousands of independent publicans, supported by their regulars, should have demonstrated in their tens of thousands in London.

And, there is no excuse for not doing so. These people, who would wish to continue their livelihoods, should have defended themselves as best they could. I am not talking about pubcos – they sold their souls. I am still waiting for, and expect, a wholesale collapse of a big pubco and the closure of thousands of pubs, all at once, as a result.

Tonight, I went to my  local as I do on Wednesday. When I went in, there were four people in the pub. After a while, another person came in, but, shortly afterwards, two people left. Further, there was no sport at all on the TV. After one pint of beer, I went home.


It is just a matter of time before a Big Pubco goes bust. Perhaps then some understanding of the harm being done by The Tobacco CONTROL Industry will enter into THE EQUATION. At the moment, THE EQUATION  has only one side. A + B = ?  What The Tobacco CONTROL Industry has expounded is A plus B, but has never produced the SUM. The SUM of A + B has always been suspended in the ether. Thus, when The Tobacco CONTROL Industry attempted to show that smoking caused a  person to suffer from a lung cancer, in The Mctear Case (see sidebar), it failed totally. Abject failure in that the “Experts” were shown to be pathetically ignorant, even in their own fields, and, what was worse, as the Judge stated, they refused to produce any evidence that smoking causes lung cancer.

Why did they not produce some evidence? Because there is none. There is none at all and never has been. Let me give a silly example.

If I grill sausages, the result will never be perfect. Sometimes the sausages will be underdone. If that is the case, then I can put the sausages under the grill again and cook them a bit more. What I CANNOT do is UNGRILL those sausages which have been overcooked. It is a matter of chaos or entropy or both. Thus, there is no certainty that about where the ‘no going back’ point arises when cooking sausages. Nor is there any certainty where smoking is dangerous. Even the Doctors Study showed that the vast majority of smokers lived into old age. The ‘supposition’ that living longer might have benefited them has not been demonstrated.



6 Responses to “The Harvest: UNGRILLING Sausages”

  1. Rose Says:

    Before you dig up that rhododendron, Junican.

    It isn’t a male , the flowers have both male and female parts, so it doesn’t need a partner.
    Check your soil, it won’t thrive if the soil is wrong and they need an acid soil, chucking a bag of ericaceous compost around the roots should work wonders.

    Ericaceous – for heathers – acid.

    Not a lot of people know that it seems.

    I had to rescue some very sick ones from a neighbours last year but they are covered in flower buds now and should look a picture next spring.

    Same treatment for Camellias if you want a beautiful display with little effort.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the info. Silly me! But the idea is to clear the stuff to make more space for my plots and at the same time remove hiding places for bugs. Rather than have shrubs, I’m going to plant clematis.and sweet peas.

  2. nisakiman Says:

    I know bugger-all about gardening, but I do seem to remember reading somewhere that there are certain different types of plants that when planted together form a sort of symbiosis, that is, the waste product of one provides food for the other, and vv. This is something I’ve dragged out of the deep recesses of my memory banks, so it may not be absolutely accurate. I’m sure Rose would know. I was just thinking that if you are going to be planting new stuff, it may be worth investigating which plants would be beneficial to tobacco, or perhaps more importantly, which plants would be detrimental.

    • Rose Says:

      Nisakiman, as with most things on the internet, it’s easy to find when you know the jargon

      Companion Planting Guide

      “Companion planting is all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits to each other.”

      I’d follow tomatoes, being the closest to tobacco on the list.

      Aren’t you glad I studied the nightshades when I was a kid?

      : )

      • nisakiman Says:

        Heh! See Junican, I told you Rose would know! Well done Rose, I really wasn’t sure if that was something I’d actually read about or if it was the product of a fevered imagination!

      • junican Says:

        She’s only a gud ‘un!

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