My Mistake about the Videos About the Fraudulent IPCC

Damn it! Not being  ‘au fait’ with the processes of of Facebook etc, when I linked to the video about ‘global warming’ (in which various ‘scientists’ denounced the global warming hypothesis), I had intended to link to a video which appeared AFTER that first video. Unfortunately, my link only linked to that specific video. 

The video that I intended to link to was one in which a lady actually investigated the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). She was a journalist with a conscience. She was perturbed about the idea of ‘consensus’ among ‘scientists’ about the effects of ‘climate change’. It was the statement that ‘97% of scientists agree’ which set her off. And it is simple to understand why she was set off. With something as complex as the climate, how did it come to be that 97% agreed that human activity was important and, possibly, might create conditions in which humanity might die out? But she already knew that there were many ‘climate’ scientists who did not agree, so where did the 97% come from?


Thus she instigated extensive enquiries and found that the whole edifice of the IPCC is built upon sand. For a start, she discovered that, in a particular chapter of the IPCC report, the Lead Authors were just Students. Further, 30% of the studies quoted were not peer-reviewed. Further, she discovered that the IPCC is not a collection of ‘scientists’ but is a collection of bureaucrats (aka political entities). Further, she discovered that the IPCC ‘re-worded’ reports for political impact.


So I’ll re-post the links:

There are four parts, each being about 15 minutes.

Here is the second part:

The third part:

And the fourth part:


The serious point is that what is true for the IPCC is also almost certainly true for the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control). That is, the ‘science’ has been concocted for political reasons. But what is more important is that these these ‘political reasons’ are fake. They are the substance of ASH ET AL. But they are fake. 



If I was a member of some club to which I subscribe money, I would  be very unhappy if I found out that my money was being stolen by the ‘council’ of the club. Why do our Prime Minsters not see that this is the case? Why do they not STOP contributions to ‘charities’ until the thefts have been removed? The reason is that they let the profusion of cheating charities happen in the first place. 

That is an important question. Even now, when the MSM is shouting about “Charities” mugging The People, but the MSM does nothing. Therefore it is ‘de facto’ powerless. But who cares that the MSM is powerless? I don’t, nor should our elected representatives. The MSM might shout Murdoch’s opinion, but our elected representatives should care nothing about his MSM opinion. That is not what we elect them for. In fact, we elect them to DENY Murdoch’s opinion. He own a newspaper or two. He was not elected, therefore his opinion does not matter any more than mine.


Oh, it is all such a mess. An absolute total mess. The crazy thing is that he UN, and its subsidiaries, have the form of ‘Charities’. Weird though it might seem, the UK Government have allowed these “Charities” to become Emperors over us. 

How odd.


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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Reblogged this on artbylisabelle and commented:
    Axacting judgment that takes on politicians, charities and the destruction of democracy.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    Reminded myself of what was said at COP 6.

    “Third, building on 2011 achievements, the Secretariat was mandated to continue promoting the FCTC within the UN system through the work of the UN inter-agency task force on tobacco control, which should increase the odds of tobacco control becoming a funding priority for bilateral and multilateral funders.”

    Let me highlight:

    “increase the odds of tobacco control becoming a funding priority for bilateral and multilateral funders.”

    In short, hijack all they can get that’s given to general funding.


    (and do check out their tweet feed!)

    “Smokers’ support for plain packaging of tobacco products rose sharply after they were introduced in Australia”

    Yea sure, we just love being adverts for diseased people, ie those who concocted the notion in the first place.

    • junican Says:

      What I see is self-congratulatory rhetoric. I also see massive mission-creep. I also see a bunch of people who do NOTHING AT ALL, except make further vastly, costly demands. If ‘benefit scroungers’ are to be reviled, so should these leeches also be reviled. Are they not also ;benefit scroungers’?

  3. Bones Says:

    The cycle of Government – Tax/donation – Charity – Government is deliberate.
    When Andrew Lansley was Shadow Health Minister, he laid out the future Conservative’s plans for Charities to bid for the provision of more NHS Services.
    IMO it is just another ploy to distance Government from responsibility and while spreading taxpayers’ money to the worthies, it is a way of moving away from the power of Civil Servants calling all the shots.

    • junican Says:

      Absolutely right, Bones, but it all seems to be going dreadfully wrong. the Gov has tried to move ‘lifestyle’ matters onto Local Authorities, but all that seems to be happening is more and more cost of ‘activities’ (highly paid people holding ‘coordination’ meetings and such) and demands for CENTRALGOVERNMENT legislation, which defeats the object of the exercise.

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