About the UN, Climate Control and Tobacco Control

The ‘Blocked Dwarf’, in a comment on my last post, showed a couple of pictures of the main street in Aylsham circa 1915. He said that there were ‘at least five pubs in that view, and now there are only 3 pubs in the entire town’.

There is no doubt that, even before the General Smoking Ban, many pubs were struggling. But, if we look back to the situation described by BD and his pics, it is clear that some peculiar things happened.

In those times (1915-ish), local, small ‘public houses’ would have been viable to provide a living to the owners since local people would have used them. When Radio came along, many of those people would have found Radio more entertaining that the local ‘public house’. That is an example of ‘market forces in action’. No Government Regulations were required. It just happened.

In the 1960s, 70s, 80s, pubs were full, despite Radio and TV. People wanted to socialise. No one gave a toss about Second Hand Smoke. If a pub got a bit smoky, the publican switched a extractor fan on for ten minutes. No one had a heart attack, no one got lung cancer and no one started to fight. But that was before the Zealots has worked out how to get people to hate each other.


The horror is that the Health Sec has just recently gone on record as saying that he wants tobacco eradicated. Is he some sort of God? Who is he to make such a statement? What right does he have to make such a statement? Who the fuck is he? The fact is that he has turned out to be just another ‘Jelly’ politician. The NHS is falling apart under the massive costs of ‘health care’ which it was never intended to treat (such as infertility, breast enhancement, etc). It seems also to be true that Doctors might as well not have spent years learning in universities, and might well not have gained years of experience since they are obliged to practice what NICE and MHRA say that they must do. Further, they are ‘incentivised’ financially to do so. Is it possible to imagine a more corruptible ideal? For the implementation of ‘the ideals’ of NICE and the MHRA require that GPs be angels of virtue. GPs can enhance their income by saying that they have ‘advised’ X smokers to use nicotine gum, etc. Could anything be more corrupt? For those whose jobs depend upon GPs doing what they are told to do will naturally fiddle the figures. Why should they not, since the whole thing is corrupt?


The UN is corrupt beyond imagining. It cannot be otherwise since there is no ‘Governing Authority’ over it. It is a law unto itself, and is an open invitation to rogues of all kinds. It follows that all its Agencies are also corrupt beyond imagining. The WHO is one such. While Rome burned (Ebola), the Zealots (Tobacco Control) banqueted in Moscow.


I want to draw attention to the corruption.

As we know, the IPCC in the UN claim that CO2 emissions as a result of burning coal, oil, gas, etc will cause the planet to over-heat, and that this process, once it begins, will be become unstoppable because the process will cause bonfires.


Except that the UN Government, the IPCC, turns out to be a bunch of amateurs. The ‘members’ of the IPCC are not scientists, or even climate scientists. They are political appointees. Further, a lot of the ‘science’, upon which ‘climate change’ is based is equivalent to mere ‘allegations’.


I have tonight watched some videos about the corruption of the UN and Climate Change. They are worth watching in total, even if they are in four parts. The whole thing takes only one hour, but it is one hour worth using. The Author took the trouble to look at the thousands of referred documents in the IPCC report and found that 30% of them, at least, were not ‘peer reviewed’; also she found that many of these documents were originated from university students.

For tonight, therefore, I’ll give you the URLs of the videos. Bear in mind that the Tobacco Control and Climate Control idiocies are linked.



That is Part 1 of 4. From there, you can link to parts 2, 3, and 4.

What that wonderful lady discovered, after a massive amount of her own time and the time of people who agreed to help her, was that ‘the science’ which was claimed to support the hypothesis of global warming was junk and cherry-picked and that it was the IPCC which did the dirty tricks.


Those organisations are corrupt and useless and need to be disbanded. They are snake-oil salesmen.

The present Health Sec, Hunt MP, has just emitted a Statement. He want tobacco and smoking eliminated from the UK.

I would prefer that Hunt MP should be eliminated from the UK.



4 Responses to “About the UN, Climate Control and Tobacco Control”

  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Aylsham not Aylesbury, but aside from that I think you’re are almost certainly right about the social implications of radio/tv., which is something I hadn’t considered before. Not sure why I hadn’t though -considered it I mean- cos it’s pretty bloody obvious when one thinks about it. However I suspect I have been mentally too obsessed about the ASHmageddon of Twenty-Seven and not considered the reasons for pre-Verbot closures.

    Aylsham is about 9 miles from Norwich- the City whose claim to fame was for many centuries “A church for every Sunday of the year and a pub for every day”. All I know is , there are more Tesco Minimarkts on the way in than I can remember from 7 years previous.

    • junican Says:

      Spelling corrected – thanks.
      Many pubs were struggling pre-ban. I recall that specifically because one of my locals was taken over (pre-ban) by this guy who complained bitterly that he had been misled about the trade that the pub was doing. Even so, the pub was still busy Friday and Saturday night. He only lasted for 12 months before he sold it to two sisters, during whose tenure, the smoking ban was introduced. They too managed only a year or two.
      What I think happened was that an awful lot of pubs were struggling, and that the smoking ban was the last straw. That is why so many collapsed financially quite rapidly after the ban. Don’t forget that it was summer (deliberately engineered) when the ban took effect. It was during the following winter months that the ban caused financial devastation.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    i suspect it not just the pubs that are going away; but, the small towns themselves are dying out.

    At least, that is how things are going in the USA.

    • junican Says:

      In the UK, that does not seem to be the case. Instead, it seems to me that ‘urban sprawl’ has had a serious effect. Towns have expanded at the periphery, so that the nearest pub might be over a mile away. Lots of people are just not prepared to walk that distance just for a couple of pints (Driving “under the influence”, remember). So they stop at home. I think that fewer and fewer people are living close to the town centres, and, because of the smoking ban, those few who would have ‘ventured forth’ (the smoker/drinkers) are now staying at home.

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