Friday Night at the Pub: Basic Human Rights

It is incredible how the the clientèle at the my local has declined over the last seven year. Seven years ago, the pub was vibrant and full of fun-loving people of all ages, equally male and female, on a Friday night. It was worth taking a bit of trouble to tart up one’s appearance for. It was fun.

Tonight, there was some sort of event in aid of “Children in Need”. There was a kerioke and disco. When I went in, there were about two dozen people in the pub at most. The DJ announced that the grand total collected at that time was £1.35.

And yet, just a few years ago, Friday night at this pub was packed and there was always entertainment in the form of singers and bands.

Who wants to go to a ‘risk-free’ pub?

I ask that question in the same sense as, “Who wants to live a ‘risk-free’ life?” There is no doubt that lots of people want precisely that. They are entitled to wish so, and they must suffer the consequences of their wish. But what has been happening in the recent past is that YouGov surveys have given the impression that THE MAJORITY, who live lives terrified of risk, can dictate the same for everyone.

What that means is that people who wish for a ‘risk-free’ life must not go to pubs  – or, at least, if they do, they should wear a surgical mask. In fact, such people ought to wear surgical masks at all times, especially outdoors. In fact, it is hard to understand why the Government did not recommend the wearing of surgical masks very rapidly after Chernobyl. How could the powers that be fail to see the need for people to wear these masks when billions upon billions of radioactive particles were falling out of the sky?

And what about the eruptions of the Volcanoes in Iceland? If aircraft had to be grounded, why is it that people on the ground were not protected by the issue of 60,000,000 surgical masks?


These considerations are very important when you think about the ‘no safe level’ of SHS. Just in case someone has been smoking here or there, everyone should wear a surgical mask everywhere at all times, especially outdoors. It is not necessary to wear one indoors since, because of the indoor smoking ban, it is not possible for outdoor tobacco smoke to penetrate indoors. Glantz, Chapman, Frieden, Samat, etc, have proved it. They have said so again and again – by implication.

I have had an idea. I know that it is stupid, but it is a way that smokers could fight back.

Suppose that we started wearing surgical masks whenever we go into any ‘public place’? It would be even more effective if one had a placard on one’s chest stating, “I am a smoker – BEWARE”


I would certainly do so without shame. I would do it. I would make a point of doing it. It would draw attention to the nonsense of the Smoking Ban and all the other shit which the Medical Mafia is promoting. If enough people did so, then politicians would stop being supine.


But is is not acceptable that politicians can get away with being jelly. “The days of guilty knowledge are past” The bad decisions of politicians must haunt them, just as the criminal actions of some people affect their future. The politicians who promoted the Smoking Ban were cruel and vindictive. It should not be forgotten, even when they left Parliament. It should also not be forgotten that they set in train the persecution of smokers – and will almost certainly set in train the persecution of fatties and drinkers and vapers, if they are permitted to do so by the ‘jellies’ like Cameron, Miliband and Clegg. Perhaps that should be “Jellies” with a capital ‘J’.

It is no accident that the WHO undemocratic creature known as the FCTC Treaty is turning out to be a tyrant. The politicians in Parliament had every opportunity to see the flaws and consequences but blindly preferred to spend their time working out how to fiddle their expenses.


I hate tobacco companies. I think that they have let all smokers down in so far as they have considered only their business and profits and forgotten their customers.


But there is something rotten in the world today. It seems that the UN, WHO, EU dictate. 

I cannot imagine a scenario more inclined to promote a vast civil war than than the EU setup.


There are simple things that The State (or the EU, or the World Bank, etc) have no right interfere with. One of those things is the human right to be self-sufficient as far as it is possible to be so. They way that things have been going is that The People will be required by Statute Law to eat only pre-prepared meals created by ‘official’ providers. Clearly, children would suffer if that were not accepted as the norm.

So I want to exercise my human right to be self-sufficient. I do not need to put the phrase ‘human right’ in capitals or parentheses.

What the FCTC and the WHO and the EU have been doing over the last several years has been corrupting human rights. Only human rights which are approved by them are ‘lawful’.

The idea that the Zealots in the EU can define ‘human rights’ is equivalent to the Nazis defining ‘human rights’. Specifically, the definition of ‘public place’ is indefensibly in fact.

I shall continue tomorrow.










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  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Standing outside the barbers in my street yesterday morning I got chatting to the ‘man from the Jewellers shop’ and he was telling me that this is the first time in many a year where all the shops in our street, the ‘High Street’ of our town, are occupied -albeit with some Charity Shops and Fake Businesses among them.

    That made me ponder, I have an old photo of our street taken about 100 years ago-judging by the men in uniform. In those days there were at least 5 pubs just in that ‘view’. Now there are none in the entire street and only 3 in the entire town (one posh Foodie led, one Sky and chips led, and one ‘traditional’ wet and pool table led).

    Then I went into the barbers to get my head shaved . The barbers that was once the ‘Red Lion Inn’ of ‘Red Lion Street’. Then I walked round to where I had parked my car , infront of this

    Which is of course no longer the pub on White Hart street- it was converted back to Private Residence a while back…mind you the front door still has “Smoking Room” engraved in it’s frosted galss panel.

    My point? The town where I live is pretty much the exception that proves the rule. Nearly all the pubs that shut, shut before the smoking ban and those that survived the ASHmageddon aren’t really pubs anymore.

    • junican Says:

      Like the pics, BD. From what you say, it is clear that social life was very much about pub-going, which is not unlikely since Radio and TV did not exist.
      What has changed dramatically is this:
      Once Radio, and then, especially, TV were invented, pubs became less viable since people were less inclined to go out for entertainment. Thus, many pubs became un-viable, even such a long time ago. What then happened was that the expansion of Radio, and then TV, vastly increased the potential for mass propaganda.
      But things have changed again. The internet is like a vast, enormous, world-wide pub. Opinions are freely exchanged. TV and Radio no longer have the propaganda power that they used to have.
      We have seen that ‘the authorities’ are trying to ‘regulate’ the internet to their advantage, but they are doomed to failure. The reason is that they will always be playing ‘catch up’. The internet is like the hydra – chop off one head and ten others appear.

  2. lleweton Says:

    Like your piece.

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