A Sudden Surge in this Blog’s Views: “YOU HAVE TO BE A BIT INSANE TO BE “WORRIED” ABOUT ECIGS”

It is always intriguing when there is a sudden surge in ‘unique’ views of this blog. For example, from time to time, there appears a sudden doubling of views of my post about the law in Australia about growing tobacco plants. For some very curious reason, in 1911, the colony government of Australia banned the movement of seed and seedlings of tobacco plants and forbade the unauthorised cultivation of tobacco plants. One can only believe that ‘aristocratic special interest groups’ were responsible for that very odd law. Power misused, once again.

But it is true that, from time to time, interest in that post doubles. I have discovered, via ‘pingbacks’ and such, that such sudden escalations result from a person reading the post and telling other people in his group about it.

Tonight, I observed a sudden increase in views of yesterday’s post about ‘the pasting of Tobacco Control’. I mean relatively big numbers. Searching for the reason, I came across this ‘tweet’ on Twitter from Dick Puddlecote:

“You have to be a bit insane to be “worried” about ecigs”

with a link to the BSC. I think that the jump in views is linked to that tweet since it links to my post.


But what is important here is that Dick Puddlecote had picked up on a very important thought, even though I had voiced it without realising its significance. It is indeed true that “You have to be a bit insane to be “worried” about ecigs”. 

Of course, we mean ‘insane’ in the sense of actually believing that ecig vapour is dangerous. But we could also believe that those who promote the view that ecig vapours are dangerous are even more insane. It is not acceptable that these “scientists” have merely miscalculated. They have seen the figures and have gone mad. Heat does not flow from hot to cold; it flows from cold to hot; cold flows from cold to hot.

There are no studies which reveal any danger to anyone before they are centuries old. You need only refer the ‘The Doctors Study’ (see sidebar) to understand that it takes, at the absolute minimum, 30 years of smoking to have any effect on smokers whether they smoke heavily, moderately or lightly. Thus, it is reasonable to say that any effects from vaping or SHS will take many decades to show. In fact, a comparison between snus effects in Sweden and smoking tobacco show that people die from old age long before any effects from snus can be established. The curious thing is that the effects of SHS are also subject to ‘lifetime durations’. That consideration has been absent from the computer models about the effects of SHS.

Thus, the Surgeon General’s dictat that “there is no safe level of SHS” requires the silent proviso, “provided that people live for ever”. 

There is a chart from Hill and Doll’s “Doctors Study”. Here it is:


It supposedly indicates ‘survival rates’. Don’t bother about the differences in scale between the X and Y axes because they are not important for this post. The line on the left is heavy smokers who die earliest. The next line is moderate and the next one is light smokers. The thick right-hand line is non-smokers.

What is important is where would you place people who use ecigs and people subjected to SHS? How close to the thick black curved line on the right (non-smokers) would you put ecig users and SHS sufferers? For the thick line on the right is the survival of non-smokers. I think that ecig users and SHS suffers would be identical to non-smokers, thus, here is no reason whatsoever to have SHS bans and ecig bans. There is no reason other than the infliction of pain upon smokers.

It is critical to understand that, despite the epidemiological statistics used to justify smoking bans, the reality is that The Zealots simply want to inflict pain. 

As I said yesterday, The Tobacco Control Industry is a PARASITE which is sucking upon the life-blood of the Nation. It has tentacles everywhere.




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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    In terms of ecig users, it’s important to remember that with the current state of knowledge it IS POSSIBLE that in the future it will be determined that Vapers live longer and healthier lives than non-vapers.

    Sound ridiculous? It’s not. Back in Prohibition times it would have sounded JUST as ridiculous to suggest that those drinking a glass of wine after dinner most evenings would live longer than teetotalers — yet it’s true.

    It’s quite conceivable that the stress-relieving and little-self-gratifications aspects of vaping may be enough of a positive to overcome the negative (if any) aspects of inhaling PG or VG vapor sometimes mixed with a bit of flavorings and/or nicotine. Given the mild antibacterial aspects I’ve seen claimed for such vapor it’s possible that the positive effects could be even stronger.

    And we all KNOW that the WHO’s big 1998 study found only one truly scientifically significant result: the kids growing up in homes where parents smoked around them were 22% *less* likely to eventually get lung cancer than the poor nonsmokers’ children who were not given such early protective immunization.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Propylene glycol has been used for half a century to ‘clean’ the atmosphere in hospitals and other places. Research showed that breathing PG was harmless. So, there is no reason to suppose that Vapers are not doing pubgoers a favour by cleansing the atmosphere in pubs. But the same is also true of SHS! It too has properties which ‘debug’ the atmosphere.
      Not enough research has gone into these matters. All the money has been wasted by Tobacco CONTROL.
      Bofetta was the study, I think. It was commissioned by the WHO itself but failed to produce the ‘correct’ result and was this ignored and buried. But this is where the internet comes into its own. WE ALL KNOW ABOUT IT. We also know about Enstrom and Kabat.

  2. artbylisabelle Says:

    Excellent! Thank you Junican and McFadden. For all who care to uphold the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

    • junican Says:

      Sometimes it is better not to engage in abstruse theoretical arguments. The Zealots have tried to change the playing field from ‘smoke’ to ‘nicotine’. Their efforts have failed, largely because vapers have stuck to their guns. Vapers do not SMOKE. Somehow, despite the attacks from the ‘Purists’ (abstention only is acceptable), vapers are still hanging onto the ‘high moral ground’. In fact, recent events have reinforced their defences. The parts of the EU Tobacco Directive which include ecigs are coming under ferocious attack, as are the plans of the Medicines Gang to regulate ecigs as medicines. As I understand it, Dr Farcelinos (or whatever his name is) has taken their argument apart. Ecigs ARE NOT, and DO NOT PRETEND TO BE medicinal or therapeutic. They merely claim to be SAFER, and no amount or wriggling via the misuse of words by the authorities can change that. Claiming ‘safer’ does not have to be proven beyond doubt. It is like a child who cannot swim wearing inflated armbands when venturing into the sea. The armbands may not be totally ‘safe’, but they are better than nothing in the circumstances.

      One could apply the idea of armbands to ecigs. A smoker ventures into the sea without armbands and could be drowned. But a vaper is wearing well-inflated armbands and is as safe as is reasonable in the circumstances. Those who wish to ban ecigs are as bad as those who would wish to ban armbands for kids who venture into the sea.

  3. graham Entwistle Says:

    Hi. I’m local to yourselves being based in Wigan, I would like to thank you for your blog, I am a vaper and can be identified on a few forums and twitter as gords1001. Your blog has attracted attention from a few of us in vaping land, we love a good read and we have a common enemy, as does common sense.

    Anyhow, I figured I would offer the courtesy of letting you know I too had shared your blog on a vaping advocacy facebook page, we were all after all, smokers at one point. Our choice of nicotine use may be different, but our feeling that it is our mutual right to choose to enjoy nicotine is as strong as yours.

    So I guess this is me saying hello to my fellow nicotine users *waves timidly* and please continue in writing such fantastic blogs.

    Graham gords1001.

    • junican Says:

      Thank you for that, graham. It is much appreciated.
      Some Vaper sites, in the past, seemed to be worse that Tobacco Control in their vilification of the enjoyment of tobacco. I believe that they have now ‘seen the light’, and have realised that they too are part of ‘the defiled’ as far as Tobacco Control is concerned.
      There is no doubt that Vapers hold ‘the high moral ground’. They have stopped smoking tobacco. The Zealots have tried to move the goalposts by vilifying nicotine rather than smoke. It is a ploy. Stick to your guns. At every opportunity oppose, oppose, oppose the vilification of nicotine. It is no different from caffeine. It is good stuff. It is absolutely vital not to give an inch.
      There was a story in the news about the scientist who was responsible for the idea and implementation of landing a probe on a comet. It has taken ten years of space travel for that dream to come true. Despite the enormous difficulties, the probe landed on the comet. But, it just so happened that this ‘genius’ just happened to wear a rather colourful shirt which depicted scantily clad young women. All his work has been rendered as nothing by the Feminazis. The shirt was ‘offensive’, they cried.
      And, of course, it was a good ‘story’ for the newspapers – such a laugh.
      The words ‘sublime’ and ‘ridiculous’ come to mind, but in this case the words are ‘sublime’ and ‘infantile’.
      Do not give one inch. If you do, then the Zealots will take a mile.

      • graham Entwistle Says:

        I agree wholeheartedly, many vapers become your typical ex smoker, loathing anyone who can’t break the habit, completely missing the irony that they are really no better. Tobacco control really did a number on most of the population.

        I saw the various blogs about shirtgate. Ironic that a female artist friend of his actually made him the shirt as a gift, but never let fact get in the way of rampant zealotry hey?

        If you get chance, look up a blog on the ecigarette summit.


        Quite a few of the academics have decided they have had enough of the likes of glantz Chapman and mckee. They’ve come out fighting because they’ve finally realised how corrupt tobacco control has come. There are some worthwhile quotes in there too.

        Glad to have finally said hello, I have read quite a few of your blog posts and they always provide a bit of thought provocation. Thankyou for that.

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