Keeping On Keeping On (2)

I want to continue the cogitations from last night’s post.

It was a long post for me, generally speaking. It was, as this will be, short on facts and long on ‘philosophy’. That cannot be helped because I have no ability to do surveys and studies. Thus, it is a ‘philosophical’ observation to say that those people who can originate studies and surveys are those who have the funds to do so. And it is obvious that those people will only commission surveys and studies which tend to support their case. Thus, for example, studies might be originated which examine the effect of cooking on open fires. The results of such studies might find comparatively more lung cancer or other ailments when compared with cooking with gas.

But you will see no studies about the effects of cooking with gas. Nor will you see studies about the effects of cooking, say, meat in a ‘chargrilled’ manner. Nor will you see anti-tobacco Zealots comparing the effect of SHS with the effect of attending a barbecue. They have the money (from Big Pharma) to pick and choose. Thus, they can do studies which look for infinitesimally small quantities of Polonium in ecig liquid whilst ignoring the infinitesimally small amount of Polonium in vegetables, and the lack of any effect from that content.

What is absolutely awful is the way that politicians fall for this trick again and again.

But they could afford the luxury of ‘doing something’ before the rise of UKIP. Before UKIP, there was a comfortable ‘either or’.  Either the Tories won or Labour won. In either case, not much changed at all. Very little at all. UKIP represents the possibility of drastic change, which has scared the elite to death.


But this post is not about politics. It is about THE LACK of politics. Do we remember that Milton MP (Health Minister) thought that the FCTC legally committed the UK? Of course it did not! The FCTC is a treaty and has no legal force whatsoever. Only Acts of Parliament have legal force.

Do we also remember that Soubry MP thought that ecigs had been dropped from the EU Tobacco Control Directive?

And what of the latest incarnation, MP Jane Allison? She too is just an ignorant accomplice who sees no advantage for herself from bucking the trend. They make me sick. They seem to have nothing in common with citizens at all. Of course, Jeremy-darling (Hunt), wealthy though he might be, The Secretary of State for Health, has ducked out of all these inferiorities. What the corrupt WHO decides has nothing to do with him, even though the very same corrupt WHO FCTC treaty is quoted by his ‘staff’ as biblical.

Let us imagine that this gang of elitists, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg were confronted with the imminent invasion of these shores by a Hitler-type enormous army, complete with a vast airforce and navy. What would they do? They would wet their knickers and run away, that is what they would do. Their abject cowardice in the face of soppy academics is proof enough of their cowardice. Let us get this right. Academics are ‘the experts’ and have the power to ridicule our elected leaders. What is the solution? It is damned easy. Insist that these Academics do their job, which is merely to teach. That is what they are paid to do.


IT MUST BE that there are elites which are in control. This is not a conspiracy theory. It cannot be otherwise. The only question is to what extent our current Leaders, like Cameron, are part of the conspiracy. They might not even know that it exists.

The whole point of Democracy was to eliminate the self-serving Elite, which used to be entitled The Aristocracy. We now have a new Elite which is based upon a false philosophy. That philosophy demands that the healthy, wealthy West must become poorer and poorer to subsidise the unhealthy, unwealthy East. Those are the conclusions of the Academics.


What is the answer?

Philosophically, it is to remove bias. Philosophically, it is to give as much weight to one person’s opinion as is given to a hundred others. Thus, ‘consensus’ becomes useless. The one person’s opinion might be true, while the 100 persons’ opinions might be false. Opinions about the cause of malaria in the past bear this out.


There are Foundations, like Bill and Melinda Gates, which are ‘heavenly’ in the sense that they attempt to pour dollars into a Country to ‘make a difference’. Inevitably, these dollars are not spent upon creating hospitals, but are bribes. “Pass a law banning smoking and we will give you 100 million dollars”. How can an impoverished African country refuse?

But all is not lost. It seems that Gates is being arraigned before the Indian Supreme Court for deliberately using uninformed Indian tribes as test groups for various vaccines.


I shall leave aside for now the sudden appearance of potential vaccines for Ebola. Suffice to say that vaccines are millions of times more profitable than cures.

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