Keeping On Keeping On

The continuing persecution of people who enjoy tobacco can be very disheartening. In fact, one feels sometimes that there is little point in continuing the struggle. The latest turn of the screw has been the Customs plan to further increase the depression of the poorest people by cutting off their supplies of the basic commodity which enables them to be self-sufficient in tobacco without paying blackmail money to the elite. For what are threats of fines and imprisonment for trying to be self-sufficient other than blackmail? “Give us your money or we’ll see that you suffer” What makes it even worse is that the blackmail is being demanded by the monopoly of Big Government. These people are no different from the Kray twins, apart from the fact that they cannot be ‘brought to justice’ because they control justice. They make laws which empower them to demand protection money. I must make it absolutely clear at this point that I am talking about people who just want to do their own thing, and not about wholesale tax avoidance by criminal gangs.

Just as a matter of interest, we might compare the tobacco growing laws of Australia and New Zealand. Australia enacted laws in 1911 to ban the movement of tobacco plant seeds and plants, whereas New Zealand permits citizens to grow up to 15 kilos of tobacco annually for their own use. The reasons for the 1911 ban are lost by the passage of time, but I’ll bet a pound to a penny that they were the work of aristocratic vested interest at the time. It is a curious thing that it seems that there are now no tobacco plantations in Australia and no tobacco companies there either, just as there will shortly be no tobacco companies in the UK.

Customs claimed that some 56 metric tonnes of cured tobacco plant leaves are being imported into the UK annually. They make it sound a lot, but when compared with the import of oranges (229,000 tonnes), it is nothing.

I have done some maths.

56 metric tonnes = 56,000,000 grams. There is a significant amount of waste in the form of the midribs of the leaves which are twig-like and very hard. Most people would cut them out and discard them, so it is reasonable to convert the 56,000,000 to, say, 50,000,000 cigs (1 gram per cig). That equates to 2,500,000 packets of 20 cigs.

Now, let us assume that the people using that leaf to make cigs smoke 40 cigs per day. That is not an unreasonable guess since a person who smokes very little would not bother since actually converting the leaf to cigs is quite time-consuming. The ‘lamina’ (the leaf parts) have to be stripped from the thick, hard midribs, then shredded and chopped up. Then cigs have to be rolled in one way or another. Further, sometime the leaf is too dry and needs to be moistened, and sometime it is too damp and needs to be dried somewhat.

A person who smokes 2 packs per day will consume some 700 packs per an., so we can divide the 2,500,000 by 700 to arrive at the number of people who are importing leaf. We thereby arrive at a total of some 3,600 people. Considering that the total number of smokers in the UK is said to be around 10,000,000, 3,600 is nothing. 10,000,000 duty payers less 3,600 non-duty payers leaves 9,996,400 duty payers.

But collecting the lost duty will be hopeless. Although imports of leaf will be greatly reduced, those who resent paying blackmail will still not pay duty in the UK, if they can help it. They will pay half the duty by going to Belgium, Spain, etc, or pay one third of the duty by going to, say, the Chech Republic (Prague). In any case, the UK will not collect duty, but will spend even more money on Customs officers. A total waste.


But that is not the substantive point of this post. It merely illustrates the desperation of The Tobacco Control Industry. They are really scraping the barrel of further persecution of smokers. But what is upsetting for us is the constant heat. I mean the turning of the screw tighter and tighter, even if the turning is getting tinier and tinier. Which reminds me of Newton’s declaration that a force needs to get bigger and bigger to move an object less and less quickly due to the building resistance of the object being moved. Einstein said that the building up of resistance to being moved is due to the additional energy in the object being moved as a result of the transfer of energy from the mover to the moved.

Oh dear! Let’s not go there.

The Tobacco Control Industry needs food, but not the kind of food which comes from more and more studies, although it will seek it. It needs food in the sense of more publicity. It is losing publicity. To get the publicity, it needs more and more outrageous claims. Thus, we have demands for smoking bans in outdoor areas, and claims that SHS is mortally dangerous in the open air. But there is only so much junk science that the public will accept before they start to question the whole thing. Junk science promoting outdoor smoking bans will turn out be the end of junk science promoting the idea that smoking causes the ‘diseases’ that terminate life.


The Tobacco Control Industry has created an art-form of repeated exaggerations of the harm of enjoying tobacco. The repetition is the important thing, and not the truth of the claims. That is why I have entitled this post “Keeping On Keeping On”.

A prime example of “Keeping On Keeping On” is Frank Davis’s latest post:

in which Klausk and Frank illustrate the corruption of the US State ‘Expert Advisors’ who are in the pay of Big Pharma. Further, they show that the ‘addiction theory’ of nicotine is false. The idea that nicotine, in itself, is seriously addictive is central to the exclusion of human beings who enjoy tobacco from decision making. They are addicts, and therefore can have no say. They are ill, and need to be cured. That is the ‘in’ that enables Big Pharma to make vast profits. Although the Zealots never spell it out, it is the idea that tobacco is more addictive than heroin that justifies the vast expenditure on Big Pharma nicotine patches, gums, inhalers and champix on the NHS. Needless to say, smokers are blamed for these costs, as they are for the cost of cleaning streets, which ‘problem’ has, in fact, been caused by Tobacco Control, when they forced smokers onto the streets.


Because The Tobacco Control Industry constantly repeats lies, we must constantly repeat the truth. Thus, the result of The McTear Case must be constantly repeated whenever it is relevant. In that Legal Case, the Zealots were unable, or unwilling to provide evidence, that smoking causes lung cancer. That result is of the greatest importance. Its importance far exceeds the Master Settlement in the USA, since the Master Settlement was a fudge. In return for a 50 cents levy per pack of cigs ‘to pay for tobacco harm’, tobacco companies promised not to dispute tobacco harm. They also agreed to close down their defensive organisation (I forget what it was called). It was the one which gave financial assistance to Enstrom and Kabat to complete the study of SHS effects (none).


We must keep on emphasising the lies and exaggerations of The Tobacco Control Industry, for it has long ceased to be rational. It especially ceased to be rational when the WHO FCTC conjuring trick was pulled (as well as the IPCC climate trick). We must continuously refer back and demand that the obstructions to our societal lives should be removed.

The Smoking Ban is and always will be an abomination. It is not even remotely like the Seat Belt law, although that law was a precursor for State interference. But the immediate dangers of car crashes are far removed from the vague possibilities of long-term (far longer than an average person’s life-time) SHS danger. Hill and Doll’s ‘Doctors Study’, if it is genuine, showed that it takes 30 years at least for smoking to have an effect, no matter how heavily one smokes, and even then there is enormous randomness about who will suffer. If follows that ‘passive smoking’ must take even longer by a huge amount. That is what Enstrom and Kabat revealed. The human life-span is insufficient for SHS to affect people.


In so far as the EU encourages smoking control and environmentalism, it show itself to be emotional and thus ‘not fit for purpose’. Even if the proposals if the EU Executive are rational, the voting of the EU Parliament is irrational.

For example, no Rational Parliament would permit the Europe-wide ban on harmless snus.


I suspect that those people who buy leaf know exactly what they are doing, whatever the reasons. I suspect also that those people will still not buy UK tobacco taxed products. Thus, all the fuss about people importing tobacco plant leaves will produce nothing other than MORE aggravation and MORE dissatisfaction and MORE importation, aka REAL smuggling. The State seems to be intent upon creating criminals from those people who simply wish to be self-sufficient. It will not work. It never has done.


We must keep on harping on about the cruelty and illegality of the Smoking Ban.

Keep On Keeping On. But the consequence for Arnott et al must not be dismissed. THEY caused the hysteria, the social disruption, the fear, the terror of SHS.

Fortunately, we have the internet and we can give such people a lot of grief. They have brought the grief upon themselves.



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  1. garyk30 Says:

    totally correct!!

  2. Klaus K (@KlausKblog) Says:

    I think you made a little mistake in your very interesting blog article – in the second paragraph after the link. It says:

    “Because The Tobacco Industry constantly repeats lies … ”

    I guess you mean The Tobacco Control Industry, don’t you?

    Also I think you should date your articles at the top of the article.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks KK. I have just read the post again and noticed that error. There are a couple of other typos as well. Somehow, one always seems to miss them on the first editorial reading!
      I’ll correct it.

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