More About Tobacco Taxes

I must H/T paul redmond for the link to the ‘Government’ Consultation about the import of what is classed by the EU as ‘agricultural produce’ but which is described in the consultation as ‘raw tobacco’. That phrase is an invented phrase, typical of The Tobacco Control Industry. I am not aware of such a phrase appearing in EU rules about the ‘free movement of goods’. Dried tobacco plant leaves are agricultural produce, no matter how demonised ‘tobacco products’ might be.

The consultation document is here:

The heading is:

Open consultation.
Control of Raw Tobacco.

There is no such thing as ‘raw’ tobacco. Thus, the consultation is about a non-existent thing. But when have such niceties deterred The Tobacco Control Industry? It is a monopoly and thus can say, “Words mean precisely what I say that they mean”

Tobacco plant leaves are processed. In the first instance, they are ‘cured’. But that is not the end of the process. They need to be aged in order to render them pleasant to our taste buds when we smoke them. That ageing might take up to five years. Also, flavours can be added and unpleasant flavour can be removed. A ‘tobacco product’ is one which is acceptable to people who enjoy tobacco. If it were not, then no one would buy it.


Consequent upon the legal EU non-existence of ‘raw tobacco’ (since such stuff is actually described as ‘agricultural produce’ and is subsidised by the EU), it is clearly contrary to the EU absolute that restrictions to the free movement of goods are unlawful and that it is unlawful for the UK to impose obstacles to the free movement of goods.

Is it any wonder that the consultation document speaks as though it it walking over egg-shells? That is because it is walking over egg-shells. It proposes that ‘Customs’ will visit the homes of people who dare to buy ‘raw tobacco’. That is tyranny since it denies the right of human beings and citizens of the UK to be as self-sufficient as possible.

There is an awful lot more to be said about this consultation. For a start, it is a fraud since it assumes that nothing that anyone says can disturb the comfortable assumptions of the Tyranny.


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