Tobacco Duty Taxes

Tobacco product Rate.
Cigarettes 16.5% of retail price plus £184.10 per 1,000 cigarettes.
Cigars £229.65 per kg.
Hand rolling tobacco £180.46 per kg.
Other smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco £100.96 per kg.


It appears that there is a proliferation of individuals who have been importing dried leaves and thus depriving the Revenue of vast amounts of duty taxes. It is not easy to calculate the actual losses to the Revenue since, among other things, cost of collection of Revenue is ignored. The fact is that when the UK had Tobacco Manufacturers, it was easy, and cheap, to extract vast amounts of Revenue from them with insignificant costs.


I mention the above because the Zealots and Charlatans in The Tobacco Control Industry seem to be intent upon stopping people buying ‘raw tobacco’. They claim that such people are ‘avoiding duty’.

Perhaps they are, but they have the human right to be as self-sufficient as is humanly possible.


The Zealots claim that about 60 tons of ‘raw tobacco’ is imported every year. They claim that such imports cost the treasury millions of pounds. Perhaps they do. But that figure is inconsequential when compared with the billions of pounds paid by very stupid people who buy cigs in shops and supermarkets.


One might ask why I have drawn attention to this matter. Regard this:

Click to access 141020_Control_of_Raw_Tobacco_v1.0.pdf

It is crazy. There is no such thing as ‘raw tobacco’. Only complacent and compliant politicians could put up with the denial of free people to be self-sufficient.

6 Responses to “Tobacco Duty Taxes”

  1. Valkyrre Says:

    Sad but true
    In Zimbabwe a poor dirt farmer gets GBP £00.11p for 50 Grammes
    of leaf tobacco (eleven pence for fifty Grammes)
    In England a poor man pays GBP £17.00p for the same
    1540 % mark up.
    Who is to blame,we ask?

    • junican Says:

      Who is it easier to steal from, a little old lady or a strapping weight-lifter?
      There was a time when fags were so cheap that a ‘levy’, in the form of duty, did not much alter the economics of smoking for most people. For example, if an ice cream should cost 2 pence but duty raised the cost to 3 pence, it did not matter. But imagine the situation where an ice cream cost £1 but duty raised the cost to £7, there would be a massive drop in the ‘legitimate’ sales of ice cream. that is, essentially, what has happened with tobacco products – except that the increase in duty has been introduced a little at a time. But there comes a point where smokers notice, and it is at that point that they seek alternative suppliers.
      Who is to blame?
      There is no doubt whatsoever who is to blame. It is politicians. They constantly fail in their prime duty, which is to protect citizens against Government.

  2. artbylisabelle Says:

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  3. artbylisabelle Says:

    Good Information.

  4. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Don’t you just love the ‘impact assessment” :”Impact on
    individuals and
    Minimal direct impacts expected, and this will be investigated as
    part of this consultation. Households and individuals will benefit
    indirectly from a reduction in duty avoidance.

    Not sure if this will adversely effect those resellers and endusers of ‘raw’ tobacco for snuff though. TL4U is already registered as a Tobacco Broker so they should be alright….Didn’t see the word ‘snuff’ but ‘ecig liquid’ is included in the possibilities for ‘non smoking usage’.

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