Cameron and the EU Demand for £2 Billion from UK Taxpayers

It seems that the EU has re-calculated the GDP of the UK and demanded a couple of billion pounds more in contributions to the its coffers. Note that the demand is not for the purpose of anything specific, but rather a sort of tax, which is based upon National Economic Activity, or Gross Domestic Product (GDP), if you prefer. Of course, Cameron pulls his face, looking stern, and says that he will refuse to pay.

But he will pay, once the fuss has died down.

He will pay because he has no alternative. Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty and committed the UK to these obscene demands. Did Brown know what he was doing? I doubt it, just as much as I doubt that the person in the Foreign Office who signed the FCTC knew what the implications were.

Cameron and co are very fond of claiming that they make decisions in ‘the national interest’. But they have ‘the idea’ completely wrong, and they do not understand. As regards the EU, ‘national interest’ is subsumed to ‘the common interest’ of EU States. It is contradictory to talk about ‘national interests’ when the whole point of EU regulations is concerned with ‘common interests’. It is hard to know whether or not Cameron is lying or is ignorant. Essentially, by accepting the Lisbon Treaty, the UK gave away ‘national interest’. Thus, Cameron cannot demand ‘national interest’; there is no such thing.

Reform of the EU must entail the abolition of anything and everything which is eugenicist.The simple answer to the funding problem is to concentrate upon waste. Accept the revised contribution requirements and refuse to pay because of the waste.


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  1. westcoast2 Says:

    From what I have read, the ‘bill’ is a result of a long process that started with the UN after its previous standards were published in 1993. After review, the UN published its new SNA (System of National Accounts) rules in 2009.

    The EU then published its own European ESA in 2010 to bring it in line with the UN. This was agreed to by the UK in 2013. (William Hague and Baroness Ashton) following earlier agreements on the process by the previous government.

    In Jan 2014, Eurostat (the European Agency that collects statistics for Europe) said that from Sept 2014, the EU would use ESA 2010 for budget calculations. The UK ONS (Office of National Statistics) compiled the data according to the new rules and sent them to Brussels around May 2014.

    These changes would have occurred whether or not Lisbon had been signed as the accounting systems used within the EU (and the UK) originate from the UN.

    These revisions are on-going, a bit like new electrical standards. They are issued periodically by the UN and implemented via the EU.

    Dr R North has written about this at

    • junican Says:

      I was aware that the issue was far more complex, but time …… Whatever methods have been used, they have still produced the same result – £2 billion extra (approx) from UK taxpayers for the EU to squander.

  2. paul redmond Says:


    Just in case you are not already aware I thought I’d forward this RegardsPaul  

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. I was vaguely aware of plans to counter smuggling being mentioned in the last budget. As usual, the ideas have been contorted to refer to legitimate imports and not to smuggled imports.
      Registration of importers along with documentation is just a way to penalise people without interfering with the EU law on the ‘free movement of goods’. It will have no effect on smugglers whatever since they would not be registering.

  3. garyk30 Says:

    “It seems that the EU has re-calculated the GDP of the UK and demanded a couple of billion pounds more in contributions to the its coffers.”

    Halloween Trick or Treat came a bit early.

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