COP 6 News Release

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mikef317 alerted me in the comments yesterday that the WHO has emitted a release. Here it is:

Totally propaganda, of course. It starts thus (second paragraph):

“In her opening speech, WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said that “as implementation of the Framework Convention reaches new heights, the tobacco industry fights back, harder and through every possible channel, no matter how devious those channels and practices are.”

That’s the Dr Chan who preferred to preach to the converted rather than work on solutions to the Ebola epidemic. And what were the important decisions which were taken to combat Big Bad Tobacco Industry?

These decisions include:

  • Proposals for regulation of smokeless tobacco and water pipe products;

  • Recommendations for entry into force of the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products;

  • Continuing to work on Article 19 on liability of tobacco companies;

  • Articles 17 and 18 principles addressing sustainable alternative livelihoods for tobacco growers;

  • Trade and investment issues related to FCTC implementation;

  • Assessment of the Convention’s impact on tobacco epidemic.”

Nothing at all. Not a word about shutting down the Tobacco Industry. But why kill the goose? Better just to shout at it.

But what I found most appalling was this:

“One of the first decisions approved by the Parties was on the Article 6 guidelines, devoted to tax measures to reduce the demand for tobacco. Tobacco taxation is a very effective tool for influencing the prices of tobacco – higher taxes usually lead to higher prices, which in turn lead to lower consumption.”

Without batting an eyelid, the delegates deliberately demanded that people who enjoy tobacco must persecuted by being forced to pay more tax. They even deliberately state that their intention is to persecute the poorest people the most:

Noting that the heaviest burden of tobacco related diseases is borne by the most vulnerable population groups……”

Needless to say, they stepped outside the remit of the FCTC by demanding regulation of e-cigs in the following words:

“The decision acknowledges the need for regulations along the lines of policies concerning other tobacco products, including banning or restricting promotion, advertising and sponsorship of ENDS.”

What was the treaty title again – ‘Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’?

Ah well……

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  1. Samuel Says:

    These government people would never have had a legal ground for their taxes and regulations if they had not hoodwinked the people into turning their health care over to them. Once the government became liable for the cost of health care they had a “right” to do whatever they wanted to reduce that cost.

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