Where are the Press Releases About COP 6?

I haven’t seen any, nor have I seen reports of any. There are rumours that the conference demanded that our Rulers rule that tobacco taxes must be in the region of a million percent of original retail price. There again, that may be just a rumour. Whatever the percentage tax increase might be, it is clearly going to affect the least well-off the most. But to the Public Health Dr Mengele-s of this world, persecuting the poorest people is ‘a good thing’, because ‘they know not what they do’ because they are too stupid and, in any case, they are pathetic addicts. Forcing Helping such pathetic excuses for human beings can only be a good thing, especially as it may will reduce NHS costs.

Taken to the logical extreme, if no one smoked, they everyone would be perfectly healthy from the day they were born until the day that they dropped dead suddenly from unknown causes. The USA Surgeon General said that a whiff of tobacco smoke in the street can kill a person instantly. I suppose, in that case, so could a whiff of diesel fumes. A lot of costs could be saved if that were true. All that would be required would be a ‘corpse removal squad’. I suppose that such a squad exists in Liberia at this time to dispose of corpses lying outside hospitals. In fact, the NHS could introduce a ‘best practice’ of just throwing corpses into the street and let the binmen clear up that rubbish. In fact, why not have special bins labelled ‘CORPSES’ so that the remains could be rendered into useful fertiliser? They could be coloured pretty pink and have pictures of healthy people on them, so that children would learn how their parents did not die in vain when they pegged out from inhaling a whiff of tobacco smoke on the street.


It is rather obvious that COP 6 is on the back-burner for now. But do not be fooled. It is a temporary measure until the fuss over this ebola nuisance drops out of the news. THEN the press releases about COP 6 will come thick and fast. A massive publicity event will be orchestrated about tobacco danger, culminating in a justification of COP 6 ‘legal’ demands.

And our Political Government, which never learns, will fall for it.

“Which never learns” is appropriate because politicians are like babies when first elected. They are newborns. It takes at least one 5 year parliament for them to get to the age of 5 years, and learn ‘parliament speak’ a little. If they survive another 5 year term, they might become fairly fluent in ‘parliament speak’. At that point, they can hold there own with the other 10 year olds. None, however, will attain ‘majority’ age because they will be ousted before they can.

But “experts” will continue to use the juveniles in parliament and feather their own collective nests.


Is the above too cynical? In a way, it is. People like Cameron are not actually stupid. I suspect that they simply lack any sort of managerial and organisational skills. They need to be ‘helped’. They have been used to having discussions and debates, but know nothing about ‘plan, organise, lead and control’. The only bit that they know anything about is ‘plan’; for legislation passed in parliament goes no further than ‘a plan’. As we have seen to our immense cost, such plans are forever collapsing when the ‘organise, lead and control’ is attempted. In those areas, politicians are utterly out of their depth.

At this point, I shall rest.


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  1. mikef317 Says:

    Re WHO news release. Copied the link from beobrigitte’s Oct. 19th 11:56 AM comment on Frank Davis’ “Little Confidence” post.


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