Male Englishmen Should Grow Moustaches

Enoch Powell tache Tache McMilllan POlitician with tache Politicians and moustaches


Four males with moustaches.

People will recognise the first two – Enoch Powell and Harold McMillan; both English politicians of some fame. For readers from other countries, Enoch was a forthright Tory politician who was a Minister for a while. His fame lies in his ‘the Tiber will flow with blood’ speech (words to that effect) regarding immigration. There is no doubt of his intellectual power. I once went to listen to a lecture which he gave at Manchester University concerning the economy. The only thing that I can remember about that lecture was that he was of the opinion that Government causes inflation, which I have no doubt is true. Harold McMillan was Prime Minister for a good while. He was, I think, I good PM. He was of the classic mould of cautious advancement in the prosperity of Britain. It was he who told the Royal College of Physicians to get lost when they proposed that smoking should be done away with. He must have used phrases something like:

“If you are right that smoking kills lots of people, then if we force them to stop smoking, they will cost a fortune in increased pension payments. Why should we stop them from enjoying tobacco if they wish to, even if it does shorten their lives? Also, smokers pay loads of tax. Where would that money come from if we forced them to stop smoking? Buzz off” The logic of that statement cannot be denied, but the logic hinges upon, “Why should we stop them from enjoying tobacco….

I don’t really know anything about the third pic. His name was Jas Christie who was a politician in Queensland, Australia. I just thought that he looked quite ‘distinguished’ with a ‘powerful’ moustache.

The fourth is ‘Kamil Pasha’. I think that Kamil Pasha is in the nature of a surname, so there are lots of them. But his uniform looks pretty, don’t you think? And what a ‘commanding’ moustache!

Some of the pics I found are terrific. How about this one:

cameron with tache

Don’t you think that Cameron looks far more ‘impressive’, thus adorned?

And how about this:

Cameron and Bojo with taches

Cameron and Bojo with moustaches!!

There are lots more such pics here:


What is the point of this post?

For some reason or other, the ‘feminista’ keep appearing here and there. There is no doubt that some of our female MPs derive from the ‘female empowerment’ movements in universities over the past three decades or so. In so far as the ‘feminista’ rightly disputed arguments that women were ‘not capable’, I sympathise. The problem is that, according to stuff that I have read, many female university students went into politics purely to fight against male domination, and this ideology colours lots of their policy inclinations. They joined the Labour Party, mostly. But no one can be certain that there was not a deliberate ploy among these female university students to join the other parties also, and gain advancement therein. Ideology is very, very, very powerful, as we have seen in the ISIS situation. It is very odd how many people are prepared to kill themselves to prove a point, as with suicide bombers.

Now then. Ask yourselves. Is it not true that the clean-shaven Cameron, Clegg and Miliband only need to dab a bit of rouge on their cheeks, a bit of mascara on their eyelashes and a bit of lipstick on their lips to become ‘feminista’? In fact, all they need to do is don blonde wigs. Look again at the pics above and tell me that the moustaches DO NOT absolutely and comprehensively denote MALE. So, instead of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband appearing to be girly-boys, they could transform themselves over a few days into MEN. 

There is also a good argument to be made that they should grow beards, but I am not sure. I tried growing a beard several decades ago, but the attempt failed on several counts:

a) At the beginning, the growth was very itchy.

b) The hair on my head was black (then, and still mostly is), but my beard was grey.

c) I have a rather pointed chin, and the beard was sprouting horizontally in the manner of Abraham Lincoln.

d) It made me look old.

For those reasons, I shaved the damned thing off. So, a beard is optional.



Cameron, Clegg and Miliband look like baby-faced boys. It’s about time that they grew up. Only then will they be able to take on the ‘feminista’.

For the ‘feminista’ are, by virtue of the difference between men and women, more emotionally inclined to support bans of this and that if the bans are argued as protecting children. That statement is not sexist. It is realistic. The Tobacco Control Industry exploits the female emotional protection of children explicitly.


Englishmen should grow moustaches to protect themselves. They must ensure that they are seen to be MALE. No amount of ‘tripping the light fantastic’ on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will enhance their MALENESS. 


Girls like to be kissed by men with moustaches, but the ‘feminista’ politicians would be enraged if Cameron, Clegg and Miliband grew moustaches. The ‘feminista’ do not want to be kissed – they want to be obeyed.






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