Boris Johnson’s ‘faut pas’ (2)

I see that Bojo has kicked the ban on smoking in parks etc into the long grass. No credit to him for that since it should never have been proposed in the first place. Narzi and Dame ‘Silly’ Davies have shown themselves up, carried away, as they were, by the sense of their own ’eminence’. Neither of them are ’eminent’. Narzi might have been a decent surgeon and Davies might have been good at whatever she did, but neither of them have fought valiantly in defence of their country or produced some scientific breakthrough, or helped to create the Internet, or arrest the advance of contagious diseases in Africa, or ….. well, anything at all. It is pretty obvious that the Medical Establishment propose favoured people for ‘honours’, and that the Government accept those recommendations. That gives those individuals a veneer of ‘Authority’. It reminds me of Nathanson’s acquisition of the title “Doctor”. It was ‘honoris causa’ – equals, she was regarded as ‘a good brick’ by the people at the medical meeting which conferred the title. Her title is meaningless. The same would apply if a really successful sewerage engineer was created “A Doctor of Environmental Health”. Titles used to have something heroic about them, but they have been debased into recognition of ‘expertise’. Thus, footballers become OBEs merely because the are ‘expert’ footballers. But they must also be liked and appear on a lot of TV programmes as nice people. Lord Nelson defeated the combined might of the French and Spanish navies and was killed in that conflict. Dame ‘Silly’ Davies has ……….


I understand that Bojo has issued a statement saying that he has no intention of enforcing the recommendations of this committee. Narzi has been battered by accusations of silliness, and has claimed that the stuff in the ‘Report’ is much more devoted to other things, and that smoking in parks and Trafalgar Square are only minor suggestions.

No, ‘Your Lordship’, you have made concrete proposals which have the intent of persecuting smokers. The idea that children might take up smoking because they might see a person smoking in Trafalgar Square is manifestly nonsense.


It never ceases to astonish me that the Political Government constantly underestimates the influence of the Administrative Government. By the phrase ‘Administrative Government’, I mean the unelected controllers. This fracas about smoking in parks etc has shown, in no uncertain terms, that the Administrative Government (in respect of tobacco especially, but not alone) has overridden the Political Government. The AG has seized the opportunity to diminish the PG. People like like Bojo should be incandescent with rage.

It never ceases to amaze me that, whenever the Political Government seek some sort of ‘independent enquiry’, they always seem to appoint people who are far from independent. For example, in the PP enquiry, they appointed an anti-smoking Zealot Paediatrician as Boss. Since the enquiry was entirely statistical, why did they not appoint a ‘Statistician’?

The fact is that the Political Government has no idea what to do about anything. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are ignorant (in the sense of lacking in knowledge). That is not necessarily a bad thing, provided that they themselves understand. That is why we have a Parliament. It exists to STOP persecution rather than CREATE it.


What follows clearly is that the UK must stop allowing international prohibitionist movements from inflicting their divisive intents upon the People of the UK. Such divisive intents are clear in respect of the Millennium Goals. Oddly enough, I do agree that ‘population’ is an issue. Let us not go there tonight.



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