Boris Johnson’s ‘faut pas’

I am not the only one to ridicule the latest anti-smoking blather from The Tobacco Control Industry. It seems that they want massive “NO SMOKING” notices on Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. I’m surprised that they have not also recommended that a windmill should be placed upon Nelson’s head to power the lights which illuminate the statue, and/or that the statue should be coated with solar panels to generate electricity to power the lights. Better still, switch off the lights and thus reduce global warming.

Who the heck is Nelson anyway? Surely his statue should be replaced by Arnott? Has she not saved the kingdom from SHS danger? It is true that she is just a propagandist, but why should propagandists not have statues erected in their honour if they ‘save the children’?


Which brings us to the point. Dame ‘Silly’ Davies thinks that children seeing people smoking in Trafalgar Square is different from children seeing smoking anywhere else. The ‘quango’ that Boris inadvertently created to think about the health of Londoners has come up with the same balderdash that other idiocies have come up with to improve the health of Londoners. AKA PERSECUTION AND PROHIBITION.

Now, as a result of his own incompetence, he is stuck with a ‘for the children’ demand which the Zealots will not allow to go away. Even the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Silly Davies, jumped onto the ‘for the children’ bandwagon.

There seems to be a ‘blockage’ in the minds of politicians when they have to confront what is best for children. They seem to wish to ignore the 99% of what parents do for their children and concentrate upon the 1% which demands public funding.

I can’t be bothered to investigate this Boris Johnson ‘faut pas’ thoroughly. Let us just say that he is an amusing chap who blunders about. It does not matter as long as ‘The Elite’ are in control, because ‘The Elite’ will control things, which includes the efforts of Boris.

I am surprised at the antics of Boris. I thought that he was actually a Human Being.


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  1. Frank Davis Says:

    Totally OT, Junican, but you mentioned in a comment on my blog that you used to play golf. I used to play a bit too. And was delighted to discover WGT golf computer game a while back. It’s a free online game with lots of golf courses. It’s very realistic. I play it regularly, and on a good day I can get round St Andrews old course in par.

    • nisakiman Says:

      Heh! Frank, I never pegged you for a golfer! Never played, myself. I’d kind of like to give it a go. I was always very good at those ‘crazy golf’ courses in amusement parks! :¬))

  2. junican Says:

    I’ve been to St Andrews on several occasions to play, but never played the old course. It was too expensive for our group of eight. In any case, the other courses are very similar.
    I was undoubtedly ‘addicted’. I played at least three times a week and also practised a lot. Went on lots of trips both at home and abroad. Great days. That was the point I was making. When I determined that I was going to ‘rest’ that winter, it was easy.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    Which brings us to the point. Dame ‘Silly’ Davies thinks that children seeing people smoking in Trafalgar Square is different from children seeing smoking anywhere else.

    That is why Dame ‘Silly’ Davies needs to be on a plane to Liberia right now. After all, the pouplation gives a **** about the smoking ban there, they have other problems; surely a lot of Ebola caused orphans will SEE people smoking….

    • junican Says:

      I think that it is deeper than that. I don’t think that the Dame gives a shit about about Ebola. If fact, I do not know what her function is.

    • beobrigitte Says:

      Neither does she? She appears to be looking for a position that justifies her salary.

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