A Very Strange Law-Case

Anna Raccoon has drawn attention to a very strange Case which seems to have only recently ended:


It concerns a couple, A (the father) and E (the mother), who have a son with all sorts of apparent medical problems of which one is autism.

The whole thing is so odd that I would recommend that people read Anna’s description of the Case and then read the full judgement:


I find it fascinating.

The main point that Anna makes (I think) is that, when the case came before a ‘proper’ Judge, it unravelled, bit by bit, until the allegations of wrong-doing, which the parents, especially the mother, had levied at ‘the authorities’ were revealed to be utterly without substance. The FACTS revealed by the Judge’s investigations and the evidence were contrary to the claims of the parents. In fact, it seems that the parents had been inventing illnesses and treating their son’s invented illnesses with all sorts of ‘remedies’ just to support their obsession with the ‘failures’ of ‘the authorities’. But there was a key event which enabled them to focus blame. That event was the publicity surrounding Dr Andrew Wakefield’s hypothesis that the MMR vaccine caused autism. Thus, all their son’s problems can be laid at the door of the manufacturers of that vaccine, and substantial compensation can be claimed. [I am not saying that such compensation drives the parents]

The Case was brought by the Local Authority who sought court permission to take charge of the son’s care, but that is not important to a casual reader of the detail of the Case. What is important to us is OBSESSION.


There is a link here, in a vague sort of way, as to how Tobacco Control has conducted itself, except that it is the other way round. The obsessives are Tobacco Control and ‘the authorities’ are smokers (without authority, of course). TC has been inventing ‘illnesses’ for ages and blaming tobacco for those invented illnesses.


I am only about a third of the way through the Case Judgement, but, to me, it reads like a fascinating detective story. Up yours, Poirot!




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