Opposition is Building

Despite the fact that ‘The Iron Triangle’ is still pretty solid, the temperature around it is beginning to build up. Some signs of melting are becoming apparent. There is a bit of reddening here and there.

We must remind ourselves of the constituent parties of ‘The Iron Triangle’:

1. Academics.

2. Government Bureaucrats.

3. Funders.

All three, in their way, are monopolies, and it is from this state that ‘The Iron Triangle’ gets its strength.

There are lots of academics who are against the persecution of smokers, even if they agree with ‘the tobacco epidemic‘ (viz the real and present Ebola epidemic). But they have been excommunicated.

But the strength of The Iron Triangle depends only upon its ability to withstand internal heat. It is like a castle which is very strong and can protect its inhabitants, provided that all of the inhabitants man the guns and none refuse to do so. Such ‘refuseniks’ are ejected.

So far, The Iron Triangle has not been subjected to more than the heat of a hair drier, but there are signs that flame throwers are being brought to bear.


It seems that the WHO knew months and months ago about the seriousness of the Ebola EPIDEMIC. Now, what we must bear in mind is the meaning of the word ‘epidemic’. An epidemic need not be huge – it needs only to spread exponentially (meaning ‘greater and greater’). The Ebola outbreak has spread and spread, but there are not huge numbers involved as yet. That is because it is a bit like AIDS – there must be a physical contact, like transfer of body fluids from an infected person to an uninfected person. How can a health worker, complete with ‘body armour’ in the form of gloves and gowns, for example, still contract the disease? But they have.

The WHO vacillated – and wasted time. Not surprising since its main efforts were directed to the FCTC jamboree in Moscow. I have read that there are now doubts about the location, but I do not believe them. If The Iron Triangle was located in the middle of the Ebola Epidemic it would still proceed as though nothing outside it was of any significance.


It is for these reasons that the role of the WHO must be reassessed. And it is quite simple. The UK has the strength to demand such a reassessment, if only the Cabinet had the political will. It really is extremely simple. All the Cabinet (the Supreme Authority, don’t forget) needs to do is create as new and separate entity to monitor communications between the UN, WHO, EU and the Chief Medical Officer in the UK.

I must admit that this post is a bit disjointed, but not much. What is clear is that the WHO has been filling itself with publicists at great expense and has been neglecting proper ‘actors’ (people who can actually do something about a problem).

But nothing will happen at all because of the monopoly.


2 Responses to “Opposition is Building”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    Junican, you might have read this already:

    If The Iron Triangle was located in the middle of the Ebola Epidemic it would still proceed as though nothing outside was of any significance.

    The BBC gave a short slot to the announcement that the Ebola epidemic IS the most deadly one. It was proudly announced that Bill Gates has pledged funds to fight the disease.

    This leads to the assumption that the WHO is short of cash; is it because it has a tobacco-, sugar- and salt sham-epidemic to “fight”?

    • junican Says:

      Clearly so, but who cares? The dead are only Africans, so what does it matter?
      Oh wait…. Suppose Big Pharma produce a vaccine!!! Wow! Billions of pounds to change hands!!
      Until then, bugger the Africans.

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