The Welsh ‘Government’ Consultation on ‘Smoking in Cars with Children, under the Age of 18, Present

The word ‘Astonished’ is not strong enough.

I tried to complete the on-line form to comment in the Welsh Consultation, but the fact is that the the document is a mess. It does not work. For example, there are boxes to tick about whether you agree or not that “Smoking in cars etc….!” is a good idea. But the boxes do not work. You cannot actually ‘check’ the boxes. It is a mess.

Are we surprised?


There are seven questions. Six are actually about smoking in cars with ‘children’ (described as ‘under the age of 18’) present. I cannot remember any occasion when a person aged 17 has been described as ‘a child’.

But that is not the subject of this post.

It is question 6 which is the subject. It asks [paraphrased], “Do you think that e-cigarettes should be banned in vehicles where children under the age of 18 are present?”

Boggle, boggle.


Truly, the Welsh Assembly must be utterly and completely crazy to even mention ecigs in the context of smoking in cars. Utterly crazy. Do not be fooled. It is the Welsh Assembly which is responsible for the conduct of the ‘consultation’, and not some Health Zealot ¬†associated with it. The Assembly is responsible. But NOT ONE SINGE INDIVIDUAL gives a shit whether or not there is TRUTH in the consultation. They do not care.


One wonders if CONSERVATIVES should masquerade as GREENS, or even SOCIALISTS to get themselves elected. I do not see why not since almost all members of these Assemblies seem to be ‘Crazies’, nutters, out of their minds, gullible, silly.

There ought to be a system to test people who put themselves forward to become candidates for election which eliminates ‘Nutters’. They are not easy to spot. But it is really easy to spot them. All you need to ask is whether or not they are in favour of smoking bans. If they say, “Yes”, then are nutters. It is as simple as that. The reason is that they wish to control everyone. In the USA a hundred years ago, they would have been Prohibitionists.


I’m off to bed.


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  2. J Brown Says:

    I started smoking when I was 13. I got my driver’s license at 17. Does this mean that it was illegal for me to be in a car and smoke until I was 18, if I was by myself? Would I have been pulled over, if I was by myself, 17, driving and smoking, for breaking the law? This is totally ridiculous.

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