Tobacco Control and Ebola

Other more erudite commenters have examined the Ebola Epidemic. Just to be sure what we are talking about, we are talking about an actual, real “epidemic”. It is not a world-wide ‘pandemic’, but it is certainly an epidemic in the sense of an uncontrollable spread which gets greater and greater. At the moment, it is more or less confined to certain African Countries, but … who knows where it will appear next?

At this time, the virus can only be transmitted from one person to another by ‘the exchange of bodily fluids’. Does that mean by sexual activity or what? These bastard WHO medics are hiding the truth until they can spin it. Bastards. The ‘experts’ say that they are terribly worried that the virus could ‘morph’ and become airborne.


Big Pharma has not been able to produce a ‘cure ‘, in the sense of penicillin. BUT, LO AND BEHOLD, BP expects to be able to produce A VACCINE!! WOW! Think of the market for that VACCINE!! Millions of Africans need to be vaccinated. WOW!! And how profitable will that be for Big Pharma and the WHO!

Tobacco Control is effectually finished. The future is Ebola control. Big Pharma money will move from the disreputable TCI to the ‘new kid on the block’. Especially since the emergence of ecigs.


Let us ‘warriors’ consider the future, in which the Tobacco Control Industry has declined. We must hope that it will be so. What we must do is redouble our attacks! It is true that we cannot influence MPs and the MSM, but we can blast the Zealots in every possible way on-line and in newspaper comments, etc. NEVER LET THE ATROCITIES AGAINST SMOKERS BE FORGOTTEN!!

We must always bear in mind that the persecution of Smokers is just the same as the Nazi persecution of Jews, Gypsies and Queers. The difference is only a matter of degree and time-scale.


It has been noticeable to me that many MSM sites have been disallowing comments regarding anti-tobacco news articles, especially in Australia.That is most definitely a Nazi attitude. The propaganda must be maintained – no alternative must be permitted to be published.


With the right ‘WILL’, the likes of Chapman, Glantz, and other academics could be treated in the same way that they advocate the treatment of smokers. Use your imagination. But the likes of Arnott, Duggan and co should be different. The reason is that they are charlatans! They lie, lie and lie again for publicity reasons – just to get noticed.


The WHO has no idea what to do about Ebola, even though Ebola has been around in Africa for decades. Is that surprising? Of course not! For the WHO has, for the last three decades, been filling its ranks with people who know little about ‘epidemics’, ‘pandemics’, or even the humble ‘minor flu contagion’. These people are academics, advertising executives, lawyers, etc. That is, they are parasites. They feed off the FCTC. It follows therefore that their agonising over Ebola is only skin deep. Where is the ‘money stream’?

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    Anger is justified.

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Speaking of Ebola and censorship…

    I posted variations on the below to about a dozen news articles on Ebola about two weeks ago through the Disqus system. I’m guessing that Disqus may have auto-noticed the posting similarities in a short time period and flagged them as spam. I’m currently in communication with them to solve the problem. In any event of the dozen or so postings, only one survived for public view:


    It’s quite possible that, on a purely practical level, flying in a “smoke-free” airplane today or in the near future will be far more dangerous than ever flying in one that allowed smoking. The air exchange rate in airplanes today is vastly lower, perhaps as much as ten-fold lower, than it used to be since it saves an enormous amount of money and there’s no visible smoke hanging in the air that needs to be dealt with.
    If the Ebola or some similar virus goes airborne, the spread around the world from these concentrated re-breathing death chambers will be almost instantaneous and will be out of control long before countries actually take the drastic step of grounding all flights without passenger quarantine periods. How much the success of the antismoking campaigns in eliminating the old ventilation/filtration systems will play in having created a world-wide human disaster will probably never be known in such an instance: it’ll simply be covered up.
    If you have old copies of Consumers Reports banging around, check out an issue from 1994ish whose cover shows a gasping passenger clawing at the window under the headline “What’s Happened To Airplane Air?” Funny thing about that article: they managed to almost completely ignore the one major fact that had produced the problem: the smoking ban.


    And, from page 140 of my ten-year-old Brains:

    “The increased health risks of epidemic diseases spreading in the confined and now heavily recirculated air of our planes will never be apparent until a disaster occurs… and by then it will be too late. The worldwide spread of an airborne infectious disease may someday be laid at the doorstep of the Great American Antismoking Crusade. An airborne Ebola, antibiotic resistant pneumonia, or bio-terror horror could be the final legacy of those trying to save us from ourselves.”

    Heh, I have to admit, Brains has withstood the test of time well. While I think TobakkoNacht is a better book in some ways, at least in terms of the sheer amount of information it has, I still recommend Brains to anyone who might only read one of the two: it provides the foundation to understand the larger tactics and strategies.

    – MJM

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