My Passport Has Expired

I intend to go on a trip at the end of October. Unfortunately, herself is still not fit to travel, for the time being, so I’ll be alone again. But, not to worry, it will be a nice break and I’ll stock up with half-price cigs.

By the merest chance, a few moments ago, herself drew my attention to our passport situation. She tells me that all the stuff on the TV about illegal immigrants made her think about our passports, and that she thought that she had had a letter about the expiry date, and was sure that they were due to expire soon.

She was absolutely right. They expired 3rd/4th September.

So there I am, planning this trip, but had it not been for herself’s acuity, I would have booked everything and paid, arrived at the airport, and been dismissed with a simple, “F*ck off, your passport has expired” (Although it is possible that the airline might have alerted me when I booked the flight, I suppose).

So I need to renew with all haste. But not tonight.

Another cautionary tale to add to the USA debacle about C and M.




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