I have many times tried to understand what motivates the Health Zealots. I do not mean the paid propagandists, like Arnott and Duggan. I mean the those quite powerful people who were, literally, driven by tobacco company hatred. Note – not smoker hatred – tobacco company hatred. I can imagine people like Richard Doll, who was a communist in his youth, being interested in the exploitation of the people be Big Industry, especially industries like tobacco companies, who, he believed, deliberately profit from morbidity (ill-health) and mortality (death). The important word there is deliberately. These industries, unlike, say, the coal industry, deliberately kill people for profit.

It follows from that that people like Doll have little empathy with smokers as such. In a weird way, as far as Doll is concerned, smokers hardly exist. They are irrelevant.

But people like Doll were the important ‘drivers’ of anti-tobacco in the early stages. One could include Godber, who was Chief Medical Officer of the UK, and what’s-his-name, who was Surgeon General of the USA about the same time. The time that I am talking about is around the 1960s, when the first Surgeon General Report appeared. At least it can be said that those people had ‘principles’, even if Godber recommended immoral methods to persuade smokers to quit and to deter new smokers. At least they had principles.

Those people are all gone now, and Tobacco Control has fallen into the hands of Charlatans. These people are a different breed. Even though tobacco advertising has been banned for decades, the new breed continue to harp on about tobacco companies ‘needing to attract new addicts as the old ones die off’.

But what is the attitude of the new breed to smokers? I think that ‘hatred’ is the wrong word. In fact, I think that they no longer hate tobacco companies. I think that the new breed DESPISE smokers, and see tobacco companies as cash cows.

So we see this: “SmokING is disgusting, filthy, stinking”, and “SmokERS are despicable, pathetic, addicts”. The modern-day Zealots despise us smokers in much the same way that the Nazis despised Jews. Hence, the deliberate exclusion of smokers from deliberations about anti-tobacco regulations. Our views do not count because we are despised.

I suppose that we could reasonably describe ourselves as “Desert Rats”, or some equivalent. There are already signs, via UKIP, that we are already gaining voting strength. When I say ‘we’, I mean everyone who dislikes ‘totalitarian’ and ‘fascist’ control of our ‘despicable’ choices. We Disgusting, Filthy, Stinking Rats will eventually prevail. What is important to understand is that it is not the existence of the EU but the way that The Zealots have twisted it over the years. It is right that ‘best practices’ in health care should be promulgated and encouraged among EU States, but it is not right that healthiness should be forced upon individuals by dictat (EU directives).

The craziness has not been addressed by the main three parties. Why? I do not know. It is very obvious. The “Human Rights” directives and the EU court were intended to define entry conditions for ex-soviet States. They were not intended to protect the equivalent of Guy Fawkes – the bombers who entered this country on false passports with the intention killing Britons. But our political leaders are unutterably IGNORANT. They do not seem to realise that a treaty is just a treaty. It is not a LAW, written in stone. Our political leaders can decide to ignore any EU directive, if they wish to. If the UK did so, it would be up to the other States in the EU to kick us out. We need to do nothing.

David Davies MP asked the Health Minister if ecigs were defined as ‘tobacco products’ under the FCTC Treaty. The Minister had no option but to answer that they were not. Clearly, then, the next question must ask why the WHO is pronouncing upon ecigs. It has no ‘legal’ right to do so. Ecigs are not within its remit.

And so the totalitarian, fascist Zealots continue to blunder about. Nice to know, is it not, that the future of the world is in such dependable hands.



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