The Latest Piece of Junk Science – Ecigs, Mice and Cocaine

A number of people have reported on this crap. The most detailed is by Carl Phillips here:

If it weren’t for the serious side of the junk science, it would be comical. Well, it is comical, but THE ACADEMICS (‘Iron Triange’) are obliged to churn this stuff out to add to the ‘body of evidence’.

Very briefly, a couple of academics, who have for decades been preaching that one ‘sin’ (smoking, drinking alcohol, etc) leads to an even bigger ‘sin’, like using hard drugs. It’s prohibition all over again. In the early 1900s, the chief promotion of ‘an alcohol-free America’ were religious organisations. Even then, there was an iron triangle – the religious organisations which provided the fervourthe eugenicists who wanted racial purity and physical fitness and provided the justification, and Congress, which was open to political influence. The religious organisations held the key to lots and lots of votes – members of Congress opposed these organisations at their peril. Passing prohibition ensured the cooperation of these organisations. The Eugenicists provided the religious organisations with justification – “mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body), and to Congress. Congress, in turn, protected the Eugenicists.

What I find odd is that, with the end of prohibition, and the end of the vendetta against tobacco at the time, as far as I know, none of the prohibitionists were condemned. They slunk away without a blemish on their reputations. Why was that? The reason is that the iron triangle was still in place. It had not been melted – it had been buried intact.

It has now been disinterred and polished up, but, this time, it is tobacco which is being demonised first, and, as we know, being followed by alcohol. Further, the method is different. Only now is religion being used in Muslim countries as justification, in addition to health. The triangle in the UK is, HEALTH DEPT, BIG PHARMA and ACADEMICS. A very strong triangle.

Back to the ‘study’.

As I understand it, these ‘scientists’ injected nicotine into the mice. They then observed the actions of the mice when exposed to cocaine. They observed that the injected mice were more amenable to cocaine than those not injected. They then killed the mice and examined their brain cells and observed some changes in the cell structures. From those experiments, they deduced that nicotine is a ‘gateway’ to cocaine use in humans.

What Carl pointed out was, in the first place, that if the injection of nicotine had such an effect, then so must the nicotine injected into the bloodstream by nicotine patches and gum, or by any other method, such as eating tomatoes. Ingesting anything containing nicotine leads to cocaine addiction. Could anything be more ridiculous? He also pointed out that the the results of this study were not specific to ecigs, which had been the headline in the press release regarding the study. In any case, the study did not in fact prove the study’s ‘addiction’ theory.

But the Tobacco Control Industry is not in the least interested in the actual science. It just wants heaps of ‘studies’ which it can list. The connection with the ‘iron triangle’ is via ACADEMICS. ‘Professors and Doctors say so, therefore it must be true’.


Would it not be wonderful if an MP proposed an ‘early day motion’ condemning these practices. It won’t happen, if course……


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    Completely off topic but I hope you can help. Do the leaf suppliers in this country have to give the names and addresses of their customers to HMRC?

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