The Substitution of ‘Theory’ in Place of ‘Reality’

It is very late, and so I can only give the bare bones of the idea – and I am tired.

Given a War, like WW2, Nations were faced with ‘reality’ – fight or be enslaved. Had the Nazis in WW2, who just happened to be German, defeated the armies of France, Britain, etc in Europe, the USA would never have become involved. The USA became involved for specific political reasons. Those reasons were very complex, and it is probable that no one now would understand. What I am saying does not judge the value of who won the war.

What I am saying is that, in wartime, ‘Reality’ (bombs and guns) is paramount. Little else matters. For some reason that I do not understand, in peacetime, a sort of ‘war’ is induced. This ‘war’ displays itself in REGULATIONS. It is a war between ‘Business’ and ‘Government’. But it is not a war between ‘Business’ and ‘The People’ – it is between Commerce and those who wish to control and benefit from commerce without contributing. AKA Leaches.

It seems to be a matter of fact that ‘Theory’ is in the ascendant. Thus, the tiny possibility of infection from some virus (like ebola) which might kill you, becomes paramount in your consciousness. Thus, ‘Reality’ becomes cloudy.

ASH ET AL have been substituting ‘theory’ for ‘reality’ for decades. I can understand why the MSM goes along with the ‘theoretical’ scares (good for sales of newspapers), but I cannot understand the failure of politicians to see the difference between real life and theory.



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  1. moss Says:

    Junican, “That no one would understand.” I can assure you that someone else does understand! Enough said!

  2. The Last Furlong Says:

    Enticing idea – yes. Much thought-food in there…..

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